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Innoio’s Smart Beam Innocube: Smaller than a Rubik’s Cube

Laura Clinton, August 8, 2013


Even though the Innocube wins bonus points for resembling a miniature AllSpark from Transformers, it has several issues that need to be considered. First, it has a built-in speaker. Unfortunately, there is no way to control the volume. It seems to have been pre-set on semi-loud/semi-quiet. In principle, this makes sense as this projector is supposed to be for bedtime, but really? Everything in my house has dual functions, and my electronics are no exception. It has to be able to survive the deafening roar inside my home at all times of the day. Pre-setting the volume seems a little unfair and presumptuous to me. Plus, I am convinced the person who set it does not have children. Also, the current price estimate is about $400. Don't get me wrong, the Innocube is a solid gadget for your kids. However, at this price, it should not only be used for story time, but it better brush the boys' teeth and tuck them into bed. The resolution is decent, and the lumen output is acceptable, but the projector is very basic. This price is simply too high. Finally, with the plastic protective sleeve, I found it difficult to get the projector to sit flat on a surface. Half of the time, I only focused on the fact that the picture was lop-sided. It would also help to provide longer cables. It is a long way from my XBOX to the nearest flat surface. The short cable forced me to summon my inner MacGyver and fashion a mountain of books to reach the gaming console. I don't mind being forced to be creative, but I would rather save it for a more interesting challenge.


Innoio's Smart Beam Innocube has become the Inno-cool around my house. With its tiny size and simplicity, it is a great fit for families with kids under twelve. I have yet to meet a kid who is concerned with native resolution and lumen ratings. They tend to see things for what they truly are: a well-designed projector that is fun not only at bedtime, but also throughout the day.

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