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InFocus X1 User Reviews

InFocus X1 Projector

InFocus X1

SVGA (800x600), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
6.8 lbs,
View Specs
4.5 out of 5
301 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.3
Construction 4.2
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.7
Optoma UHZ65
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by drew

this is a wonderful product i have had no problems with this unit ,cleaning the unit is a must ,i clean bulb housing at least every 3 months ,also cleaning the color wheel is something that should be done a few times,other viewers may have had faulty units but cleaning and enviromentel factors may come into play such as smoke,pets,moving unit when it is on or keeping unit on for extended amout of time i would recomend viewing a movie or two a max of 4 hours then give the projector a rest for a bit

Any Problems: none so far

Maxell MP-JW4001
WXGA Conference Room Projector
Review by bRETT


Any Problems: NONE

Review by Deirdre

This thing is amazing. I bought it because it was easier than hauling a huge tv up three flights of steep stairs and its proven to be great. Its probably a bit much to have a 7' screen in a 1 BR apartment, but the picture quality is awesome! With my surround sound, its like bring the movies right into my living room. There is some rainbow effect, but I am the only one who seems to ever see it. I am now the permanent 'Movie Night' host!

Any Problems: As with any projector, its slightly tricky to set up (ceiling mount, calculating distance, etc). Also, the fan noise can be a tiny bit distracting (pre-surround sound system). There are definite rainbows, but I seem to be the only one who sees them and it doesn't really bother me. I also needed to hang up heavy blackout curtains for daytime viewing in my bright apartment (again - probably an issue with even the most high-end projectors). Otherwise, so far its reliable and running great and the picture is astounding! I am very pleased with this and feel it was a great, practical choice for my needs.

Review by Alex

Well my X1 started making the grinding sound that so many others have reported. After much complaining, Infocus agreed to fix it under guarantee. 1500 hours later and it has started again. I wrote a friendly email, saying that the replaced part had failed again. Since my projector was out of warranty, they refused to do anything. I think the replacement part they fitted was also from a refurbished unit. They offered me to send it in at my expense and they would repair it. I called several times and wrote several emails, but they would not quote me a price, even though I told them exactly what the problem was and that it had happened before. I shall NEVER buy another Infocus product again. Their customer service even refused to admit that this was a known issue. When I mentioned the thousands of reports of the issue on multiple online forums, the guy on the phone went all quiet and then refused to accept it. Just horrible!

Review by erikglez

I did my homework before buying the projector and the x1 came up on top of the list. Right price, amazing picture quality and great reviews. I was impressed! So I went ahead and bought it, Jan. 2004 ($999). First bulb lasted 2000 hrs (not bad I thought), picture was great. The best deal I made! I thought. Then the noise came, a horrible grinding noise coming from the unit started right after the warranty expired. Coincidence??? Who knows! Base on what I’ve been reading lately it seems like more and more people are coming out with the same problem. The noise is now so loud and annoying (table-saw cutting wood) I had to stop using the projector. I wrote to Infocus but they want $259.00 without even seeing the unit. I don’t think Infocus will fix it right anyways so I guess I’ll be shopping for a new projector next week and it sure won’t be an Infocus this time. Fool me once shame on you, full me twice shame on me. Thanks Infocus, I’m now the proud owner of a $1000 dead bat hanging on my ceiling!

Any Problems: Horrible grinding noise coming from the unit.

Review by madinstr

I love this projector for home theater. The picture is very good. Contrast and brightness are excellent. It runs quiet and has been a steady performer for a years worth of use. I think this is the best projector on the market.

Any Problems: I have had no problems other than a slight screen door effect.

Review by nessy

x1 is 2yrs old with 2000 lamp hours[3hrs average/day].ceiling mounted 13ft from da-lite screen gives 75" image. filter cleaned every month.unit stripped down and all dust removed from fans etc,colour wheel cleaned after 12 months[this seems key to good reliability].very impressed with my first projector.NB.never blow air into the unit to clear dust. always use the vac with plastic nozzle.if you decide to strip the unit as i did, be very careful and remember the warranty will not cover anything that gets damaged.nessy

Any Problems: none

Review by pjbr

Great PJ which was exceptional value with the extended warranty. See problem below.

Any Problems: Infocus claims my (less then) 3yr old X1 is out of warranty. When I purchased it they had a promotion offering extended 3yrs (on top of 2yr factory) warranty for total of 5yrs. After submitting the proper form 3yrs ago and filling out their webpage to register in their DB, I am appalled they are now telling me they dont have any info on it in their DB and that its out of warranty. BEWARE!

Review by Jason Jackson

We bought three of these projectors about a year ago. When it's actually working, it performs as advertised.

