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Photo by Aram Boghosian

Reconnecting people with one another, as well as with the cities they live in, interdisciplinary artistic collective MASARY Studios brought its safe and exciting community-driven public art expression "Massively Distributed" (MD) to the 2020 Scottsdale Public Art's annual art experience, Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light. Illuminating the streets of Scottsdale, Ariz. with captivating, light-based artwork, MASARY Studios combined a collaborative multimedia instrument with large-scale projection mapping using high-performance Epson Pro Series laser projectors.

MASARY Studios worked with the Scottsdale Public Art media team to capture local audio and visual samples for the creative palette and encouraged the public to get involved and share their own creativity. MD included a site-specific web-based app instrument that was accessible via laptops, tablets and smartphones. Community members could submit original multimedia compositions for inclusion in the large-scale projection mapped installations through the MD interface, similar to a music sequencer or drum machine. MD then played the compositions through video projection and professional sound systems, displaying the public's submissions alongside other community members' work. Throughout the art experience, 443 works of art were submitted to be displayed on building facades.

"Sheltering in place was in full effect and we wanted to use our 'Massively Distributed' project to safely bring people out to enjoy and reconnect with their city and neighbors, while providing a fun outlet for them to express themselves," said Sam Okerstrom-Lang, media artist, founder and principal, MASARY Studios. "It was amazing to watch MD evolve from samples of the Arizona landscape to creations from the public and ultimately to the sides of buildings where people could see their artwork intertwined with their neighbors."

To bring their vision to life, MASARY Studios used two Epson Pro L1755U laser projectors, along with a variety of compatible Epson lenses, at three prominent locations throughout Old Town Scottsdale. To display double the light output at each location, MASARY Studios stacked the two 15,000-lumen Epson projectors for a more compact and efficient installation that was powered from standard 120V sources. MASARY Studios used Epson's built-in projector tools, such as geometry correction, to curate submissions from the MD instrument and deliver bright, colorful, larger-than-life artwork that captivated spectators as they strolled the streets of Scottsdale.

Epson L1755UNL
MASARY Studios used two Epson Pro L1755UNL laser projectors stacked on top of each other for the installation.

"It is truly inspiring to watch as these visual artists continue to bring their creative visions to life through projection," said Ramzi Shakra, product manager, large-venue projectors, Epson America, Inc. "During a time when people yearned for in-person experiences, 'Massively Distributed' provided a unique and safe way for people to enjoy the beauty of their city and express their individual creativity through interactions with massive forms of artwork."

Epson MASARY Lifestyle2
Photo by Aram Boghosian

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Epson Pro L1755UNL projector page.


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