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Luxeon D520P User Reviews

Luxeon D520P Projector

Luxeon D520P

XGA (1024x768), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
5.9 lbs, $3,899 (MSRP)
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1.8 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 1.8
Features 1.8
Construction 1.7
Ease of Use 1.8
Reliability 1.7
Value for Money 1.8

User Reviews

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Review by Manny

Come on, Don Juan?! That must be the makers of this junk trying to make it look OK. I bought one of these for my company (with pans to use it on the weekends for football). It is a piece of s&*t. keeps shuting off after 2-30 minutes. The customer service SUCKS and so does Luxeon.

Any Problems: Nothing but problems.

Review by Don Juan

Excellent Product. Very surprised, I expected something of much lower quality. The saturation of color was really good. I recommend that users looking for a good value projector try these products.

Any Problems: None so far

Review by Home Theater Newbie

The 3rd unit died after 15 hours of use, so back it goes for a real projector! Luxeon even refused to pay the store I bought it from for the return freight...I guess they need the cash to try to pay back everyone who got stuck with this brick. I am going to follow ProjectorCentral's loyal fans and pick a manufacturer that knows what they are doing, and how to service customers...Sorry for the 3 posts...I am just so disgusted by this whole 3 month process just to watch movies in my media room. I was fair, polite, and understanding until the failure of this 3rd one...I just give up, and I cannot stress enough to you readers not to buy this projector...

Any Problems: Please read previous 2 posts....I'd write more, but what more needs to be said....

Review by Home Theater Newbie

DO NOT BUY!!!! It is official, they do not plan to fix the projector!!!! After 2 more projectors, and waiting for the 4th replacement due on May 1st I was told today (April 23rd) that there are no plans to correct the projectors inability to run 480p, 720p, 1080i. The 3rd new person I spoke to said with broken english "There is no fix for this problem, so run your progressive scan DVD player thru S-video ok." The reason I called today was to confirm delivery of my 4th projector, and to tell them that this 3rd one shuts off every 3 to 5 hours due to overheating. The screen flickers and then goes out, but the unit doesn't shut down, or put the cooling fan into high gear....I have to power the unit down, which takes time while the fan speeds up for final cooling, then power back up, then power back down to get 2 high speed cooling cycles done, then power back up for about another 30 minutes of run time....What a joke!!!! So, to sum up, DO NOT BUY, and if you have one already, get an RMA and send it back immediately as judging by the way they are handling this I don't think they will be around much longer....

Any Problems: Had to reconfigure setup every time I powered unit back on after each use. The colors from time to time didn't syc. up causing the need to shut down and restart. No ability to run 480p, 720p, or 1080i using the 2 cables sent directly from Luxeon, which was stated in press releases and technical product briefs as a main selling point. Color, contrast, and brightness changes from day to day...Technical support staff don't know their own product, wasting time that may void your store's return policy. Unit overheating every 3 to 5 hours causing shutdown of unit and no ability to cool it down to continue use. Replacement product is shipped with no testing done to see if it even works...Total Company Failure....DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Review by Sandra

the image quality is not worth the money, I regret getting this DLP. For alot less money, you can buy a 2000 lms projector from Liesegang. The model name is Mayfair Ultra. My friend owns one, the image sharpness is unbelievable.

Review by Home Theater Newbie

Well folks, let me start by saying Do Not Buy One...At least not yet...I am on my second one, and this projector still doesn't save your custom setups, so when you power the unit down and power it back up you need to reconfigure it again...Also from time to time the Red-Green-Blue gets out of sync., so you have to power down, power up, and resetup the whole thing again which takes several minutes as the unit has to cool down before you can power back on. Also, Luxeon's technical support has been basically useless...I asked for the cable for hooking up a progressive scan DVD player, they sent me a VGA to RGB/RCA adapter that doesn't even work with their projector!!!! And the one I supposedly need still isn't available so I have had this for going on 3 months with no other connection besides S-video!!!! As far as the RCA/composite connection for VCR tapes looks horrible, and from time to time it appears that the color and contrast changes depending on how long you run the unit. Luxeon did next day air me a new unit, but it has the same malfunctions as the first one, but it did come with a different color remote control, so I thought it was a newer or different version or release, but it still had the same problems...I also heard they are putting Vivitar's name on this same model with a few more bells and whistles...I would tell anyone considering that to also not buy those...The tech's I have spoken to on the phone have so many calls coming in that they don't even remember you after 5 straight days of calling them about the same issue. And, from what they say there are several others with my problem, and they have no answer for it, and they insist the one they have doesn't do what everyone elses is doing...So, to sum up, until I post a message saying they fixed this buggy thing DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!

Any Problems: Multiple Failures with company spokesperson saying there is no fix to date...DO NOT BUY!!!!!