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Mitsubishi HC3 ColorView User Reviews

Mitsubishi HC3 ColorView Projector

Mitsubishi HC3 ColorView

WVGA (960x540), 1300 ANSI Lumens,
5.9 lbs, $2,795 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
22 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.4
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.9
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Reynaldo

Right now I am shoot this on a 4' by 7' chiffon yellow wall and the brilliance and the color is fantastic. You don't realize that the wall is not a matte white for the sceen, the projection fools you to think it is.

Any Problems: Draft filters for air circulation accessability when hung from the ceiling are a little more difficult to reach

Review by Sock Monkey

I have been using this projector for about 6 weeks now, and have been very impressed. HD broadcasts are sharp and clear, with fairly powerful colors. Movies are very fun to watch, and are equally as impressive. My only complaint would be fan noise, as it is a little high (we use the low power mode), but I have countered it somewhat by flattening the "distance" between highs and lows on the audio output to the speakers slightly, largely alleviating the problem. Projector was purchased new in box off of Ebay, 92" low gain screen was setup using the screen calculator here, and projector is ceiling mounted using universal mount from Ebay ... total cost ~$950 shipping and taxes included. For that price, this projector is proving to be an exceptional value, with a continued wow-factor. SDE is minimal, and when setup as prescribed in the reviews here, is not noticeable. Finally, this projector is incredibly nice for living room setups, as we have. It does well in the middle of the day on Saturday with the blinds closed, just fine with lamps on, and just as well on dark nights with no ambient light. I could not find a better projector for the money, and have projectorcentral to thank!

Any Problems: None

Review by Wendy

This projector is awesome!!! Pay no attention to the price point. The most important function of a projector is image quality. This projector runs neck and neck with high def televisions, plasma T.V. and projectors that cost $7,000. I love this projector. We have in on a 100 inch high def diagonal screen. Football games and movies like 40 Year Old Virgin were incredible and fun to watch...I never want to leave my home. I no longer need to go to the movies.

Review by brent

i just bought the HC3 for $755. The brightness is great. I can notice the screen door effect sometimes but it doens't bother me. I don't think there is a better one even up to $1,000. I watched the new Alamo movie and it worked great with some lights still on.

Review by kodi

This is my first projector, and I had seen 0 Home Theater setups at the time I purchased this. I wanted to use it for, daily regular TV viewing and DVD movies. I have used this projector for the last 6 months, and I am ready to review it I think. I purchased this particaular projector for 2 reasons: high lumen output, and low price(wanted sub-$1k). I was afraid of RBE, but I knew I could live with SDE since I had seen other LCD projectors used in a 'presentation' environment. I also had relativly high ambient light since it was setup in my living room. This projector has worked flawlessly. It is everything I hoped it would be: + Very Bright + Vivid + Easy to use + Minimal SDE + Great quality I would definatly buy this projector again if I had the chance. There are a few features that I can nit-pick on, but they are not at all vital. Since I bought this, I now know what features I would like to see in a projector.

Any Problems: These aren't "problems" per se, they are more like features I wish this projector would have had: - Bulb hour counter - Better throw angles/distance (ceiling mount is about 6'5" with no keystone & optimal viewing level - very subjective) - Lower noise - Better contrast

Review by dublintom

The HC3 is my first projector and I am absolutely amazed by the size and quality of the picture. I made the purchase three weeks ago after spending a significant amount of time reading reviews of many models. All of my inititial concerns were unfounded. Brightness is great; the screen door effect is not an issue; set-up and installation was easy (even for a novice such as me); and the fact that the HC3 costed much less than other models (@ less than $1,000) does not mean anything is sacrificed. I have had it for three weeks now, and the unanamous opinion of all my friends is that it is far superior in value when compared to the $3,000 and up plasma units. Plus, I am simply projecting onto a bare (beige) wall with regular paint. A great buy. I highly recommend it.

Any Problems: No problems whatsoever. Just plug it in and start enjoying it.

Review by Phil

I have been searching for the right projector for 6 months. The HC3 is the best bang for your buck. Mine is mounted 11.7 feet from a 90 inch 16:9 screen (which is the recommendation). I don't know what it would look like if you had a longer throw distance. DVDs are awesome, HDTV is Awesome. Regular TV is a little to be desired, but I don't plan on watching much regular tv on it anyway. Brightness works well for watching games and entertaining at the same time. This is my first projector, but I have seen quite a few. This projector can be found for less than $1000, how can you go wrong. Word of wisdom if you install a projector center it to the screen so you don't have to make any funky angle changes, that just reduces the picture quality of any projector.

Review by Darrell Cyphers

Finally got the ok from THE BOSS to get an intro projector ($1200 or less) for my home theater. It arrived 1 week ago and all I can say is WOW. Bright,large 16x9 picture, and when wathcing the Playoffs in high def...please. Can't believe these things can get better pictures but this projector serves my needs............FOR NOW!!!

Any Problems: screen door effect if you sit to close

Review by Joe House

Just replaced an X1 which is a DLP that gave my son headaches because of the colorwheel. Plus I thought it was dim. This pj is a lot brighter and much easier to watch. Plus it is 16:9 native and does great HD. This is an amazing value. Bright, colorful, clear plenty of contrast. Plenty of punch. Easy to mount because of the front exhaust.

