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NEC HT510 User Reviews

NEC HT510 Projector


WSVGA (1024x576), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
6.6 lbs, $995 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.5
Features 4.3
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Optoma ZH403
1080P Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by nsnqst

I had a InFocus 4805 but returned it because it developed a dust blob after just 65+ hours. The NEC HT510 was at a great price and I picked it up. Don't be fooled by the negative reports about it's lower contrast; it produces a picture as good as the 4805 if not better but at a higher resolution than the 4805. I am glad I purchased the HT510. The only negative, if one has to find it, is that it does not have a digital input but for the price, this is not a great deal; I would be going for a 720p or better projector in a few years. The image quality on the HT510 from DVDs is great, HDTV is even better at 720p 0r 1080i. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Go get one before they disappear!

Any Problems: None

4K Home Theater Projector
Review by Brad

I have experience with a number of different sub $2000 projectors. This one was average. About the same as an infocus X1 overall. Color isn't as good as the sanyo plv-z3. But it does detect computer resolution better than most, the remote has a lot of useful features on it that save menu time. But overall the projector is not at the same quality as most DLP's. A high quality LCD might look as good. Yellows and greens are not accurate, skin tones are ok, black values are not very detailed as with the sanyo. I am probably going to return this one. I need better image quality..this one is ho-hum.

Any Problems: There is no power saver mode on this.

Review by Mr HDTV

Beautiful, engaging picture. The HT510 is intended for coffee table use as is evident in the setup menu where you can choose the wall color that you are projecting against and the HT510 will compensate for your wall color. (i.e. lt pink, lt blue, beige, etc) On a matte screen it throws a very clear, satisfying, but slightly inaccurrate image. MOST colors are spot on, beautiful. The 5 segment color wheel draws yellow a bit toward mustard and some greens are a bit yellow. Example: during the Superbowl the Eagles helmets looked great, but the jerseys and field were just a tad to yellow. The Patriots uniforms were beautiful, silver was perfect, (many times hard for DLP to reproduce accurrately), reds great. Excellent shadow detail although blacks weren't as black as a 6 segment DLP. If WAF affects you, (Wife acceptance factor) this is a great PJ, easy to set up, vertical lens shift, just pull it out of the closet, set on coffee table and you have a home cinema. Good deinterlacing, 3000 hr bulb in eco mode. If it's your first PJ, or upgrading from X-1 you'll be thrilled.

Any Problems: Like most projectors the first 40 hours or so you get a burning smell from the lamp breaking in, but it goes away. Other than the slightly inaccurrate yellows and lt greens there is one glaring omission, no DVI input. Kmart can sell a 30' CRT HDTV monitor with DVI for $499 but it's not on this NEC. Upconverting DVD players, and upcoming HD-DVD players will only output HD resolutions via DVI. I wouldn't be as worried about the OTA DVI, if the copy nazi's (MPAA) force providers to downrez component, in violation of the 1983 fair use decision by the supreme court, I suspect there will be commercials all over TV by lawyers wanting to gain class action status for rendering sooooo mony HD monitors crippled that I wouldn't worry about broadcast HD. All in all an excellent product.

Review by mdbasile

Easy to set up - great picture - fantastic throw. The resolution is excellent and I have not expereinced any RBE. A very nice porjector!!

Any Problems: None so far

Review by Mario

Got a HT-510 after a lot of reading on the internet but this is my first PJ. I'm very happy with my decision even if I can't really compare it with others. I see absolutely no rainbows and 3 other friends have watched a movie with me and nobody saw any. So rainbows is not a problem for me. The feature I appreciate most on this projector is the short throw distance and the lens shift, very useful for my room. The image is very nice, I like the colors and the overall features of this projector. For me it was a good buy.

Any Problems: Nothing so far but I have it for only a weekend. The contrast in the black could be a little better but my setup may not be ideal since I am projecting on a regular painted white wall.

Review by Brad

Good detail, good color and blacks, sufficient brightness for home theatre and will withstand a little ambient lighting, all very good, HOWEVER!!!!!

Any Problems: I encountered a real problem with heavy rainbow on any fast action type scene which involved camera movement and high contrast scenes. Rainbow became enough of a problem to cause significant headache and I don't get headaches. Had to return projector which was a shame cause I had waited for a very long time to get this unit. Really evident in Perl Harbour in the hospital scenes after the bombing during the panic treatment of the wounded.