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NEC LT150z User Reviews

NEC LT150z Projector

NEC LT150z

XGA (1024x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
3.3 lbs, $3,695 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.4
Features 3.9
Construction 4.1
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 4.6

User Reviews

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Review by Joshua

I use the LT 150Z for my home theater via Microsoft Windows Media Center. The picture is good, though there is some bleed of light and the unit is hard to clean. The primary issue I have with it is bulb life -- using the unit for computer, DVD player, xbox, etc., I find I get far less than the 1500 hours for econo mode, which is the only way to run the projector due to the high fan noise (37 - 41 db). A good unit for portable projection, but not ideal for home theater due to the fans.

Any Problems: poor bulb life high fan noise

Review by Dave Hunka

I have had the unit for a few years and it works great and never had any problems. Picture is very impressive great for movies and XBox games.

Any Problems: No problems at all with the unit, its great.

Review by Joe

Out of 140 puchased for the large company I work for (as an A/V tech), we have had 60+ failures of various pes within 6 months of receiving them. Although thier small size is nice they have poor air flow with contributes to these problems.

Any Problems: shorter than expected lamp life fan problems other electrical failures

Review by Craig

Just got one on eBay for about 1700.00, which evidently is an excellent deal. Now my entire wall is a television, and the resolution is good, especially for s-video connections like DVD. Television reception through the Tivo isn't that hot, but that's a bit because of the television resolution. I'm running in Eco mode (700 lumens) because this thing is bright enough for everything I've used it for, both day and night (the room it's in can be moderately controlled for lighting). Movies are crisp, colors are sharp. The menu was organized funky to begin with, but with the "custom menu," I've put all the important items at the main menu, so everything is easily accessible now. Overall, I'm impressed. The picture scaling is good. Now if I could find a more permanent way to mount this thing on my back shelf!

Any Problems: My only wish is that the projector would turn on automatically when it senses a signal, and could switch to the proper inputs (video, s-video) when it detects a signal on that input. Since I'm connected from a receiver to the projector, some outputs are s-video, some are video, and it takes lots of buttons to get what I need.

Review by kiko

Just incredible !!! Even my wife was charmed... FORGET retro-projection sets, plasma screens, ... This DLP brings you a beautiful, bright and color satured image with no pixelisation visible at 3m (100'') on a 2.5m diagonal screen ! Use at least S-video, but component is better to feed the projector. A minor Minus : the noise of the fan, but really not a big deal if you have a surround sound system. One observation about the Rainbow effect that appears on DLPs: I see it when wearing my glasses but it disapears with contact lenses ! Have fun... enjoy the 7th art.

Review by Aaron

I haven't had a ton of expierience with projectors, however my expierience with this particular projector has been nothing but good, I use it at physician offices and hospitals for presentations, and then at night I use it at home in a home theater application. For both uses the LT150z has been exceptional, i highly recommend this projector, and to anyone who may be leary of spending this kind of money on a projector, I can assure you it is well worth the money. I received my projector for $2,600, pretty good deal through creative presentations (Jonathan James at creative presentations).

Review by Karl

The LT150Z is all I hoped it would be and more. I use it in a totally light controlled environment on an 8ft 4:3 ratio Dalite Video spectra 1.5 gain screen...which I mask off for widescreen movies. The picture and experiance is truly cinematic in nature. About 30 of my family and friends have seen it by this writing... and to a person have expressed amazment at the image before them. Most of them comment that they didnt even know such a possibilty existed to have such high quality video in your own home. I run the pj in econo-mode for the reduced fan noise...ive tried it both ways and there is only a small reduction in brightness and well worth the trade off for the quieter fan. This unit isnt well suited for those who dont have good control of ambient light in their viewing room as it washes out fairly easy with anything more than low wattage lights. To date I have only watched DVD's on the pj using a vga to component breakout cable and a sony progressive scan dvd player. This combination produces some truly amazing pictures...especially with anamorphic content. All in all I've found the LT150 to be an incredible value. My main TV is a very good 52 inch Pioneer rear projection set...the difference in impact alone from watching a widescreen movie on a big screen RPTV and watching 8ft wide from about 14 feet away is astounding! Not to mention that I find the picture quality better than my RPTV... even stretched that big. The LT150Z gets a big thumbs up from me!

Any Problems: My bulb ruptured after only about 20 hours of use....but it was due to my own fault...I inadvertantly installed it with the bulbs vent holes blocked causing it to overheat. I called NEC and they fedexed me another one overnight! NO CHARGE for either the shipping or the BULB! Kinda hard to beat that kinda service I'd say.