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NEC LT75z User Reviews

NEC LT75z Projector


SVGA (800x600), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
3.3 lbs, $2,595 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.4
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.1
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.9
WUXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Sam

This projector has an excellent image quality. Had no problems what so ever. One really great thing about this projector is its portability. A great choice for travel from presentations, home theaters, to videogames, etc..

Any Problems: If you can built a hush box for this projector when using as a Home Theater setup I advise you to. The fans from the projector do destory your movie experience when it comes to the calm and quiet scenes in movies. A hush box should solve the problem guaranteed.

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Review by Kelly

I have owned this projector for a few years now. The lack of an air filter allows dust to enter it, and allows it to be seen in the image. This requires the unit to be disassembled and blown-out. Also, I am controlling it through the serial port. Contrary to what the owner's manual states, there are no codes available for control other than the ones listed in the book. Only basic functions (power, input selection) are available. There are several listed in the complete protocol manual, but none work. Also, the aspect ratio function (not accessible through serial) is buried several layers deep in the menu. This is something that even the novice user will need to adjust if using DVD or HDTV with this unit. I feel that this function should either be accessible with a button on the remote, or at least be no deeper than one layer in the menu.

Any Problems: Lack of RS232 protocol for control, dust entering imaging device, unit has to be rebooted sometimes, or it won't power up.

Review by Jim

I use the LT75z solely for DVD, widescreen, video display. I don't use it for 4:3 television. I have had zero problems with it. I have 75% of the lamp life left, after viewing over one hundred thirty DVD's, over a year and a half. The picture quality is excellent. The picture is very clear, with no distortions. The colors are vibrant. I have compromised the machine's ability somewhat, by having it twenty-three feet, from the screen. Since, the average person won't do that, I am not complaining about a slight loss of brightness. I am overextending the machine. Despite that, I run the machine in "econ" mode and STILL get a picture which is bright (enough) and solid. (Plus, my screen is grey.) I am viewing a 133" diagonal picture and it is gorgeous. That's probably as big, a widescreen picture, as you will find in a residence. I have the LT75z ceiling mounted, so I use the remote for adjustments and "on/off". The remote is user friendly and the on-screen menus are extremely helpful, because you can make all desired color, brightness, or contrast changes with ease. I got lucky. This is my first projector. It serves me well. This machine is so good for viewing DVD's, I would be extremely hesitant to "upgrade", to any newer projector. NEC has produced a great product, with the LT75z.

Any Problems: I have had zero problems, with this product.

Review by roachone

One of the best out there. I thought Epson's were pretty good till I used this one. It really is awesome. Best contrast I have seen yet. Infocus x1 claims a 2000:1 but I think these one has even better. Go figure. Looks really good on hdtv and progressive dvd. Even looks good with my cable. That's saying a lot. Highly recommended!

Any Problems: none.

Review by Art

Probably the most over-looked, and under-rated machine, for home theater purposes.

Any Problems: I have encountered zero problems with the LT75z, after eleven months of using it only for watching dvd's, with a dvd player. I am using it beyond the recommended throw distance, for optimal performance and I am still satisfied with the picture. However, I appreciate that some persons may see a need for additional light lumens, at the 20.6 throw, I am using. I don't mind sacrificing a little brightness, while maintaining the overall comfort of having the machine completely out of sight, behind and above the viewing seats.

Review by Dannic

Excellent projector for mobile presentations as well as home theatre

Any Problems: menus could be more user friendly

Review by Kelly Boswell

Excellent image quality. Properly saturated colors without 'solarization' effect seen on many LCD projectors. Best contrast ratio I have seen on any panel/lamp type projector. Hard to believe this model is under $2000.00. Willy Wonka (very colorful movie) on DVD looks great without 'cartooning' or over-saturation.

Any Problems: Menu structure is too complicated for every-day functions. Aspect ratio selection is buried several layers deep. Has several unused pixels around the border of the image causing a gray frame around the outside of my screen. (1024x768 panel only using 800x600? Any hackers out there?) Image is not centered within these unused pixels.