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LP Morgan Rondo Motorised

This screen is out-of-production.
LP Morgan Rondo Motorised Screen
Curved in all the right places
Of course, the core of any screen is the projection surface. If you’ve got a screen that isn’t flat, your images are going to appear warped. The Rondo surface is specially prepared with radial cut technology (RCT), unique to LP Morgan to give you the flattest image area. RCT ensures you get top quality images from your projector every time.

Styled with substance
The Rondo is also the most stylish roller screen on the market, used for art exhibitions at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. When you’re not absorbed in the big and bold projected images, the screen surface rolls up into an unobtrusive casing, designed to blend in with any interior. In fact, you won’t even notice it’s there. When in use, however, you can expect the brightest, sharpest images your projector can produce, and rich life-like colours.

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