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Mitsubishi HD1000U User Reviews

Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector

Mitsubishi HD1000U

HD 720 (1280x720), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $1,495 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
49 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.5
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by Brandon

I bout my unit In 07. Within a few months the color wheel started whining. REALLY LOUDLY. So loud I had to give up using It and bought a completely different projector and kept It as a spare. I had to start using It again a couple of months ago because my main unit started acting up. The hours on the bulb were approaching 3000hrs on the Mits and when It came time to re set the bulb timer the unit just shut off. Refused to power on again. EVER. I replaced the bulb several times, and still no go. It's now a 1500 dollar paper weight.

Review by Brandon

Average machine for the money I spent years ago, but the color wheel started whining VERY loudly after about 6 months. So bad that I had to scrap It and get a better quality projector. I'm having to use It right now since my other one died after 8 years of constant use. This one Is a piece of garbage. I will never buy another Misubishi projector again as long as I live.

Any Problems: The color wheel whines so lout It makes spending any time around It almost unbearable unless you're watching an extremely loud movie. I'm feeding It a pc signal via HDMI and the color and tint options are not adjustable no matter what setting I use In the menu. Totally unacceptable. This thing Is garbage.

Review by THE OBGYN 678

I bought this when it first came out some 4 years ago. I absolutely love it. I've used up 3 lamps now. I play a lot of online tourney's for online games through the 360 and pc and this has an excellent level of clarity. It's my second projector and I'd but this item again. I only payed 749.00 for it at projector people dot com but again this was a while back. Enjoy!

Any Problems: Lamps are only 2k hr lamps but that is pretty much all projectors.

Review by Bugmanpat

I got one of these units used and have had it for about 8 months now. No problems, good image, quiet to operate. Hard to find a true hi-def projector (1280x720 native resolution) with an HDMI input that a real person can actually afford and this is one. I've owned several projectors (all of them LCD before) and this is the best.

Any Problems: They engineered this projector so that the image would appear above the project when sitting on a table - all projectors do that but on this model it is extreme. That makes it a little hard to position when using a ceiling mount unless you have a very high ceiling. I have mine angled and it works fine, but it is a little odd.

Review by jayo

this is my second mitsubishi projector and i would have to say it is great.i have it ceiling mounted.the picture quality is great,the sharpness of the image is just getting an 80inch image and it just looks amazing.the fan is very quiet on the projector in low mode(25db),when watching a film even with the volume down low you can bearley hear it.i would have to say that if you switch the lamp to high the fan noise gets a good bit louder and this setting could anoy some people,that said i have it on low because the picture difference between the two was minimal,so use it on low and you will get longer out of the bulb as well.the remote is nice as it has a backlit display witch is very useful as your cinema room will be dark,so nice to have incase you want to make any adjustments to the picture while watching a film.all in all if i could rate this projector i would give it a rating of 9 out of 10.on a different note i bought this projector for 460euro online so for value for money i cant complain,its worth checking around for the best prices before making any purchase as there are some bargains to be had out that 1080p projectors are coming down in price this just drops the cost of the 720p projectors to silly money .unless you have thousands to spend then on 1080p then 720p is the way to go(in another year or two 1080p will be the smae price as 720p today so wait and get you 1080p bargain then).

Any Problems: none yet

Review by Ernest Serano

This projector is relatively quiet. I have only used it with an up scaling HD DVD player without true HD and a HDMI cable but get a really good picture. I set it up one night in my driveway and cast the picture onto a inflatable screen (better to get a folding frame screen instead, which I now have since they are more stable and height adjustable). There was some ambient light from a street pole but the picture was great considering that. I plan to use it for mobile productions so I bought an aluminum tool briefcase (Home Depot) and lined it with a piece of foam (WalMart)for about $40 and saved the price of a formal case (expensive).

Any Problems: The only thing that bugs me is that when it is on and I try to move it to adjust the level of it, it is very sensitive and will turn off, which I think is a safety feature, a little quirk if you plan on using it for mobile use.

Review by Moe

Wonderful projector, very satisfied, excellent quality, easy to use, priced very well for what you receive. Using it in my home theater, I have received many compliments, everyone thinks its wonderful.

Any Problems: none

Review by chris

Great projector when there are no problems. However this projector is a dust generator.. read below.

