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JVC DLA-HX1U User Reviews

JVC DLA-HX1U Projector


WXGA (1400x788), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
13.2 lbs, $12,995 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.4
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by Bruce

I service projectors and own a 9" CRT projector as well as 2 JVC G15 D'ILA projectors. Until the D'ILA's came out, I was beginning to doubt that any digital projectors would compare to a CRT, but, the G15 showed me that they COULD make a digital that had the look of film. While the contrast ratio of the G15 wasn't quite there, even though the picture quality equals all but the best top of the line 9" CRTs, the HX1 compares very favorably with CRT, despite the modest 800:1 contrast ratio. If you run DVDs and want the look of film, you won't be disappointed with the HX1. In fact, after calibrating it and coupled with my ISCO II anamorphic lens, I'm hard pressed to tell the difference between it and the 35mm film I also have in my projection booth. To date, I've yet to see any LCD or DLP projector that looks nearly as good. It makes me wonder how much improvement I could expect with the top of the line JVC HD2K that is capable of 1920x1080 pixels. The only complaint I have is that I preferred the look of the xenon bulb used in the G15 projector over the mercury bulb they use in the newer D'ILAs. In terms of noise, which made a projection booth necessary for the G15, the HX1 is much quieter, although a larger case using larger slower turning fans would make it even better. Unless you're going to carry it around, it's small size is really of no benefit for Home Theatre use.

Any Problems: None so far, but I only have 200 hours on it. If past performance is any indication, the HX1 should be very reliable, with the exception of lamp life, which based on my experience from similar mercury bulbs, is below average.

Review by Mike

I have yet to go into any movie theater that has windows in it so light control for me is simple. Get some hotel blackout curtains and make your viewing room like a theater. The curtains, this projector and a Stewart Filmscreen make for a great show any afternoon. I am in the television production business and I have seen the more expensive projectors at work in screening rooms. Well, I have my own screening room at home now. I'm glad I waited for this model to come out. I did my homework before I purchased and after 9 months of use, I am still glad a bought this unit. It really is the best projector you can get for the price.

Any Problems: none

Review by Butch

This is an absolutely fantastic machine except for one problem that I will address in the problems section. We use it on a 26 foot wide theatre screen and it is rivaling our 35mm in clarity and color saturation. We are so very impressed-I would recomend this machine far above any other in its class. It converted me away from my beloved DLP.

Any Problems: We have had two machines that both failed after a couple of months. (Picture went to blue and locked out the inputs) JVC has been EXCELLENT with customer support and we believe the problem was that the inputs are bayonette style, and using an adapter from rca connections may have put too much leverage on the connector. Never the less, JVC is on it-and I mean immediately-and I have full confidence that they will repair the unit. In the meantime we have changed cables and are using a loaner.

Review by Phil's TV

I work for a JVC retailer and recently used this unit on a 220" screen. The performance blew me away. The color saturation and black levels were excellent and was pleanty bright at 30 feet away. Very happy with this product and will use it again.

Any Problems: none

Review by Oleg Sanin

Digital cinema for your home! Very good picture right out of the box (in my fully controlled light environment, studiotek 1.3 screen). Amazing picture after calibration... Nirvana.

Any Problems: Nothing.

Review by Jeff Lubeck

The JVC DLA-HX1U/Dukane 9100HC is a superb machine. I selected it after a thorough first hand comparison against the market leaders in the $7k - $20K price range. Nothing beats the JVC DLA-HX1U/Dukane 9100HC from a price performance perspective. Combined with the Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk (110") screen and Samsung DVI DVD and Voom HD Satellite receiver acting as the video sources the picture is outstanding and often breathtaking. Color saturation and picture smoothness are this machine's strength. The three-chip technology eliminates any discussion about rainbow ( i.e., DLP) or screen-door (i.e., LCD) effects. Three months in and I could not be happier.

Any Problems: None. Suggested improvements: A lens with a slightly shorter throw. Thanks to Projector Central for directing me to this machine.

Review by Dana Henderson

This projector is the best on the market for under the under 20K budget. The picture is stable in all reguards due to the three chip design. Setup is a little difficult due to the manual focus, but once you are up and running the machine is unstopable. I use it on a 119" 16x9 dalite screen with masking and am always blown away with it proformance.

Any Problems: No problems after 3 months of continous enjoyment.