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Mitsubishi HC900U User Reviews

Mitsubishi HC900U Projector

Mitsubishi HC900U

WSVGA (1024x576), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $1,895 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
28 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.7
Features 4.3
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.6

User Reviews

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Review by jc

Have had this projector for a little under a year now. At first, I absolutely loved it. However, with time, I'm not disappointed. Often, it will not start, and I have to keep hitting the on and off buttons to get it turned on. Major pain in the rear--and sometimes it won't start at all. It sucks dust inside the fan quite often and shows the dust specks during dark scenes. I've sent it once to get fixed, and had to fight the company so i didn't have to pay $50 to insure the shipping. They never really fixed the problem but not worth the headache sending it back again. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PROJECTOR. I'd trade it in a heartbeat.

Any Problems: More problems than I had hoped for. The price has come down quite a bit since I bought it--but still wouldn't recommend it.

Review by sage7x7

The purpose of my purchase of the HC900 was for home theater usage. I saw a demo, before I laid down the cash and was quite pleased with the quality of the picture. The first time we used it, however, my daughter had to do a presentation at her job, using an overhead projector. She got rave reviews on the quality of the image. Everyone wanted to know the brand name of the projector. Needless to say, we finally tried it at home. We watched a motion picture and an animated movie. It was just like being at the movies, but only at home. Both were a "sight to see". As for the fan noise, we had the projector temporarily set up at eye level and a little over a foot away. The noise was VERY minimal. And I'm sure it would be even more unnoticable if it were mounted far enough away. We were too busy enjoying the movie to notice any noise. The other plus is that you don't have to be in complete darkness for viewing. We are impressed and very pleased with our investment. We would highly recommend this product.

Any Problems: No problems.

Review by critic

The Mit HC900U has a great picture with the HD.

Any Problems: Four and a half months into owning it, it stopped working for no reason. I would turn on the Home Theater and the light would flash on but then the projector would just turn off for no reason. The electronic company that I purchased it from had no answer. It looks like they are going to swap it out for a Sony.

Review by Ralph

I have a Sharp XR-10X that is perfect! Except that because of the HDMI video Lawyers it can't go over 480p because of component input restrictions even though it will do 1080i. That said I was looking for a projector with HDCP compatible input. I picked up the HC900U for $1300. When I got it I hooked it up to my Sony 400DVD player that upconverts to 720p or 1080i with a HDMI cable and DVI adapter. The Sony wouldn't even recognize it as a HDMI device and I had to use it with component inputs. Since this is a SVGA projector it seemed to look out of Focus watching Zathura. The Sharp on the other hand was much better, everybody saw the difference. Can't understand why the 900U was so bad except that it had less resolion. Plus you had to set up the aspect ration or it looked stretched, didn't have to mess with it using the Sharp. I returned the 900U and wil now try the Panasonic PT-AE900U for $700 more than what I have in the Sharp 10X. If I am not amazed by the difference or there is not $700 of difference I think I'll stay with the Sharp using 480p and try to hunt down a HDCP upconverter like Spatz had before being shut down by the HDMI video lawyers!

Any Problems: Fuzzy and does not seem to be HDCP compliant.

Review by ash

I just purchased the HC900 online for 1200 and i think for that price this is a steal. i have connected my pc with dvi, xbox with component and dvd with component and audio with optical and my home theater is absolutely stunning. i use the low lamp mode and there is no significant difference.

Any Problems: Cable doest look picture perfect but then i only have an s-video out of my cable box.

Review by Laszlo Fogassy

I purchased an HC900 about 6 weeks ago. After two weeks, the picture started flickering in low lamp mode. Exchanged it for a new one and haven't had problems yet. Picture quality and brightness are great, even in a medium lit room. Since I run the projector in low lamp mode, fan noise is not a problem. The manual doesn't explain enough about some of the menu settings such as Clamp Position and Clamp Width, other then a general statement having to do with afecting the white areas of the picture. This is my first projector and overall I am pleased. Estimated lamp life of 4000 hours in econo mode seems better than most units out there.

Any Problems: I notice rainbow effects off and on, depending on the video. This is especially noticeable with a NTSC video versus film video (29 fps vs 24). Although it does not detract from film enjoyment, I would rather not see it at all. Except for this one area, I have no other complaints about this model.


