Mitsubishi XL5900U for Brown Laser Eye Care's Dynamic Electronic Signage at Independence Mall

Brown Laser Eye Care, a division of Surgical Eye Care, PA, was founded in 1997 by Dr. Alan Brown in Wilmington NC. Surgery to correct vision is a tremendous growth area, and Dr. Brown wanted to reach a large audience with information on this procedure and his practice. Independence Mall in Wilmington is a large, upscale mall, and is the perfect place to reach a wide cross-section of prospective clients. Brown Surgical had the high-quality signage content- a fast-paced, informative and interesting video ready to go.

The Challenge:

What to add in a mall setting that will stand out? With all the competing audio vying for audience attention, how could the display's audio cut through and make and impact without "trespassing" on the other vendor's music? What type of display would be so different and new that it would draw potential customers away from all the other distractions in a mall? Our client needed to engage and interest people in the highest foot-traffic area possible, without disrupting other mall vendors. The approach to the food court was the perfect spot, but the low ceilings, while ensuring eye-level prominence, could pose a threat to the safety of the expensive technology.

The Solution:

MMS solved the challenge with an AIRSHO® HoloProScreen Transparent Rear Projection Screen and Brown Innovation's dome speakers. The HoloProScreen grabs the customers attention; most people have never seen a transparent screen except in movies! The screen is hung on a cable system in mid-air, and the projector placement is practically invisible- the color of the projector blends into the ceiling, but is easily accessible for bulb change, and built for the heavy-duty cycle- up 12 or 15 hours of continuous projection daily without overheating. One of the technical aspects of the HoloProScreen is that it allows a projector to shoot from a comparatively steep angle, so the projector was well out of danger!

The problem with having too much sound for the other vendors in the mall? The dome speakers localize the sound into the traffic's path, focusing the sound on the viewer so that they receive the audio loud and clear without intruding on the neighbors space. The "cone" of sound has about a 10' diameter, outside of that the soundtrack is inaudible. The system features "Smart Volume"- it increases and decreases automatically in response to the ambient sound in the environment so it is always the perfect volume.

Combine this with MMS's digital signage server and professional installation, and you have an impressive and attractive display sure to wow-em!

The System Includes:

4x3 HoloProScreen
Mitsubishi XL5900U XGA 3900 lumen projector
Brown Innovations Direction Speaker System
Signage Server

The screen really stands out and demands attention as you approach.

The sound dome "focuses" sound where you want.

Courtesy of Multi-Media Solutions, Inc.

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