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JVC LX-UH1B User Reviews

JVC LX-UH1B Projector


4K HD (3840x2160), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
10.6 lbs, $2,499 (MSRP)
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3.5 out of 5
1 User Rating
Image Quality 5.0
Features 3.0
Construction 3.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 3.0
Value for Money 3.0

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Review by cs76cs

As of right now there isn't a lot of info/reviews available online for this model from JVC so i thought i would post a few comments, maybe this will help someone out. I have been lucky enough to own many diff. projectors over the years, including the JVC X70 and X90, i'm not an xpert, i just love projectors. First thoughts on the build quality, well, simply put it looks and feels like a budget or cheap projector, small , bulky brick with a small , fat , bulky remote. It feels more like a reworked Benq projector rather than a JVC. But, you do get a 1.6x zoom and good lens shift, so that's nice, sadly , no audio/speakers though. Most people however will only care about the picture quality and what you have here is a pretty competent dlp projector. It has that classic dlp picture, rich, warm, saturated colors and maybe slightly better than average blacks (still nothing like it's big brother jvc's). In its basic setting, with all the processing turned off, this is a decent, reasonably well behaved 1080p dlp projector. To get that 4K (or faux4) and HDR you have to engage all the xtra features, this can make for some stunning images but also add some unwanted side effects.

Any Problems: This is a pixel shifting dlp unit, you must turn on the eshift feature to get that 4k. This makes the picture look really sharp and really nice, but it also adds a low humm/buzzing noise that is steady and noticeable anywhere in your room. This projector also has a dynamic iris with 3 settings (off, low,high), in high, the pumping is pretty aggressive and distracting, in low, the iris is not bad, you can still see it trying to keep up with some scenes but it's not too bad and should be ok for most people. There is also a buzzing noise the iris makes every time it moves, its more annoying than the noise from the eshift. HDR so far is disappointing for me, on my 140" screen is way to dark and unwatchable, even with the lamp at full power, but, i only have a 4k hdr media player that supports hdr and hdr sim, and hdr sim looks really impressive, it adds xtra pop to all my movies, 1080p ans 4k, i'm still playing around with this, so maybe i can get hdr to look better somewhere down the line. Its a shame that JVC only gave you one hdmi 2.0 connection for 4K with this projector, and again, no speakers. I also ran into an issue with the projector displaying some shadow circular lines at 140" size, turns out , there is a round part inside the lens assembly that has very fine lines all the way around, and if you zoom out to 140" you get the light from the lamp hitting those and projecting them on your screen, they are very fine and you can only see them on very bright backgrounds. Fortunately, zooming out a bit bigger or a bit smaller gets rid of this issues. The projector runs a bit loud with the lamp on full power, you will be aware of it anywhere in your room. The menus are very simple with not a lot of adjustments, there is no CFI, and depending on what signal you feed it, some features will be disabled and you will not be allowed to make many changes. This very much feels like a "plug and play" projector, with a very bright, rich dlp picture. I would not recommend this to anyone at the full price (approx. $2200), there are better projectors available at that price, however , if you can find one of these for about half or third of the price (like i did), than sure, go for it, you will have fun with it.