I have had the infocus 4805 for a year thinking that it had a great picture. I heard about the HC 900 at my favorite Audio retailer and bought it without even having a demo. My first impression when I turned it on was WOW what a great picture. The contrast is pure and the brightness shows true whites and definately pure blacks. The only worry that I thought I might notice between the infocus and the Mits was I read about the noisy fan. It is not a problem in the location that I have mounted the projector. The sources that I will be using is DVD and High Def from a satelight source. So far each pic has been very impressive. I have never seen such strong chromatic colors coming out of any projector that I have ever seen before. I checked out both the new pany 900 and the new Sanyo v4 and I am very happy that I chose the Mits HC900U. so far i am a true HC900U fan. definately a great buy for the money.

Any Problems: Nothing yet as far as electronics. The only problem so far is turning if off due to enjoying the pic too much.

Review by EC

I purchased the HC900U and compared it to my Sony HS51. The only problem with the HC900 is that the fan noise is very high. The sony is completely silent. The fan noise is still very noticeable in low mode. The image quality is very good althought you need to have no ambient light to appreciate it. I ended up returning it because of the high fan noiseb

Any Problems: High fan noise even in low mode.

Review by Ryan

I have had this projector for 5 months now and love everything about it except the occasional rainbow effect I get from both TV and DVD sources. The brightness is exceptional and I do use it in a room which is bright.

Any Problems: only issue is the rainbow effect. Any users who may have suggestions on how the setup could be changed to minimise this would be appreciated.

Review by JC from VA

Unit works great HDTV looks wonderful, I use it as a media center pc useing DVI and play movies and games on a 92in screen and would never buy an regular tv for a hometheater. Use Xbox on the setup and a sony dvd player. The color is amazing the contrast is vary good. the units design is good. Got unit a BestBuy with 4 yr product service plan.

Any Problems: Unit did not start properly 2 times out of 100.

Review by Paul Murray

The most impressive mid range projector I have ever used! It is stylish, easy to use and packed with a host of additional features to maximise your video viewing.

Review by Lyndon Lim

The HC900 is my third projector as I also had the NEC VT540 LCD and a Plus Piano DLP projector which I enjoyed for nearly three years. I decided to upgrade as I saw how the black level improvements projector these days and the ridiculously low price they were going for. I was quite astounded when I first saw the black levels and the general contrast from the HC900. Even Lord of the Rings Moria scene looked convincingly dark. There was also a noticeable sharpness lift in moving from SVGA to WXGA resolution. The iris control feature is a real deal maker for me because the PJ would have been too bright even on low lamp mode. We measured the black level at 0 IRE at .005 FT lamberts at low lamp mode and IRIS fully activated. This is very impressive. I do think the other reviews asking for lens shift and many other features are unrealistic because you have to realise that this thing only cost $3200 AUD and does produce a very respectable image even when compared against HD2+ chips like Marantz S3, it easily beats the Infocus 7200 and 5700. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance for the outlay. The only criticism I have is the loud fan noise at standard lamp more and the fact that I can see more rainbows due to the combination of higher lumens and slower 4x speed colorwheel.

Review by Rich

I've had this projector for roughly 6 months, and it's still a treat to go downstairs and watch movies/sports on it. HD programming and DVDs are glorious on it, and gaming is nice too. I use this PJ with a Da-Lite 106" High Power screen, and mounted it from my ceiling with a generic mount.

Review by JC

I've had this projector for close to three months. My kids used it for two months straight, many days it was on for 4-6 hours at a time hooked to an x-box. It's just as bright today as the day I bought it. This was my first projector, and I absolutely love it. It is in my basement, and even when light is shining down from upstairs, you can still see great. HD sports are breath-taking through DVI. Even the cable guy was in awe! I'm so glad I bought this projector.

Any Problems: Have to set it upside down on shelf mount. Otherwise, none!

