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Mitsubishi HC100U ColorView User Reviews

Mitsubishi HC100U ColorView Projector

Mitsubishi HC100U ColorView

WVGA (854x480), 1300 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $1,795 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.7
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.9
Value for Money 4.9

User Reviews

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Review by Billy

I picked up a Refirbished HC100u On ebay a few months ago for just $99 and $20 shipping, with a 2 year warrenty. It seemed nearly too good to be true. The day I got it I opened it and started watching TV on my wall. It looked awesome! It was like new, with a new bulb, all new wrapped up cables, owners manual disk, etc. Great deal! I used it on my wall for a while, no $ for a screen. Looked pretty damn sharp. And I had my seat too close to the screen for a non hi def native projector. Had a little bit screen door effect. But still great quality picture. I have since got a 100" electric screen, and set up a home theater in my garage, surround sound and all that. Got my couch a proper distance back [about between 2 and 3 screen heights]. From this distance, the picture quality is amazing. You cannot see any pixalation even if you look hard for it. Colors are rock solid, overall image is great. And I love the 16:9 aspect, much better than my old 4:3. Also, I'll stress how well build this unit is. I was a dumbass, and had one of my motorcycle ramps on my side door in my garage one night, and I forgot and opened the door [coming in from the outside], and BOOM! It wacked the poor HC100u real hard, and it smacked on the cement floor with a loud bang! I was very upset, was sure I broke it, broke a bulb at least, more likely shattered the DMD chip, or the color wheel. But I fire it up and it works just as well as before! Still works great amazingly! Just a small scuff on one of the corners. At 1,300 Lumens, its ideal for a darker, home theater like setting. Overall, its not a 1080P projector. If your looking for the very top of the line image, theres better. Or if you plan to sit right up a couple feet from the screen, its not your projector. But if your looking for a good quality projector for your hometheater without paying too much, or a projector for gaming, its great!

Any Problems: None.

Review by Axel M

I bought this unit at a home theater store for 300 euros! (yep, very cheap) It already had about 200 hours on it (exchange-unit), but with warranty and in a nearly-new condition. If you'r looking for a cheap second-hand projector, don't hesitate about this one. It has dvi, vga and component, it's almost-silent (really, you can not hear this one in low-power mode), lamp in low mode is more than bright enough, lots of image settings (also good standard image quality), .... Most importantly, it has a sealed-optics unit, so no dust problems and can be used in smoker-rooms. Normally sealed optics are only in higher price categorys, but not for mitsubishi! Also, it looks cool, sort of star wars - like, very modern. I can't believe why this unit wasn't/isn't popular, far better than its competitors.

Any Problems: None so far, but new bulbs are a bit more expensive than others in this price-range of projectors.

Review by John M.

This was my first projector and i have to say that it is great! Picture was excellent with xbox 360 on 720p and ok in 1080i. Dvd's had acurrate color reproduction and good picture. This is an all around good projector.

Any Problems: Did't get it any sooner!

Review by Brian Jones

What an "out of the box" setup. Plugged it in(well hung it from the ceiling)! lined it up with a 100inch screen at 4.2m away. The image in a well lit room was still watchable, but at night what a sight clear , crisp , the blacks are black, no rainbow effect that I have seen with other DLP projectors,In this catagory. We watch the Born Identity and Supremecy with impressive results. For my wife to turn around and say we'll never need to go to the movies again this is great, says something for a projector that is targeted at the first time projector user anyone thats on a small budget small room cant go wrong with this setup. (just to note we are using all video through the component connection.

Any Problems: The need to go to work and not stay home and watch more movies this is great

Review by Mat

Very good image quality with 720P input (ESPNHD) 1080i input seems flat where 720 has more of a 3d effect--projecing to a 106" screen with viweing dist of 10-11" no screen door effects very very few rainbows; decent in moderate light using Da-Lite screen with 1.3 gamma correction; very versatile with many inputs (s-video/component/composite/VGA/DVI) especialy nice if your reciever does not do up conversion you can just change from GBR to Svideo input on the projector

Review by Nagymihály István

I bought my HC100 projector last week. I'm very satisfied with it. The picture quality is excellent and absolutely superb and clearly artifact free. The colours are amazing natural.

Any Problems: Not yet

Review by Jacky

This is my first projector and using it for 2 weeks. Colour is saturated and the brightness is good enough even using econ mode. Excellent specification-to-price ratio.