Any Problems: Yes, it has more screen door than the X1 DLP, but if you don't get too close, you will never see it. And it is a little louder than I expected, but if you are listening to the movie or the game, you'll never notice.

Review by Mike

Great projector have a 100"+ picture and it looks awesome...I've done the research fo over a year and this is the best one I found for around $1000...Definitly a grat buy.

Any Problems: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by schowanski

Truly an outstanding deal - since it can easily be had for under $1K. It does not have all the connections one might see on a more expensive projector - however, a variety of cables come with the unit. Incredible, clear, bright picture with good feature set/user adjustable settings. Definitely want to run the unit in theater mode for movies - in sport mode, which is brighter, the fan noise is noticeable. Theater mode is bright enough even with minimal ambient light - this is a bright projector. Presently, running at 1080i. In my opinion, this offers a higher quality picture over 720p with this unit. Construction is good. The Mitsubishi PROJ-UCM ceiling mount mates well and provides sturdy support.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Rob

This projector is way better than I would have expected. I have it set to about an 80 inch screen in my basement projecting on a off-white wall. It is amazing. I play xbox games in High-Def and also have Hi-Def cable and the display is great. I went from a 50 inch Toshiba High Def widescreen to this and I couldn't be happier. Especially for 999.99!!

Review by gwlaw99

Why would anyone buy a 1/4 HD projector for $2500 when they could get a true HD projector (panasonic 500u and sanyo z2) for $500 less?

Review by wbuffetta

HC3 Has Great Color, Bright & Lots Of Ways To Adjust Color. I Have Found That At What Ever Distance You Are From The Screen There is Screen Door Effect. It Is Watchable But If There Is A Sceen Thats All White Or A Light Color Its Terrible. I Would NOT Recommend This Projector. I Bought It And Regret It.


Review by mbaumann

Did a comparison to an nec lt260k and no contest. color and brightness on the hc3 were much better and 1000.00 less than the nec. great for the money and color.

Review by Gringo J

THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP-10! Color and Brightness are the strongest features of this unit. Light sabers are brilliant red, Dino-skin green and Nemo's water blue! My requirements were a bright 16:9 native projector and I'm very happy so far. It's great to watch DVDs (remember the bars won't go away on all movies) in widescreen and I stretch video games out to 16:9 and don't notice a difference. Mario Kart Racing on the wall during a party with couple lights on beats any Plasma or LCD flatscreen anyday! Very happy with the service from PPoint! For a little more than an X1 you get so much more. Remote control and interface are easy as well.

Any Problems: Look, it's an LCD projector so you're going to see pixels up close. I'm sure resolution not as good as HS-20 or but I couldnt wait 6 weeks on a list! Mine shipped with one slightly dead pixel but was quickly replaced by PPoint. Fan noise is as much as DELL but isnt an issue really. Overall a good deal for the price from what I've researched.

Review by Artychoke

All I got to say is WOW this is my first Projector but i have seen others and this unit blows the $5,000 units out of the water with lights on in the room ya cany beat it for the price i paid $1,695 for a unit that is easy to use and a great picture awsome home theater setup


Review by gongos

This is the second projector I've tried out. The first was a Mitsibishi xd3000u that I had to return do to rainbow issues. I only had a hour to make up my mind on the HC3 in order to receive a full refund so I didn't mess around with fine tuning it. I had the projector 15' from the wall, and I was sitting 12' from the screen. I put in LOTR: Fellowship and the picture looked pretty good, which it should since it's a refernce quality disc. When I put in some lower quality discs/signals the problems really came through. I put in a copy of Elite's Eaten Alive by Tobe Hooper. Pixelation and graininess was a constant. I also noticed lots of jagged edges in the picture, especially around people's fingers. I was like the projector was struggling to hold the image together. I was half expecting it to break apart into a thousand digital shards. This was disappointing, but when I put in a laserdisc I almost puked. I put in the Definitive Edition of Star Wars, a pretty high quality disc. When I watched this same disc with the xd300u it looked almost as good as any DVD I own, but in the HC3 the image was terrible. I tried both s-video and composite imputs and there was no difference. The image looked like what you'd see from a VHS copy of a poor cable signal. It looked horrible, plus the fan's loud. You might get a big picture, but be warned it looks bad. If I didn't suffer from rainbow sickness, I'd buy a DLP in a heartbeat. Unless you're going to use only the highest quality DVDs stay away from this player. There has to be a better option out there.

Review by jeff golding

This is my first projector, chosen by reading other peoples reviews, and it fitted in with my budget costraints. I am absolutely delighted with it so far. Good picture, really natural colours, so simple to set up and operate. I would not now spend many times its price on a very large screen TV. Cant wait to see some good soccer on it.

Review by moements

I had the Dell 2200mp, but am returning that today. The HC3 is very nice with a very sharp picture. I wanted something that would work with some light in the room and the HC3 is very bright. I use the high-contrast matte-white Da Lite screen with it. We can view it very nicely from any where in the room. We use it for both DVDs and regular TV.

Any Problems: I gave it 4 in image quality because in a few scenes in "finding nemo" you could tell it was more like a computer screen than a big TV or movie projector. Note: I have this at a 15 degree tilt (necessary because of my installation constraints) and so had to use more keystoning correction than I would have liked. Also, the fan noise seems louder than the Dell 2200mp. I couldn't find any db rating for fan noise.