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Mitsubishi HC9000D User Reviews

Mitsubishi HC9000D Projector

Mitsubishi HC9000D

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
33.0 lbs, $9,995 (MSRP)
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3.4 out of 5
2 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.5
Features 4.0
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 3.0
Reliability 3.0
Value for Money 3.0

User Reviews

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Review by cs76cs

Xcellent. I got a chance to pick this up for next to nothing (compared to it's original price) to replace my sony hw50 that i sold. This Mits. outperformed the sony on almost all levels. Blacker blacks, brighter whites, more vibrant picture overall. It makes for a very enjoyable viewing experience. The picture is very clean, no noise. It's also brighter than the stats would suggest. Very easy to set up, with all motorized focus, lens shift and zoom. Very happy with it so far. This is clearly a high end xpensive product that's miles above any of todays entry level units.

Any Problems: No problems, just personal thoughts. First, this is a VERY big projector, bigger than sony or jvc. Maybe hard to set up for some people. I do not recommend ceiling mounting and inverting large and heavy projectors to anybody, build a shelf for it. Second, the price, even today, this is still an xpensive projector. Third, some of the features only work with certain signal types (some adjustments will work with 1080i but not with 1080p/720p), why? i have no idea. To further nitpick , the menus don't stay up for long, once u press the menu button, the display goes away after only a few seconds, this may frustrate some people who like to tinker with the setup. Also, even though it's a quiet projector, the sony's are quieter. And, last note, the hqv video processing eliminates all noise from the image, the result is a very clean picture. I personally love to see all the film grain or mosquito noise that is found in some movies, with this projector there is def. less of that to be seen than most dlp or lcd models, but this is a matter of personal taste and not a problem with the unit.

Review by Zach

Projector fails to power up and show image as moves into fault mode

Any Problems: Unit has been returned to Mitsubishi twice and returned to me in same condition. To get projector to operate you must stand on a chair remove power then plug back. Blue lines are noticeable on the left side of screen. I will never purchase a Mitsubishi product due to the frustrations I've had with this unit.