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Mitsubishi XD450U ColorView User Reviews

Mitsubishi XD450U ColorView Projector

Mitsubishi XD450U ColorView

XGA (1024x768), 2600 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $5,495 (MSRP)
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4.9 out of 5
23 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.9
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by Sonny J

High I am a tech freak as Hobie this thing is great the dmd shift is wonderful so if my image isn't straight the shift moves the screen into different places there is something great that isn't listed in the specs of this projector and that is this unit is a 1080P unit just pop on the dvi to HDMI adapter and it goes to 1080P great color image and functions

Any Problems: no

Review by David

I've had this for over 2 years now and not 1 single problem! The image still is great and the reliability has been flawless. I only use for movies and HD football and on our 120 inch screen it has been great. I mounted it upside down on my ceiling and am using it that way.

Any Problems: none yet..

Review by lookelsewhere

Beauty of the picture is overshadowed by the lamp life and the chance you may pay $400 plus for a replacement that is worse than the original with a shorter life. Lamp is eternally on backorder due to the problems.

Any Problems: All the good is overshadowed by the poor lamp quality. At $400 plus for a new lamp there should be no defects.

Review by kalpesh dave

I just baught XD480u. It has DVI input and 3000 lumans. Excellent product and I enjoy games in HD after connecting HD tuner. It is a really nice product in good price range below 2500$. I run it under bulb eco mode of 2300 lumans and still it is excellent image on my home made screen 12 ft wide by 8.5 ft high

Any Problems: none.

Review by Lou

This is my first projector and I couldn't be more pleased with its performance. I have had it for approximately 6 months. I'm projecting a 84 inch 4/3 image with a seating distance of 13 feet onto a DIY high contrast screen. The results are breathtaking. HD is overwhelmingly life like, DVD's are like the theatre and VHS tapes are more than watchable. And although it is ceiling mounted in a dedicated HT I have packed it up and use it for mobile presentations. Light and easy. The test of a good decision is after time would you repeat it. Without hesitation. Excellent projector.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by Antwort

Overall a good product, and much better than our ancient NEC. Works well in a well lit room. Good range of input options.

Any Problems: The only two complaints I would have are: 1) The marketing is deceptive as the bulb life quoted is not for the lumens quoted. 2) I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to get a true yellow when connected to a computer. This comes out as a muddy colour. Bright blue also comes out as dark blue.

Review by Beau

I paid just a hair over $2000 for my 450U to replace my 60" hitachi big screen and I couldn't be happier. Right now I'm shooting around 120" on a flat white painted wall. (I'm getting ready to move and am not bothering setting up the screen until after the move.) The downsides are what you'd have with any projector: you have to control the room lighting (the picture still can get really washed out with ambient lighting even with 2500 lumens though not *nearly* as badly as with most projectors I've tested), the usual 30 second or so warmup time, bulb replacement (though 5000 hours is certainly nothing to complain about) and so on. As for picture quality: once it's focused, the image is razor sharp (I love that I'm not always fiddling with the convergence like I was on my old big screen,) screendoor is really minimal compared to most projectors I've seen and only noticable if you get really close. It's like having a giant plasma screen on my living room wall. And that's just shooting on a flat white painted wall! (I can't wait to see it once I get the DaLite High Contrast screen.) The rainbow effects are fairly apparent but I knew about them from reading reviews and was actively looking for them. If i wasn't informed, I honestly don't think I would have noticed them. I find that they're most apparent if I dart around with my eyes or have enough bass going to rattle my furniture and the pictures on my walls (I'm running a pair of Velodyne 1500R's.) I've tried out several of the higher end "theatre" projectors and yes, the saturation *is* quite a bit better on the LCD models and the picture a bit sharper on higher resolution units. To be honest, if I was looking for a dedicated home theatre unit, I would have gotten the Sony VPL-HS51 hands down. But if you want to have a good picture quality with a relatively high amount of room lighting for sporting events, video games and general day to day use, I can't imagine a much better projector (I tried the Sony with that and you could barely see the image with the lights on.) If they can figure out how to combine the sealed 5000 hour lamp and 2500 lumen output of this unit and the awesome color saturation of the LCDs like on the sony, I'll gladly trade up. Until then, I'm happy as a clam with this unit. I recently had a drive in movie party at a friend's house and we shot "the incredibles" on his garage door and the 16:9 image measured a touch under 25 feet and was still bright and sharp (once the sun went down of course.) Side notes on previous complaints: I seem to remember a note that the remote lacked a 16:9 button; apparently there's a new version of the remote with this feature added. And as far as S-video providing a crappy picture, try upgrading your cables. I'm using a 50' Monster SV1000 (it was around $200 but made a huuuge improvement over the crappy $30 50 ebay svideo cable I was using before.) The picture looks every bit as good with the S-Video on the projector as it did on my 60" and a much shorter run. There still is no comparison to a DVI signal or Component signal, but if you don't have a choice. . .

Any Problems: It would be nice if it had component inputs, but VGA to component adapters are cheap enough. Lens shift, a few additional programmable buttons on the remote and a 2x or greater zoom would also be nice. But that's just nitpicky and not really a complaint.

