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NEC LT170 User Reviews

NEC LT170 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
3.9 lbs, $2,450 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
12 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.5
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 4.8
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Road Warrior

My favorite road trip projector. Of all the 10 or 15 projectors in our building, this one is usually stashed in my office I love it that much. The image and color quality is very high, the resolution is decent and the setup is easy enough for my 5yr old. You can't go wrong with this projector.

Any Problems: The device is pretty loud for a small conference room even on eco setting. It can also kick out some massive heat (bad thing in an Atlanta summer with minimal AC and 10 dudes in a small room). Minimal inputs so if you do want to use this for "homework" (aka movies) you'll need to pick up some signal converters (RBG component to DB15 is preferred).

Review by MidwestGuy

Nice image right out of the box. After 5 min of setup, I was watching Gladiator on my livingroom wall. Looks like a nice projector for under $1000. It's less than a week old, but so far so good.

Any Problems: Fan is a little loud. Casts light outside the screen frame.

Review by Adam L

I always think it seems unrealistic when someone gives the full 5 stars in a review. But to be honest, I think this is a great unit. I've owned 5 projectors, and have used them mainly for home cinema. I currently use an NEC LT240K in my living room and the 170 in my bedroom - I use them equally. In terms of image quality, I often feel cheated that the 170 puts out as good an image as the far more expensive 240K! Not as bright or as high contrast, but the colours are beautifully vivid, the detail is fantastic & the picture wonderfully filmic. The menu is easy to navigate. The unit is really well built and travels very well in the excellent case it comes with - in addition to some business use I take it away with me when on holiday, where the tripod mount comes in very handy. For those mobile presentations it looks great as it is such an attractive unit.

Any Problems: Over 600 hours I've had any problems with it, however, it is a fairly noisy unit. I always use it in eco-mode, but even so it is loud. (I have it ceiling mounted above my bed.) In fact, I'm actually going to replace it with a quieter model - although I will hang on to the 170 for business and travel usage.

Review by Chris

Great form factor for a road warrior. Decent picture for video/movies as well. The 2X wheel speed does create the occasional "rainbow" artifact but not nearly as bad or often as an Infocus X1/X2. Overall, a superb multi-task projector. I've used this projector for >2000 hours, in Asia, Europe, and North America. It has never disappointed.

Any Problems: The projector does not ship with a 15-pin D-sub to component cable so you'll need to get one (either through NEC or a decent computer shop). The projector is a bit on the loud side at 38 dB so it can be a bit distracting for movies and small conference rooms. The scaler and deinterlacer onboard is cheap (but decent for the price), this projector prefers a progressive signal at native resolution (i.e. HTPC is ideal).

Review by Marcus

Very good to handle and super for trips. Tiny and light as a feather powerfull and with a good bag for transport. The ideal companion with a notebook to present wherever you are a stunning presentation.

Review by PG

Excellent for presentations being small, easy to setup and with a good picture.

Any Problems: Component input uses the computer input with a special cable that is not provided. Presentation strenghts make it compromised for home theatre usage. Zoom is very limited, so moving the projector is the only way to change the size of the image significantly.

Review by Al

I have owned a few different projectors over the years, and this one is excellent! Small, unique and a beautiful picture both from a computer or from a video source. I use to have a Dell 3200MP which supposedly had double the contrast of this NEC. Well, besides the fact that the Dell was a piece of CRAP (see my review there), the NEC seems to have equal conrast AND better quality video, both in regular s-video and especially in HD format. I am please with this projector and am confident in NEC reliability (The Dell projector had to be replaced 5 times in less then 2 years for malfunctioning - thank god it was recently stolen - I feel bad for that stupid crook). Overall the NEC is a good product for the money, espeically now that NEC has discontinued them and then can be bought on eBay for around $1000.00.

Any Problems: None so far!

Review by WordVirus23

the automatic keystone correction is great. the biggest bang for my buck and in a very small and unique size format, the included tripod mount is excellent, and also works well as a ceiling mount if you drill the center hole a big larger and place a bolt on "C" clap, hang from trussing in minutes. :) GREAT road warrior gear.

Any Problems: not exactly easy to use without the remote, hard to switch sources (svid/vga/composite) the list says component video, but AFAIK, it does not support it/have the inputs.

Review by 6footer

I love this thing. The quality is as good as HD TV for half the price. It took about 5 minutes to set this up and I was watching beautiful movies like I was in a theatre.

Any Problems: Fan noise could be better.

Review by maverickps

A very good projector. extremely portable. very bright. looks awesome if you use it with a XBOX> HALO is a completly different game.

Any Problems: component audio input would have been nice.

Review by stralkin

bought this unit to make power point presentations

Any Problems: Problem is that i can not seem to get good color reproduction and also good contrast at the same time. yellows particularly weak - spent about 6 hours working on this - otherwise projector great

Review by BB

What a cool projector! This is the most unique projector I've ever seen and it works flawlessly. I use the LT170 mainly for presentations around the office, but I can take it home for viewing videos and sport events as well. There are limited inputs for video sources, but really all you need is the 15-pin computer input and the S-Video input. Data display is bright and colorful and video display is very accurate. Some of the other things I like about the LT170 include automatic keystone correction, a built in lens cover and the rugged RV like design. I recommend this projector to anyone that needs an around the office projector or for local travel.

Any Problems: No problem for three months now.