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Mitsubishi WD720U
Conference Room Projector

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Mitsubishi WD720U Projector Mitsubishi WD720U
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3000:1 Contrast Ratio
4300 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
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Key Features

Presets.The WD720U's three preset modes (Presentation, Standard, and Theater) are spot on and require almost no adjustment. In particular, the flesh tones in Theater mode are some of the best renderings we have seen on such a bright projector. There are also two settings for projecting on whiteboards and blackboards that compensate for the background color. If you feel the need to make adjustments, there is a User mode which captures your settings for future sessions.

USB Type-B Universal Connection.If you do not like the bulk of a VGA cable strung between your computer and the WD720U, just replace it with a USB Type-B cable. This connection is valid for a PC running Microsoft XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and no software driver is needed for operation.

Connectivity.Soup to nuts . . . that is the best description of the rear panel of the WD720U. In addition to dual VGA computer/component video connections, there are connections for composite video, S-video, three input and one output audio signals, two USB versions (Type-A and -B), HDMI, RS-232, RJ-45, and a monitor loop through.

Picture Controls. If you like to tinker with brightness, contrast, color temperature, gamma, saturation, hue, and even the individual levels for each color segment, you will be thrilled with the WD720U complement of picture controls. Actually, the video performance is good enough out of the box that picture adjustments are an option, not a necessity, but the flexibility is there if you need it.

Dual Audio Mixer. A unique feature of the WD720U is its ability to mix two audio input channels. For example, if a presenter wants to do a commentary via microphone during a presentation that already has an audio track, a simple menu selection overlays the presentation audio with the presenter's comments. This feature is not available for HDMI content.

Network Connectivity The WD720U is chock full of networking options. You can plug in an Ethernet cable for a direct LAN connection, or you can use Mitsubishi's optional wireless LAN adapter which plugs into the USB Type-A port. There is also a serial port, and the WD720U is fully compatible with AMX Device Directory, Crestron RoomView, and its own ProjectorView Global+ network protocols.

Computer-free Presentations.Put your JPEG photos and converted PowerPoint files (conversion utility provided) on a USB Type-A flash drive, and you are ready for computer-free presentations. Of course, a ceiling-mounted WD720U cannot take advantage of this feature, but if it is cart- or table-mounted, this option can relieve the inconvenience of lugging laptops and cables to your meeting.

Warranty Mitsubishi offers a three-year warranty on the WD720U and a generous one-year or 500 hours warranty on the lamp. Replacement lamps are warranted for 90 days. Mitsubishi also offers their Express Replacement Assistance program which provides a next-business-day replacement for a projector that fails during its warranty period.

Monitor Loop Through.Some projectors offer monitor loop through by disabling one of their VGA connectors, but the WD720U keeps both VGA inputs active while providing a monitor feed from a separate output connector.

3-D Ready. The WD720U is 3D ready for field-sequential format and requires the use of DLP Link active 3D glasses.

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