Review by sandman

I have had two of these guys ( a 450u and a 400u) for about 4 months now. One for the bedroom and one for the living room, both rooms have a large amount of abient light. I project onto a 103' Goo systems CRT white screen painted on the wall for the 450 and a 85' for the 400u. I have completley replaced my TV set with these two projector installations. I have to make some compromises in terms of room lighting when watching in the day time (drawing the shades closed) but otherwise I dont miss my TV's. The color saturation is great and setting the projector to RGB mode gets calibrates the colors to almost perfect NTSC standards. The projecter is a bit softer on HDTV then my last one but still renders really impressive high definition video on a really big screen. DVD's look great and standard def... well it looks like crap but only because its being compared to HDTV and DVDs.

Any Problems: My only gripe is that the color calibration controls dont do anything. Increasing any of the setting options to the max and min yeilded such minor results that it was like not doing anything at all. you basicly have two settings the sRGB calibration option which does a really good job of auto tuning the colors and CineRich which basicly is your brightness control. Otherwise you have very little tuning abilities with this projector.

Review by sam281

This is my 4th projector and second DLP one. I have brought this based on the great reviews here. I would confirm all the good sayings about the projector.

Any Problems: No proprolems, but questions. How do we check the lamp usage? It is not mentioned anywhere in the manual except for reset it.

Review by Andy

We couldn't believe our eyes after the carefull instalation had finished. AMAZING and mothing like this experience. I have an 84 inch Da Lite Cinema Contour with HCCV screen, a Denon 2910 dvd player, a HD dish reciever and hq dvdi cables from ram-electronics. The results will blow your mind. Some pepole think that this is a giant plasma tv, pepole that own plasma tv's can't believe their eyes also. They can't believe that I have this big bright and beatiful picture for only three grand (projector & screen). The projector plays in economode and there is always light present in the room. Nobody so far noticed any rainbow effects. I am really happy I read the reviews for the xd450u before buing, they were to the point and helped me choose the best. This is an excellent projector.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by Mike

Have a 8-foot wide wallboard screen using digital gray paint from goo-systems. The XD450U is my first projector - have owned it for two months - use it exclusively for home theatre use. I initially used a laptop with a VGA output as a DVD player. With VGA input, the projector produced an oustanding picture, but some DVDs - particularly old ones - produced sparkles or dithering in some of the lighter screen images (sky shots). Then I subscribed to HDTV cable and was stunned how good an HD picture is using a DVI connection - the sparkles are gone and I really don't know how you can possbibly get a better picture. Finally got a D2 DVD player this week with DVI and the picture was the same as HDTV - magnificent. When family and friends come over, I usually put on an HDTV program to see their reaction and its always the same. Their first comment is they didn't know projector pictures could look that good as they sit there transfixed looking at the screen. The picture really is that good - it's like looking at a commercial theatre screen only its better as the picture is bright enough to use in a moderately lit room. I can't speak for the competition, but this projector can't be beat.

Any Problems: None, except I'm spending way too much time watching movies.

Review by Bushpilot

I searched long and hard for a projector that I could afford and that offered features for a variety of purposes. We use it for educational interactive programs require high def, bright screen, and a variety of video input. This projector is a little more expensive than many that the average Power Point user might need, but its simply worth every penny. We also use it for showing DVD movies and it is exceptional. Below are the real strong points. So far I cant find any bad points. First, it has unbelievable resolution for a machine of this price. Something like 2200:1. When you watch high quality DVD movies through this projector its like sitting in the theater, really! We use a high end video card with 256K on board and a high end SoundBlaster audio card with surround sound, so that helps Even using the VGA port you see every pore in a face and every detail in the set. Even the finest small print is clear when we are projecting onto a 10' wide screen. DVI is even better but we have the projector hanging from the ceiling some distance from the computer so had to use a long VGA cable. (Install the projector upside down and invert/reverse the image) The various input and output plugs are great! You can attach 2 computers, a VCR and a DVD player all at the same time and shift between them with the remote. Attach your computer to the projector with the USB port and the remote also functions as your mouse. For input it has the previously mentioned VGA and DVI, but it also has RCA video and Audio input and one S-video port. There is one VGA "out" port so you can connect a monitor through the projector but it only works with VGA input. In addition there are mini-jack audio output and RCA output ports, and the USB port mentioned. We find that having horizontal as well as vertical keystone is invaluable and there are loads on menu options to adjust the angle of projection, color, and about anything else you can want. Not all menu items work in all modes however. We can view both wide screen format and Television format, and can expand the screen for detailed view of any portion of a picture. Even has picture in picture feature if you need it…. More likely I should say, “If you want it.” Mostly its distracting. The screen is bright and clear even in broad daylight conditions with the windows uncovered and sunlight streaming in through picture windows. The fan is very quiet. When I started it up I thought it was broken. Had to put my ear right down beside it to hear it was in operation. If you think about it, during a presentation or a movie, you can hear it, but you would not notice otherwise. In the lower light mode you can hardly hear it at all. We use the machine exclusively in the low power mode because we simply do not need the full capability of 2500 lumens. The projector is excellent. Spend the few extra dollars and buy this one. Loaded with features, loaded with ports, solid construction. Every pix works in the screen. Blacks are really black, whites are white, no rainbow, no lines and colors are bright and crisp. If you hang it from the ceiling you will need the commercial ceiling mount because the projector needs to hang upside down so that the projection angle is down. Otherwise it has to sit at a severe angle to get it on the screen. The top of he projector is curved so it can not lay on the top and that would block the cooling ports. When upside down all the control buttons are available to you however its just too easy to use the remote so why bother reaching up to it? We also used the Radio Shack remote video transmitter in the RCA ports for VCR and DVD player so we dont need additional cables. Works fine but resolution suffers in RCA mode. Still better than traditional TV. In DVI and VGA mode its far better than any large format wide screen TV I have seen. No blurring and clear from all angles. Its my guess that if you purchase this unit you will not be disappointed in any way unless you need wireless or are projecting extremely long distance in very bright environments.