Any Problems: All three of the projectors have failed within the first year of use within a school environment. The problems are usually intermittent. Sometimes the projectors would be unable to find a computer signal. We tried switching the projector to another computer with a different set of monitor cables and this didn't help even though an identical X1 unit was working at the second station before the switch. When one unit experienced this problem continually for a week, we sent it in for repair as it was covered under warranty. This was a mistake. It took InFocus over a month to inform us they found no problems with the unit. It's rather disappointing that these are standard turn around times for their repairs. They didn't contact us about the repair status. We had to submit a repair status request online and we then waited 5 additional business days for them to reply to our status request as you can't just call and get a quick status over the phone. We received the same unit back and the problems continued a few weeks later. These InFocus units are basically useless. When the original bulbs finally die, we are going to trash the units and put the extra money toward quality projectors.

Review by Jacob Callahan

My X1 has been in use since March 2005 with no problems at all. Ceiling mounted with a good screen; Using component OR S-vid, the picture quality is amazing to all who see it. Very satisfying viewing experience and super alternative to any direct view display, particularly as far as price / quality ratio.

Any Problems: Addiction to first rate color reproduction and high resolution picture is making me gain weight. Also, the much debated "color dots" when rapidly moving one's eyes across the screen is such a minor flaw that I might never have noted it if it hadn't been pointed out by other reviewers finding fault.

Review by BOB

NIce picture, broke after 1 yr 10 months.

Any Problems: White lines on the screen. Infocus now won't repair it. Never going to deal with them again!

Review by Jypson

I was concerned about these "rainbows" that people are talking about. I think I saw what they are talking about, but it's only when I play a movie on a low-grade DVD player. It also seems to be a little bit more prevalent late at night when I'm tired, or if it's an older movie. The good news is, as long as it's playing through the CPU system, there is no rainbows at all. I would highly reccomend purchasing this projector, especially if this is your first. The colors are vivid, you can watch it during the day with just a little light saturation, and the bang for buck ratio is off the charts. I highly reccomend mounting on the ceiling, but don't buy any of the mounts over $150, it's a huge rip-off. A very good buy, no regrets. Thanks for all the reviews Projector Central, it was a huge help.

Any Problems: Firmware was a pain in the caboose to install. The black bars on the top and bottom of the screen is kind of annoying during a "letterbox" movie. You have to trick the projector not to re-adjust the resolution of your computer if you want anything larger than 1260-860 or whatever it is. Definitely not anything worth discouraging a purchase over.

Review by eric

well i had x2 then all the hpye about something in x1(farrouja processing) i had to get it . sold my x2 for a loss to quickly get the x1 the sam i am. well,hell i allways and will allways use the highest input available so i bought two componet cables the s video to componet and vga to componet this cables are like 30 shipped from wellin my x1 all dvd had to go via s video to componet i tired using vga to componet it did not work i guess they want u to exprience farruja which can only be xprienced using s video port. how ever this makes may progresive dvd usless. coz s video port can only handle is lets get it farudja processing is good for older dvds but for new dvds meant to out put 480p then i gues you lossing . then if you swith settings to video mode you losee 50 percent of btigtness you can barely see nothing. conclusion is farrudja tech in x1 is old 10 years out dated and we need to let it go. get your mind rigt by moving to XGA and MORE LUMENS x2 is better than x1 if you have a progressive scan dvd plus it has more lumens 1600. sell your x1 on ebay about 500 add 200 more get dell 3200 or 3300mp 1500 lumen more hours on bulb 5000 hours and native XGA do you know you lose 64 precent of picture from svga to xga ! get you whole picture by using XGA.


Review by Majobie

I purchased the X1 almost 2 years ago and everytime I turn it on I get blown away, The quality of picture that you get for you money in my opinion is still unpast and this is a little legend in its own time. I use it with a Grandview 92inch screen, mostly for Movies and sports Sports

Any Problems: I have had 2 globes go at a total of 600 hrs each, one luckily replaced by infocus, also sometimes when it starts up, the globe lights up, but no image on the screen, the only way to get it to come up is to uplug the power.

Review by alison

This is the second projector i have but no comparision could be made between the 2 because the first one was a vga. the setup is very easy, i feed digital tv to the projector from my pc, also play dvd with a dvd player. the main reason for me to post this review is that i would like to share my experience with the choice of connections. after many days of fiddling i found out that the VGA is much better than s-video, and the single plug for video in has the poorest result. My ditital tv card has a vga out port and also does my dvd player (for progressive scan out put). I also noticed that the digital tv quality is better than that of dvd. however i can not notice much difference between hd and sd. with tv and dvd the x1 will adjust the format (16:9 or 4:3) all by itself, and on a 200" wall in a dark room the digital tv and dvds look good. if the room is not dark, a 100" size is very good, even better when the room is dark. no high rating is given when image quality is concerned due to lack of comparison.

