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NEC LT10 User Reviews

NEC LT10 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
2.1 lbs, $1,995 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.4
Features 3.6
Construction 4.2
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.4
Casio XJ-F210WN
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by stealth

I use this for work (its assigned to me for doing presentations, but its in my home theater on evenings and weekends!). Been using it for business for about a year, and home theater for about 3-4 months. Out of the box, the calibration isnt bad but could be improved. The form factor is the true selling point of this device....when I take it on business calls, customers are astonished by its size. db ratings are low, but I still think it could be quieter for HT use. Picture quality isnt bad, but IMO, could be somewhat sharper (I'm using component hookups, and at times there is some pixelation). Power focus on the remote would be handy also. Other than that very happy with it, no bulb or reliability issues encountered. Noone in my house has seen or at least commented on any rainbow artifacts, so I cant say theres a problem with that from my experience. Overall a nice, dual purpose unit thats extremely portable.

Any Problems: None so far, menus maybe a little awkward to use without the remote.

Review by moom

It's a amazing little thing. Good contrast, colors, VIP-lamp and HDTV cabable. Unbeliviebel picture quality, much better than most bigger sized projectors.

Any Problems: none so far, this is pure joy.

Review by Benny

Wonderful projector, totally underrated. For homecinema just darken the white segment of the color-wheel with heat resistibel color, and you get a perfect, comact and cheap homecinema unit!

Any Problems: No probs at all, even the noise level is low!

Review by Cpotoso

A very very compact (it is tiny!) and very very light (under 1 kg) XGA projector. Excellent image and clarity, good color for both presentations and movies. Brightness is OK too (more than sufficient for HT, adequate for presentations). The unit I bought was refurbished (and under $1k) and I am very happy with it...

Any Problems: If the "rainbows" bother you (they bother me only slightly) then beware: I could see them on fast movig scenes. To me they were mostly an annoyance, but I only noticed them when the movie wasn't so interesting...

Review by wam

darken the white segment of the colorwheel, and You get a extraordinary fine picture out of this tiny beamer. After 5 other beamer experiences I know, this cute thing rules and is one of my favorits.

Review by lightpro

This beamer is extraordinary small and light, good for presentations and also useable in a homecinema. Better videoquality than most other devices in this price-range.

Any Problems: No DVI, hot and a bit loud( expected in this pricerange and size), but NO dealkiller.

Review by Tom

I bought this projector because it's light and because of several posiitive reviews I had read. It works well with my wife's IBM notebook, but doesn't set up properly with my G4 15" Powerbook running the latest OSX. Image is set to wrong resolution and brightness is too low. These things can be adjusted using the remote, but only temporarily and it takes some manipulation, and too much time. I also miss a USB port. Saddest part is that NEC service didn't really seem to care. Macs just aren't a big enough part of their market. Other manufacturers do care. My Powerbook works great with the Canon, Epson, and Boxlight projectors I've tried.

Review by gary boates

I really like this projector compared to the other NEC ultra-portable the 170. Yes, small projectors have less mass to disperse the heat - so be careful!!

Any Problems: None.

Review by BG

In contrast to the review from LW, my experience with the NEC LT10 is very good. Including carrying case, cables and projector the LT10 is the most compact mobile projector available. The image quality is exceptional for a projector that is smaller than my organizer. One of the main reasons I purchased an NEC projector is that they have a great reputation for reliablility and an overnight exchange program if something does go wrong. As far as comparing an X1 to an NEC LT10, LW is confused - these are totally different classes of projectors. The LT10 is XGA native resolution and weighs 2 pounds - the X1 is only SVGA and weighs over six pounds. If your buying an SVGA desktop projector go with the NEC VT465.

Any Problems: Brightness is only 1100 ANSI. You compromise brightness for weight. If you need a brighter XGA projector buy a VT660K or LT240K.

Review by Larry Willmott

Complete waste of my money. I wished I had gone with the cheaper and more realible X1 from Infocus. NEC should stick to Plasma Displays.

Any Problems: With the small form casing, the unit heated to the point where I could have seriously burned myself.