Any Problems: No problems. Found one error in the documentation that stated a menu item was available for when using DVI when actually it only worked with USB cables. Other than that I am pleased beyond my wildest dreams.

Review by Bruce Dillingham

Very satisfied with this projector. After reading reviews on various projectors and trying some, I selected this one. It works extreamly well in bright rooms. the picture is sharp. I have it hooked up to regular cable TV, HD receiver with indoor antenna, DVD with progressive scan and my computer. I use it as a portable, setting it up when we want to use it with a 80" screen. I can also use it for business presentations.

Review by smashedeadkitty

this is an awesome machine. the picture is great! you can watch with quite a bit of light in the room which is a blessing in many ways. HD looks amazing...regular tv looks like regular tv. so glad i got it.

Review by Jeff

I've had this projector up and running for the past month, and I love it! The picture quality is superb and the brightness is amazing. I have the projector ceiling-mounted in a large living room that has a ton of ambient light. My kids have no problem watching their shows during the day, even with the daylight. And that is with the projector in low power mode. Using the component inputs, a DVD source, and projecting onto a 100" diag screen, the image is better than I ever imagined it could be for a projector in this price range. And with HD material coming in from a DirecTV sat. receiver, the image is even better. I have no issues with motion artifacts or sparkles, even with the slow 2x color wheel. Color saturation could be a bit better, but it is certainly good enough for me. Noise level with low power mode is barely noticable, and I sit right under the projector. It is really quiet. In standard power mode, the noise level is significantly louder and somewhat objectionable. Overall, a great projector for my needs: TV for family with kids, home theater projector, and big computer screen for laptops and video games.

Any Problems: none.

Review by Nate

Very Incredible picture, colors are bright and clear. FYI: 98% of DVD's made today are not even in high defination (1080i), they are standard 480i, still very clear. HD-DVDs are coming out late 2005. I put in a xbox Game with 720p res. and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Looked like a gigantic Flat Plasma screen. Crystal Clear. A+ for Mistubishi with this one

Any Problems: none

Review by Alex

I am settling with this then optoma 739 or HC900u. The decision is to make everything works. Mitsubishi did a great job making this business model closer to home-theater performance. So as a general purpose PJ, XD450U is the only choice. I was going with XD400U. However, 720P or 1080i mode needs DVI. XD400U only do 480P. The work around is to use Computer as your entertaiment center. That makes everything at 768x1024. The computer is actually a very good scaler to play VCD and DVD on projectors.

Review by Woil

Wow! The other reviews of this projector aren't kidding! I picked this one up for ~$2600. The picture is so bright and clear even during normal indoor lighting conditions. I'm using it to watch movies, play gamecube, and use a laptop with it as well. For all of these things it looks so very pretty. The menu system is easy to use, the remote is well designed. Other projectors I've seen before appear flimsy and brittle - I don't fear that sneezing on this one will break it. The refresh rate and colors are all beatiful - I don't see any of the rainbow affect talked about by other people on other projectors, but perhaps I'm not in that 1% that don't see it.

Any Problems: The econo-mode only cuts the lumins by a couple hundred (Guessing) which can still be a little too bright if your room is fully dark. I recommend running some soft lights in the background or you'll develop a headache. There really insn't a need to run it in anything other than econo-mode as the brightness level differences are minimal and econo mode lasts 5000 hours!!

Review by Satisfied Costumer from Hungary

6 times Excellent! I have very light room. I watch the tv and play computer games with my children on the projector also,not only dvd films. Therefore the bigger brightness and 4:3 format were so important like the high contrast and picture quality. In economy mode a lamp life time is 5000 hours, the contrast is 2200:1, the brightness 2600 ANSI lumen so I'm very satisfied.

Any Problems: I didn't recognized yet.

Review by Babaleaux

I installed two Mitsubishi XD450U projectors in my sports bar as HDTV's specifically for the DirecTV NFL football package. The screen sizes are 133" diagonal for both units and the picture has fantastic detail and sharpness. They are viewer magnets at gametime! I settled on these units after many hours of research and am not dissapointed. I am considering buying two more projectors for my bar and will definitely get the XD450U.

Any Problems: NONE