Any Problems: worried about the reliability, after reading some of other people's reviews. also the lamp is expensive than other entry level dlp, like the acer dlp currently sold for under 1000 A$ in Sydney.

Review by Dman

I originally purchased this projector about a year and a half ago as my first projector and I was amazed by the image quality. I then decided I needed more resolution so I sold my X1 and upgraded to the BenQ PB6200, was not to impressed. In my eye the picture from my X1 was better. I then sold my BenQ and purchased a Dell 2300MP, I figured what a great deal for the money. Let me just say that if you purchase this projector for home theatre plan on not being able to see any dark sceens. Needless to say I sold my Dell and purchased another X1, satisfaction at last. In my opinion, hands down the best value out there for the money!

Any Problems: None

Review by TGW

This unit is almost the whole package. For the price it has very good image quality. Enjoy it while you can, this is a disposable projector.

Any Problems: I purchased my X! in March of 2003, at about the 10-11th month of service it started to make a grinding noise. After almost 3 months in the shop, it was supposedly replaced with a new unit as the ETA for the part was still "unknown". The part was called the "engine". (Have to wonder how many more were failing across the counrty, for them to be so backordered that they wern't sure when they would ever have one for my machine) Well guess what, after another 10-11 month period, the "engine" has gone out again. This time they tell me I am outside my warranty, even though I was granted a 5 year warranty as a promotional offer when I made my initial purchase. Oh sure, its still under a "limited warranty" which means I pay for the parts, they supply the labor...wanna know how much an "engine" costs?....Try $576!!! I was also told my unit was my original one, based on the serial number, and not the replacement I was told I was getting the first time I experienced this problem. These things retail for about $750 now, so why would I drop almost $600 to fix something that is patterned to fail inside of a year?!?!? Now here is the question that will really bake your noodle...who makes a projector in which the heart of the machine fails well before the 3000 hour lamp.....INFOCUS DOES!!! Heck why not market it as a 10,000 hour lamp...the projector is going to die long before anyone can prove them wrong....mine has....TWICE!! So here I am in the market for another projector, one thing is for sure, it won't be an Infocus.

Review by Phil and Vivs X1s

I bought my X1 16 months ago, after seeing my sisters a year before that. We are both still blown away by the X1; I thought low-cost projectors were a bit of a joke for home use until I saw this machine working. I have mine set up in a dedicated home theatre room, which helps as the image is best viewed in the dark. I project the image onto a white-painted wall, with flat black wooden borders (the borders are important), my sister uses a screen in a darkened living room, both work fine in my opinion. The screen probably helps in her situation where there is some background lighting. My screen size is 202cm (I think that is about 80inches in US money - I am writing from Australia), on a 9:16 diagonal. Pixelation is not a problem at this size, although it might become an issue at larger sizes. I recently visited someone with a much more expensive CRT pj installed in their home, I thought the image my X1 produces was every bit a good, even dark images/blacks compared well. If you look for the rainbow effect you will see it, but it has not annoyed anyone that's seen my X1. Same with fan noise, it is there, but once you are into a movie you tend to forget about it. One annoyance is the inputs; no separate S-VHS and component input. Progressive scanning is only availble throught the VGA (Computer) input. With the x1 I found remarkable improvement in image quality when you use progressive scanning, try to hook your X1 to a progressive scanning DVD and HD TV set top box. I paid AUS2000 dollars for my X1, I have seen them advertised recently (well, the X1a really) for AUS1400. Even though the X1, and its follow on product the X1a, are getting a bit long in the tooth now, I just cannot see how you could get a better deal at that sort of price. As long as you have a properly darkened room, the result the X1 produces makes those expensive plasma and LCD sreens some of my friends are buying now look pretty mean and nasty !!

Any Problems: We both use the X1 regularly for movies, and me more recenlty also for HD TV, absolutely rock-solid so far.

Review by Rob

I picked up the X1 on clearance at a major retail chain. I had been interested in the 4805, but at half the price the X1 was a bargain. Image quality is very good. I gave it 4 stars due to the possiblity of rainbows. The technology is getting older, so a new model may produce better images. Features seem fine. I haven't noticed any missing that I've actually needed. Remote control for the lens would have been a nice addition. Construction uses a lot of plastic, which doesn't feel extremely strong. It does seem sufficient though. Ease of Use is good. The menus are easy to read and seem logical. Reliability has been fine so far, but it's only 2 months old. Hopefully I'll feel the same about it in the future. Value for Money is great. If you can find one, the X1 still produces a very good image and the prices are just going down.

Review by Pedro Henrique

Imagem incrível que não deixa nada a perder para outros aparelhos mais caros.O único senão é quanto ao efeito arco íris, também existente em modelos mais caros, entretando, nada que faça muita diferença.

Any Problems: Nenhum problema aparente até o momento, com 2150 horas de uso.