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NEC MultiSync MT820 User Reviews

NEC MultiSync MT820 Projector

NEC MultiSync MT820

SVGA (800x600), 700 ANSI Lumens,
15.5 lbs, $5,995 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
23 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.0
Features 4.1
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Scott

This projector is not bad and I've used it for video, I do notice the low contrast ratio of 200:1, but the 700 lumens seem brighter than what the actual specs are, maybe because of the low contrast ratio. I do recommend this to any beginner user. I also highly recommend the NEC MT840

Any Problems: No Keystone Adjust, low contrast ratio, high bulb cost. The menu is harder to use on this model, than some of NEC's newer models.

Review by Seth

Good projector, mine was trashed by someone else because they thought it was broken, because it had been submerdged in water for a while when a storage room flooded. I got it, cleaned it up and took it apart a little, and got it to work. For a projector to be full of water and later work with no new parts is amazing. it has a few bad spots but that is to be expected with water damage. mine is about 9 years old and still working.

Any Problems: dislike the 2000 hour lamp life... rather short

Review by EdLKaz

Picked one up for a great price 4 months ago and this works great. I'm amazed by how clear TV and DVD's are.I would advise buying a screen.But can't complain at all.

Any Problems: Not a problem so far.

Review by Benny Molte

At 700 lumens this projector is as bright as 1000 lumens projectors I have seen. I bought an used unit for my son and he loved it, been using it for movies and Xbox ever since.

Any Problems: Its rather heavy.

Review by jacob



Review by Ralphyboy

I was looking thru my records and realized I have owned this projector for a year now and I can tell you I have loved every minute of it. I went and saw IROBOT at the theater this summer and I refuse to go back, a 6 foot wide screen in my house has a better field of view than the the middle of the theater, theater seats are less than ideal, you can pause the movie and do what ever business you need to, and there is nobody there to ruin your experiance. This projector has changed the way I look at tv's, no matter what size they are mearly adequate.

Any Problems: Not problems per say but issues, any sunlight kills the picture (I have it in a basement so not a problem for me), it is large compared to some other newer models, 700 lummens is bright enough but I NOW want more, and it has no keystone corection. I will be replacing my unit with a MT1030+ but, I have no regrets from the purchase of this unit it IS a great starter unit and you can find them at rock bottom prices. you may never want more than this has to offer but even if you do, with the price you pay you can't lose.

Review by Bert

I recently picked up this projector and I must say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and construction. The image quality is crisp, clear and bright. Although, I'm currently only using a bare wall to project an image I'd bet that a screen would definetly benifit the quality of the image. Under further investigation of the projector it's easy to see that this projector was very well made with nothing having a cheap look or feel to it (with the exception of the handle on side?). Now I did pick up this unit used, and I did pay less than $300 for it with 1500hrs of lamp life left and at that cost this projector is a steal. Currently, I'm using the S-Video connection for watching DVD's and the standard component (RCA) connection for the XBox. There's definetly a clear differnce in quality between the two. I plan using a High-Def pack for the XBox and using a Component RCA to VGA adapter cable to pull 1024/768 resolution (which is higher than the standard S-Video connection) out of this projector. With the ablity to do this with this projector, plus it's sterdy construction, easy to navigate menus, affodable replacement lamps, and bright crisp image makes this projector a great value for the price and would recommend this great product if the price is right.

Any Problems: As with any projector this one does fall victim to heat and poor internal speakers. But this is nothing that can not be worked around with good ventalation and a decent set of external speakers. But other than the expected problems with using a projector there hasn't been any issues to speak of. This is a very well made product with tons of potential.

Review by CDesigns

I trade my 20" LCD TV for this projector and I love it, I have my Direct TV and DVD connect it via S-Video and the video quality is excellent. Power zoom and focus are an excellent feature. Have you ever saw a fight or movie 30' diagonal? I did on the side of my house WOW. The neighbords love the pay per view fight.

Any Problems: Only problem I coould find is that is kinda heavy compared to newer models, but it haves an excellent construction.

Review by projector man

WOW bang for your buck AMAZING got mine - built like a tank !!! This projecotr was madee to last !! tons of life on the bulbs too !!! very happy with my item

Any Problems: Not one !!!

Review by Chris

This is a great entry or budget home theater projector. I have a 13' picture, and its great, especially for the $400 I paid.

Any Problems: RGB input seems strange. I can use my HD box, and I'm clearly getting a high def picture, but the color is messed up. Also, component out to the RGB input doesn't work right. There is probably a solution, if so, please let me know.

Review by John

I run this projector for home theater I recomend for optimum results buying a screen ....Other then that WOW for what it is how can ya complain ? buy one today or ill go to your house and steal your valuables

Any Problems: None so far downside is unlike new projecotrs this projecotr has to be square to the viewing area or the image will look a little mis shaped

Review by Wrecks

Linda here: here is a place to find a user manual for this projector. I hope this helps. he he he he he he he he.

Review by CDesigns

This projector is great,my current setup is 13' feet diagonal and resolution is great. Vivid colors and sharp images. PC use is also great.

Any Problems: The only problem I have like with any projector is the lamp life 2000 hours. That's the only bad thing about this projector or any other. But I will be glad to pay the $$$ for the new lamp as soon mines go out. I LOVE IT.

Review by oceano

I'm very happy with this projector. I use it for home cinema and it's just great. It's a reliable projector and the picture is clear. It's worth every cent I paid for it.

Review by Ivan

Any Problems: Hi Linda, I'm thinking of buying this projector online, but i was afraid it might have the same problem u encountered. Can u describe ur problem in some detail please? thank you

Review by pitamber

what a good projector!!! im new to home cinema and love this piture.My freind has a projector that compaired to this looks dark.I bought this one because of his.Now mine is better.Happy

Any Problems: none so far

Review by jerry

Great inputs on this projector.Found that it will take progressive scan dvd well so that was handy.I wath movies every night and am very impressed.

Any Problems: no

Review by atish

The picture is very sharp and bright.I can run a Hdtv box and it works great.I Paid 1500 worth evary cent so far.I got it in good shape

Any Problems: none

Review by Connie

For Tom & Linda: The manual is available at: Thanks for the reviews - they helped my decision to buy this projector!

Review by Tom

Any Problems: I'm having the same problem. Linda, did you find a solution or a manual?