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NEC MultiSync MT1030+ User Reviews

NEC MultiSync MT1030+ Projector

NEC MultiSync MT1030+

XGA (1024x768), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
16.1 lbs, $7,995 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.6
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Airomee Wind

I just got my NEC Multisync projector off of ebay. Being this is a slightly older projector, I wasn't sure what kind of image quality I could expect. I was amazed with the image quality from the first moment I turned the projector on. The screen is HD quality, the menus were easy to navigate, and operation was effortless. I also like the fact that it's only slightly bigger than most of today's projectors. I projector that's well designed and worth the money. This is defiantly not your average consumer projector. You could use this in a regular movie theater, because of it's extreme wide angle screen capabilities. Up to 300 inch screen!

Any Problems: The sensor on the air filter can be a little temperamental. Other than that, there was no problems.

Review by Dave

We bought this thing about a year ago, used, not knowing what to expect. We then bought a 100" screen for it, still not knowing what to expect. Now, we have an awesome home theater/cinema system, and we LOVE IT! Peronally speaking, we would rather have this and watch movies at home than to ever go to a theater again. The comfort of our couch, the fact we don't have to pay $12 (per person) for a soda and a popcorn, and the fact that we don't have someone sitting in front of us obstructing our view.... this is DEFINITELY the way to go. Our kids love hooking their playstation to it, although we only let them do that ONCE in a great while... the bulbs, like with any projector bulb, are just too expensive for to be used for hours and hours of playstation.... We've never hooked it up to a computer, although I imagine it would work flawlessly as have all of it's other features so far.... As mentioned by others, it coming with a remote is a super bonus....

Any Problems: NONE. Just wish that we could find a cheaper source for bulbs....

Review by Ralphyboy

I left a review of an MT820 not to long ago while waiting for my 1030+ I bought mine for 500 dollars but it came with a remote (rare and expensive but not necessary) and a hard case so I feel like I got a great deal. I must admit I just recieved it today but with it being so close to the 820 and the fact that I am watching LOTR two towers right now to evaluate the brightness and contrast I will post a review anyway. Being an upgrade to the 820 it is indeed that, I still need to mess with the colors some more but it is leaps and bounds above the 820 in brightness and with features, it includes keystoning and seperate brightness and contrast for red, green, and blue. both are invaluable and 1100 lumens is plenty bright enough you will not be disapointed if this is your first or second projector. I thought after I bought my 820 that I could not want more but I was wrong so I imagine next year may bring another upgrade but I could forsee not wanting one for a few years either. I will build my theater room around this and will love it. WOW is all I can say right now. I hope you will read my review of the MT820 for some insight in to this one and my past experience.

Any Problems: Contrast is better but gray as black is not as great to look at (it is a very dark gray though), that is an LCD problem though not the projectors fault. I guess if your greedy and 1100 lumens is not enough you should spend more money (with all of my basement lights on I can see the image) I have no idea how it is in a living room with some daylight but I can imagine it would not do as well. I hope this helps you out some with you decision.

Review by Tom

I've bought my nec few weeks ago and it's great. I use it for DVD and divX movies. Although the projector is almost 5 years old the image is sharp and colors are vivid. Only the level of black could be better because black is not black but it's more like a dark gray. But as I have heard that's the problem of almost all LCD based units. You can use to it very fast. Now I know it was a good decision to buy it, especialy for the money I gave for it: 360USD (in Poland) with 70% lamp life time left.

Any Problems: none, so far

Review by mike

It is a great projector for pc en video work. Great picture. I really like it. Even when it is light the picture is good. So it is worth your money. The only thing is that de fan is a bit noisy (but not too noisy). When the film starts you doesn't hear him anymore

Any Problems: not one

Review by Sahleen

I only use it to my home cinema and its great! Love the remotecontrol and the great quality.

Any Problems: Its bigger than my last projektor and a bit to hevy if you must carry it around alot.

Review by andrew

Any Problems: Nope