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InFocus IN3916 Projector InFocus IN3916
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Street Price: n/a
3D: PC 3D Ready
Weight: 9.9 lbs
Aspect Ratio:16:10
Color Wheel:6 segments
Lens Shift:No
Lamp Life:2,500 Hrs
4,000 (eco)
Lamp Cost:$199.00
Warranty:2 year
Connectors:  Composite, VGA In (x2), HDMI 1.3, Network, USB, RS232
Video Formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 576i, 576p

InFocus IN3916 Interactive
Widescreen Short Throw Projector

Marc Davidson, November 9, 2010


Usable, but low quality, video. As with many data projectors, the IN3916's video quality is good enough only for short clips or in contexts, like most classrooms, where high quality video isn't needed. Among other issues, we saw slight posterization in skin tones in some scenes (with colors changing suddenly where they should change gradually) and a loss of shadow detail in others. However, both issues showed up only in scenes that tend to show those problems, and the IN3916 did better than other data projectors we've seen. The colors also showed the kind of dullness that indicates low contrast. p>Moderately obvious rainbow artifacts. Like all single-chip DLP projectors, the IN3916 shows primary colors one at a time, which leads to the possibility of rainbow artifacts, with light areas breaking up into little red, green, and blue areas when you shift your gaze or an object moves on screen. The IN3916 shows this effect less often than some other current DLP projectors. Even those who are sensitive to it probably won't see it often enough to find it annoying for data, but they will likely consider it annoying for long video sessions.

Limited 3D. As with most current 3D-ready projectors, the IN3916's 3D capability is highly limited. The key issues are that the interactive feature doesn't work in 3D mode; the 3D feature won't work with a Blu-ray player; and to use 3D you need enough pairs of DLP-Link glasses (at more than $100 each) for your audience. All of these limitations are typical for today's inexpensive 3D-ready projectors, but you should be aware that you may or may not ever be able to actually use the projector for 3D.


As should be obvious, the InFocus IN3916 has lots of attractive features. Not having to calibrate makes it easy to move around and still set up quickly; not having to touch the screen lets you turn literally any surface into an interactive whiteboard; and the short throw lets you project a large image from close up, so you don't have to worry about casting shadows. Beyond that, it's a complete interactive solution and one of the more impressive choices we've yet seen for the price.

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Avital Posted Jul 23, 2013 1:24 PM PST
I am looking to purchase this and use the interactive Notebook Software from SMART technologies. Would that work?

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