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NEC LT240 User Reviews

NEC LT240 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 1600 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $3,495 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
28 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.7
Features 4.6
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Steve Brona

Great PJ for both home theatre and data. Light and compact. Image is bright enough to watch with lights on.

Any Problems: No probs so far although the remote is a bit touchy.

Review by Mr X

This is a excellent projector for both home theater and date. Picture is sharp and clear, easy to use. With sealed optics no dust can get into the lens. I'm on sencond bulb now and it's still performing beautifully. Last bulb lasted nearly 3000 hours.

Any Problems: None

Review by Steve Churchill

Nice projector, good image, easy to work. Lots of options to play with. Remote controll of PC and Projector with supplied remote. Bit awkward turing off and on, must hold on/off button for at least two seconds, which confuses users, as they don't see any action right away and end up turning off.

Any Problems: Cannot use USB thumb drive without firmware upgrade. Tech support very very hard to get a hold of. Have to purchase extra parts (flash memory + PC Card) to be able to do the firmware upgrade. Will encounter difficulties. Images loading from USB thumb drive via the NEC software Viewer is not worth the effort. Wireless ability only works with select Wireless LAN PCMCIA cards that you have to purchase. Certains cards are no longer available on the market, i.e. LinkSys Network PC Card Ver 3 . List of compatible cards available from NEC tech support. Good luck holding for tech support.

Review by Bob

Great picture, nice overall projector...but....

Any Problems: Reliability has been bad. I'm now on my 4th unit in less than 1 year. Service has been good when I've needed to replace, but they just keep developing problems. Can they all possibly be this bad?

Review by Richard Nixon

I have had this unit now for over a month. At first, I could really see the rainbow artifacts since my old projector was an old-school VGA LCD Infocus klunker. Over time, I noticed them less and less. Now I don't see it at all. Apparently your brain just gets used to it. It is much brighter than I am used to. So much so that I immediately switched to econo mode. Image quality is great. I'm so glad I didn't go to a higher price catagory. This unit is used exclusively hooked up to a computer (DVD via software, TV tuner card, etc), so I haven't used any of the other inputs aside of VGA. Excellent pic for the price.

Any Problems: No actual problems. It took me a few weeks for my brain to tune out the rainbows. I truly don't notice them at all anymore and mostly forgot that I ever saw them. I wish you could send the projector a shut-down signal over the VGA wire, I'm too lazy to string a USB cable just for that one feature. The remote does the job for now. There are two bad pixes adjacent to each other which is a bit annoying. Oh well.

Review by Photonius

Absolutely top level technology !!!!! Using the machine for presentations and video, this machine is really doing the job as expected. Very low noise level, wonderful colors, sharpness and fantastic software features. Using component output for video, gives you a picture, like its a view out of your window. ( projecting on a grey screen )

Any Problems: No problems at all after 236 hours !!

Review by tejaz

This is an awesome projector! I joined the search for a home theater projector exclusively to play XBOX games in HD. The projector's scaling works wonderfully and handles inputs all the way up to 1080i! The windows-like interface makes for an easy and quick setup, and the 3D Reform feature is a perfect crutch while you're testing the unit (or waiting for your ceiling mounts to come) because it gives you a beautiful picture from the most horrid of incident angles. The picture is simply's on par with projectors 2-3 times it's price. And all the extra features, if I were using this as a presentation projector I'd be well prepared- it includes a nifty remote with laser pointer, pc card reader, powerpoint display capability (thru a converter) and wired/wireless capacity. Not to mention the onscreen cursor and ability to control a desktop PC's mouse with the remote- very cool stuff!

Any Problems: No problems at all!

Review by Luke

Overall this projector is a good buy. Relativly cheap for the excellent picture quality delivered. Very quiet in Eco mode. Bright picture. However, I sit about 10-11 feet from a 82 Inch Screen and I have to say the rainbows can be quite bad. this is the only problem with this projector. I am hoping someone comes up with a Modification for this unit otherwise I think i might upgrade to the HT1000

Any Problems: Rainbows are quite bad.

Review by ME

Wonderful machine! The image is superb: colors, contrast, details… but don’t even think about feeding this with a composite or S-Video connection from you DVD player, it really softens the picture. If you try it and then change to component (better yet: progressive) you'll think it's another PJ. Rainbows? I see them alright... do they bother me? No way! The images are a thing of beauty; I can live with rainbows...

Any Problems: I had the misfortune to get a unity with a defective lamp. It died after 50 hours.

Review by Neph

I've had this projector about two months now. Overall I'm very satisfied. The image with a high quality DVD is about as good as I could ever imagine really wanting. The only thing that would make it a bit better for me is a native 16:9. Fortunately I have very dark blue walls so the light that spills over (there is a blanking feature, but you still get *some*light) isn't much of a problem. I'm viewing on a 92" 16x9 stewart firehawk from about 10 feet away--kind of close. At this distance I have to really look hard to see the pixels. As far as the "rainbow effect" goes, I *think* I see them once in a while, but if what I'm seeing is really the rainbow effect, well, I personally don't find it distracting at all. This projector, for whatever reasons, is very unforgiving if the input isn't high quality (maybe that's normal). I have a couple concert DVDs that are *good* quality, but I see artifacts during many of the angle or scene transitions, especially if the transitions are happening really fast. I've never seen this same kind of thing on any movie DVD, and I mostly watch action movies. Most importantly, DO NOT even think about watching anything on this without both S/component video AND a progressive scan DVD player. It makes the difference between being nearly unwatchable and absolutely stunning. Try watching the intro war scene of "Gladiator" to see what I mean, in some places the whole picture just looks like it "melts"--it's terrible.