Any Problems: - VGA input is bad. For movies/games it is ok, but try to use with desktop PC and one will immediately notice "vertical banding". HDMI input is fine. - Visible rainbows. Much more frequent than on my H30 projector. - Gets noisier when ceiling mounted - DUST! After just 4months of use about 8 dust blobs appeared out of nowhere. They are visible as bright white dots on screen and go in/out focus when moving the focus ring. I have already returned the projector once and the repair center failed to fix/clean this. My old Optoma H30 had a dust blob once in a while, but it would disappear as fast as it had come. NOT the case with this projector. You would think it has some dust filter... doesn't look like it. And i really didn't use this in a dusty room or something. Before the dust issue i was really digging this projector, (apart from the bad vga input) but this is different now. The projector has been gone for 1month for 'repair' and is probably going back again.....

Review by Dave Law

This pj Rocks! ive had it now for about a week and let me tell you something you need to ceiling mount this, dont skimp and put it on some shelf, you'll have mondo keystone issues if you do! b4 this i had a benq pb6210 and it was supposed to be 2000 lumens in "bright" mode and like 1400 or something in low mode, well the hd1000 is a light cannon! at the low lamp mode you can def see that they underrate the mits because i have no trouble throwing it onto a 136 inch screen, well er a wall. this thing is def worth the purchase! get one before theyre gone forever!

Any Problems: none really, the remote is kinda dim but thats it

Review by big screen lover

I am projecting on 92" fixed screen. The projector is used as daily watcher. Now have 1600 hours on the factory bulb. Picture quality is still great. Never knew TV could look so good at 92 inches.

Any Problems: No problems to date. 7 months and 1600 hours on it.

Review by Al

I bought my projector for 800 dollars online. For a 720P DLP projector, you can't beat that. My previous expierence with a Hitachi PJX -100 720P LCD was mostly positive, the image was sharp and had a good quality picture, however the LCD panel on two diffrent Hitachi models was less then satisfactory. Both LCD panels had to be replaced with fewer then 2000 hours of viewing. Instead i bought the Mitsubishi HD1000U with the hope that the DLP technology would endure more use then the LCD, which tended to "burn out" more quickly on my two previous Hitachis. So far the Mitsubishi HD1000U has had an average picture when combined with my Halos DVD Player that upconverts standard DVDs to 1080I and the brightness has also been average, less bright however then the Hitachi PJX-100. The placing of the projector has been problamatic because it requires a ceiling mount or inconvinetly on a coffee table because of its inability to adjust the picture to an eye-level setting, when placed behind on a stand, etc. behind you. Either way, i could spend more money on buying a projector mount and having it installed for me or spend a bit more on a SANYO PLV-5 and getting a better picture with a higher contrast and overall better qualities.

Any Problems: so far only placement of the projector

Review by mitechman

I upgraded from my Infocus Screenplay 4805. This projector is much brighter- even in low power mode and the fan is somewhat quiet. I am using a Toshiba HD DVD which upscales regular Dvds. With the increased resolution I don't notice the screen door effect at all. The contrast seems much better also- I haven't adjusted the setting yet as its pretty good out of the box. I also notice much less rainbow effect. HD material looks great and even standard DVDs look clean. This projector was the perfect upgrade and for a great price. Its also very fast at switching between different resolutions as the 4805 would take a few seconds to do this.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by Urs

Great projector! I had a PT-AX100 before but the pani had some severe problems with quality (color change over time, brightness pumping, shifted optics) and reliability. I sold it and went for the mitsu HD1000. The picture of the HD1000 outperforms the picture of the AX100 in almost every term. Only the rainbow effect might be a problem if you are sensitive to it. I'm very happy with the projector and can fully recommend it!

Any Problems: Not so far....

Review by mindwip

After much debate between HD70 and HD1000U, I bought this projector. WOW could not be any happier. Image quality is great, colors and tints are good out of the box. And this projector is bright, i can run it during the day, with my drape over my window, and not lose much image quality on low mode on movie mode(which is even dimmer). With shade drawn its better then any movie theater. I can have on lights and still find the image more then great. I am sitting right next to my projector and the noise it makes can not be heard over the DVDs voices. My halogen light makes more noise. My screen is about 76inchs wide not diagonal, placed on a coffee table 13ish feet away. Using HDMI to DVI cable from my computer. Dvds look out of this world. I don't have a HD-player but because my projector is hooked up to my computer i have been downloading HD trailers of movies. And OMG the quality is amazing. Blows you away. Well worth the money. I am using a white Marine Vinyl/ Theater Black Out Cloth that i bought at a fabric store for 20 bucks. Its hanging from my wall. Its cheap and works great.