Review by Russ

The HC900 (in my case Model E) is an excellent projector in my opinion. I'm using it for multimedia projecting a 96" diagonal on to a draper screen. The projector was first installed on to a grey (storm ice 4) wall and shocked everyone with its performance the screen is hardly required... now projecting on to the screen it is the ultimate projector. I've looked at the user option contest settings e recommended by another owner and the "Red contrast 38, Blue contrast 28" make for better viewing in some light conditions. For my environment the contrast and colour settings have been tailored to suit. This has given me a picture with nice depth and natural colours. I do personally prefer the standard lamp mode. I picked this projector up for UK£1200+vat and can't better the performance. I looked at a lot of DLP and CRC projectors and value for money and performance this one gets my vote. Tip don't waste money on super expensive projectors look at control integration with Crestron and Lutron systems. It makes a world of difference to the experience.

Any Problems: No 12v trigger on this projector, but not really an issue there are other work arounds.

Review by Mike

This is my second projector upgrading from a Sanyo SW15... huge improvement. I use it exclusively for DVDs on a 110 in screen HC Damat... I like the picture a little bright and prefer the marginally brighter standard lamp mode. Blacks were very good (though not great) and skintones appear natural. (HC Screen does help a lot with the blacks). No rainbows that I can see. Good projector for the money ($2300).

Any Problems: Huge Lens offset! I have a high shelf and I need to point this pj way down to get the entire picture on the screen.... I wish it had lens shift. Subtitles appear "blocky" due to WSVGA resolution. High fan noise doesn't bother me too much but the hot air sure can heat up a room.

Review by Ed

I upgraded from the Optoma H31 because of ambient light issues and am very pleased thus far. The image is fantastic – I was initially sceptical about going DLP from a LCD projector, always worrying if I would be in the minority that would be susceptible to the rainbow effect. With both the Optoma H31 and the HC900 I and so all far at least 10 of my friends haven’t experienced any rainbow effect to any degree. The HC900 is also a bargain at $2300 - it really is the best bang for your buck. Awesome piece of kit.

Any Problems: Even with the 1500 lumens during mid-day the image is a little washed – not fault of the projector. Tinting my windows has helped greatly and has proved a cheap solution. I’m experiencing some horizontal banding – I’ve had this with both the HC900 and the Optoma H31 – both DLP projectors. It’s hard to pin point the source. The LCD projector I’ve had for the last 4 years doesn’t reproduce the banding when connected to the same setup. I’ve tried using component and s-video. I’m using monster cabling all round even installed shielded cables to protect from electrical disturbances and threw in a HTS 1000 MKII PowerCenter to filter the power… all to no avail. Any suggestions?

Review by Murray

Ive now been using this projector for two months and I love it. Its my first DLP, previous projectors where the Hitachi TX100, then the Panasonic 700 but this is still much beter than the other two LCD's. Far better blacks, much more film like and never have I seen a rainbow! Projecting on a matt white 2.6mt wide screen and the results are so good, skin tones are finally REAL! For the price I think this is a great projector and really would recommend it to anyone looking for a great image.

Any Problems: Mitsubishi we love you for making such a good projector but please get with it! give us lens shift like the rest! Also reduce the noise of the fan on HIGH it really is poor compared to many other projectors. Last but not least, being a designer, I find its really important today when designing HI FI equipment to create simple, funtional and elegent design thats timeless, the HC900 is none of these. Mitsubishi really could spend an extra few $'s and pay someone who knows something about design for any future models. Even with those grumbles its still a great projector and Im off to play with it right now, AGAIN!

Review by Best Buy Cust

I have had this projector for about 1 1/2 months and it is great its in my bedroom and I use it for Xbox (component), PC (DVI), DVD (component, Cable/HDTV (component). I Love it. Its a great projo for the cash. On a side note If you have 10k then you should get something else but if not this is where its at.

Any Problems: this error is with cox HD cable box on component going into a yamaha HTR-5760 and then to the projector (component). when you switch from a hd chanal to a non HD about 1 out of alot it will corupt the picture and you just have to tell the projector to switch to another input then back or tell the cable box to go back to hd then to non and its fine it looks to be only a issue with the cox hd so i might not be the projector.

Review by Achechino

I've got the hc900 for 4 days and i can only talk about it's incredible image quality, superb contrast and great value for the money. Colors are really accurate, and i can't see any rainbows at all. Setup is easy, and image is excellent with my conexion (progressive scan in components YPbPr, harman kardon DVD25 source).

Any Problems: Fan is a little bit noisy in high lamp mode, but in eco mode you have all the brightness you ever wanted and have less noise.