Any Problems: Spend some time with the menus, some settings are kind of weird, for instance, by default you can't turn it "off" by remote control. Also, run it in econo mode, the fan is way too loud. Don't do the keystone correction with a mouse, use the remote. I've put about 50 hours on it now, and no problems or major flaws with the right setup.

Review by Luiyi

Best DLP XGA for the money! Excellent overall quality both for films and PC presentations. Images are very sharp and luminous right from the box. Fantastic contrast ("black is black"). I have not noticed at all (nor any of my friends) the so called "rainbow effect". Very little noise comes from the unit, hardly noticeable while watching TV or films at low volume. 3D reform feature is fantastic as it allows you to better hide the projector. Great service so far (at least in Spain, where I live) promptly answering to all my questions.

Any Problems: Would have liked to have more flexibility in lens throw distance, limited to +/- 0,5 meters between max and min distance (for a screen 2,4m wide)

Review by Shawn Levin

I have had my 240 for almost four months now. It has an excellent picture!! Bright enough for lights on viewing even in eco mode. Easy to use. Quiet. Only has rainbows on white text and just a few other scenes. Don't let a fear of rainbows stop you from getting this unit. I still haven't bought a screen only because it just looks so darn good as is on a off white wall. Simply amazing. Highest recomendations.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by Max Leung

Throws a nice image. Plenty bright for medium-sized rooms. I like the tweakability of this projector (color balance, 3 gamma presets, RGBMYC color controls, and presentation presets). Color is almost as good as my RPTV, and more accurate. If it wasn't for the rainbow artifacts, this would be an excellent all-around projector.

Any Problems: Serious rainbow issues. I hope to replace this with an HT1000, which has a 4x color wheel compared to the LT240's 2x wheel. Very disappointing that my eyes are so sensitive to it. Color wheel is cleary audible, and often makes a "buzz-whir" sound. Not even close to the rated 29dbA in eco-mode! I may have to get the projector repaired.

Review by jeaaroen

Excellant. When I first got this projector I had it hooked up to JVC progressive scan and monster cable component cable. The picture was very good but it didn't knock my socks off. I was ready to return when I decided to use a bettercables componen video cable and WOW what a difference. I then added a panasonic DVD-CP72 (great progressive performance equal to DVD-RP82) and that was the magic combination. The picture is incredible. I just recently ordered the new Panasonic PT-L300U as a second projector (16:9 native) and demoed it in my theatre with the LT240. Even without the occasional rainbows, I prefer the image of the DLP projector. The Panasoncic is great as affordable entry level machine but after having the LT240 for a while now, I definatly prefer its image even with rainbows (which are not that annoying and so far no guest has seen them or commented on them). For a second projector I will save my money and get the NEC HT1000 eventualy. I have seen the HT1000 at a local high end video store and in my opinion the LT240 with the good cables and a good progressive scan DVD is so close that I doubt that many people could tell.

Any Problems: None so far in 2 months of ownership.

Review by mich

I had this for 1 day and returned it because the rainbow effects were *way* too noticable. I have had an NEC projector before and it was excellent, so I'm swapping to the HT1000. Admittedly the quality of the picture on slow motion or still shots was stunning, but in medium to high action scenes all i could see were rainbows.

Any Problems: major RGB rainbow artifacting.

Review by sschlee

I ordered this projector as my main TV unit. I live in an apartment, so space is limited, but it seems to work out just fine in my 15ft room. It's fairly small and quiet but could have been better in a couple of aspects. The picture quality is great! (I'm a novice, but it really outdoes many Projector TV's I have seen) All in all it is a great buy for the beginner Home Theater User.

Any Problems: Everytime the unit is restarted or turned off, it has to be resized again, which is a major pain if this is your main TV because you have to resize everyday. User Defined image sizes would have been great on this unit. Another thing is, at 60 inches, I am seeing slight refresh lines on the screen, less apparent w/ DVDs than cable, so it may be my cables. I rarely see the rainbow effect or the screen door effect on my unit, but I have noticed them both when bright colors are shown.

Review by Mario

This projector is awesome. I love every aspect of it from the features to the picture quality. The fan is really quite and the short throw is a big advantage. The NEC customer support is just excellent, three phone calls (non problem related) and each time the phone was answered immediately - amazing! One reason I choose this dlp projector was that I am a burned child when it comes to dead pixels, though I have to learn to live with rainbow effects now - not sure which one is more annoying in the long run. A tip for anyone that can not get a hold of the RGB/Component adapter - NEC has them in stock and you can order directly.

Any Problems: Rainbow Effects! It can't just be me - any black suit with a white shirt shows it from the Matrix to Pulp Fiction. I invited several people to watch and every one of them experienced the same thing. Tracking down someone with the RGB/Component Adapter in stock is rather difficult - they should include it with the projector.

Review by Carmen

Excellent picture and brightness. It's been better than I hoped. Only a few minor complaints.

Any Problems: No DVI connector is a minus. The two DB-15 connectors take in both RGB and Component signals, but the manual doesn't make it obvious how this works. It took some hunting to find out that you can get cables with both RCA and DB-15 connectors.

Review by Dwight Fisher

I love this projector! It is an excellent performer visually. I use a blank wall as the screen. Hardly ever see rainbows.

Any Problems: I have to use the 3D reform feature at the moment because my projector is at an angle to the screen. The projector doesn't store the 3D reform settings when you turn it off. Oh well, it only takes a minute or two to reset them.

Review by donp

Very impressive image. Looks good even on an off-white wall. Made me waste a day watching DVD's just to see how good they can look, and how bad some really are. Fan noise is very modest in hing output mode, less than typical home heating system.

Any Problems: None.