Any Problems: Nope, not really. The power cord is too short, need to buy a longer one. Other then that none.

Review by fieldswith

This is the projector I was looking for 3 years ago. However I settled for the NEC LT240K because a 16:9 native projector at that time was over $3000. I put 5000 hours on my NEC with no problems. The HD1000U has a brighter picture and more definition even rated at 500 less lumen. The colors are also more accurate. I do miss he NEC's multiple adjustment combinations. I prefer the picture on the HD1000U. I just hope this machine is as troble free as the NEC.

Any Problems: A blanking feature to get rid of the bright gray bars to the sides while watch a 4:3 program would be nice.

Review by Iknewit

As a complete novice in home theater projectors. I spents several days researching reviews and made the decision to purchace based on those reviews. I agree. I was blown away. Thankyou. An off button would be nice.

Any Problems: None

Review by Bob Reichel

This is not the beast projector out there as far the contrast goes, but a very big bang for the bucks. Image is clean and sharp. I payed 900.00 for it and with no regrets. If you can’t afford 1600.00 or more trust me your not going to go wrong with this one.

Any Problems: No probs so far I mean none.

Review by Dave C

This projector is superb value at a street price of well under $1,000 ... I bought it as a low cost alternative to a flatscreen TV, with a bonus of a much larger picture. I ended up spending about $1,200 including a ceiling mount and a replacement bulb contract. It offers a much better selection of inputs and picture configurability than anything else remotely in its price range, and a decent power output (see below). One of my big concerns in going with a projector was brightness, and I'm very pleased with the output on this one ... I run about a 105" picture size on an off-white wall (have not yet invested in a screen) and it's very viewable even with a bit of ambient light. It has a fairly fast colour wheel, and so DLP rainbow fringing effects are considerably reduced. I had vacillated about getting an LCD one instead but I'm glad I went with this one. As with any projector, colour saturation is not as rich as a CRT or plasma TV, and it's necessary to spend a bit of time configuring the picture settings. Fortunately, it offers a large number of settings memories (3 per input) as well as preconfigured gamma modes. It is 100% necessary to ceiling mount this model in order to end up with a decently located picture; I had second thoughts about this but in the end it only took a couple of hours to mount it and run cables. One hidden extra cost from ceiling mounting is the long cable runs - I had to hunt around to find a 15m HDMI cable for a sane price. I had also wondered about getting widescreen since most of the content around is still 4:3, but again it was the right choice ... you rapidly get used to viewing 4:3 TV pictures stretched to widescreen, and it can show them in native 4:3 if you really want.

Any Problems: The only minor feature annoyance with this projector is that the "Zoom1" mode (which is supposed to exactly un-letterbox a 16:9 image in a 4:3 signal) is a bit misdesigned and reduces the image size rather than using the whole picture area.

Review by Dreamstate

Had the projecter for about 3 months and have racked up about 800 hours. As expected, the bulb dimmed drasticaly at about 300 hours. The brightness is comparable with my BenQ PB6200 that it replaced. The picture is light years better. Although for me 1500 lumens on the Mits is not quite enough. I'd probably be happy with 2000. My picture isn't large either at 6ft wide, throw 11ft. I have to set the Mits at Sports or high brightness to see a decently lit image.

Review by JinOH

I have to agree with others. This is a very nice projector for the money and class of projectors it is in. I too upgraded from a Infocus Screenplay 4805. This makes the PS3 and Blu-Ray look amazing. Worth the grand I paid for it back in Feb. '07. Now for the bad news...

Any Problems: ... with a little over 2 months (74 hours on bulb) use, the unit shut off and won't restart. Did all the troubleshooting, and with no luck, had to call tech support. Very pleasing group of people to deal with, for tech support anyways. They had no luck getting it going again either. So, $32 to ship it back. And over a week and it seems that it works for them in the repair facility. They will replace the bulb and said it can be common for it to go out at this point. So I hope to get it back in a week and hopefully will never be an issue again. Just a warning to others with their units. Tech specialist I spoke with, claims 500 - 700 hours is average life and the claim of 2000 - 3000 is extreme luck. I just worry that 74 hours on the OEM bulb and my unit won't start up. How long will I get on the new bulb? My old Infocus was at 640+ hours and still working when this unit took over. I know bulbs are the issue with projectors, but 74 hours is concerning.