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NEC VT45 User Reviews

NEC VT45 Projector


SVGA (800x600), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
5.6 lbs, $2,220 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
9 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.1
Features 4.8
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.6
Panasonic PT-VMZ50U
WUXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by ANDREW

bought it in 2002 for the soccer world cup.moved house 3 times.still works great.always run in econo alot better through the rgb plug.oct/2010.

Any Problems: nil

Panasonic PT-LRZ35U
WUXGA Conference Room Projector
Review by eiddo

I bought for $9.99 off of ebay, well I got it going today. Found a new lamp on ebay won it in auction for $120. Saved $180. Got lamp yesterday, put it in projector nothing. Came home today, opened projector, found broken wire, fixed wire projector fired up. Picture is beautiful. Full HD. Hooked up my XBOX 360 to it, played a few games. Got a 65 inch picture at a throw distance of 7 ft. I have this one in my room. This deal worked out well. Next month I will order a spare lamp just to have one on hand. I put it in eco 2 mode, picture is still bright, plus extends lamp life. Next step, find a surround sound system.

Review by Gertsch

I own mine now for almost 2 years. Never experienced any problems and i am very satisfied with the picture quality too. Just projecting on a plain white wall, the colors and everything else is just fine. I only got 150h on my lamp, so i am sure, i will keep mine as long as it lasts.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Jerry

I have owned the VT45 for 2 1/2 years, projecting onto a DaLite 100" diagonal screen. It is set up for home theater and we watch about 4 movies per week. In the time that I have had it, I can say that i have been nothing but pleased. I notice no screen door effect sitting 12' away and have no complaints about color. I have it ceiling mounted and have not had to get the ladder for any reason except air filter cleaning. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Shinobiwan

I'm a first timer when it comes to front projection but here's my story: I only paid £485UK ($800US) for the NEC VT45 projector and after initially dissapointing results I'm extremely pleased with the tweaks I've made and am indeed glad I have stuck with it instead of giving in and selling on. I've been using it now for around 2 months now and initially I found the colour saturation was very washed out, even with a total blackout type situation when viewing. On top of this I had problems with the screen door effect and horizontal scan lines showing, even with an image size of only 82". Plus the brightness required a really, REALLY darkroom to get anything resembling a decent amount of contrast. After a little research I realised that the s-video input did the unit no favours at all. I immediately switched to progressive RGB input via a HTPC and 'bang' everything looked better. Colours were vibrant, better contrast, blacks were darker and screen door was reduced slightly. Most important was the fact that the horizontal scanlines absolutely dissappeared! The picture was good but I still wasn't satisfied - the brightness wasn't great with anything but total blackout. So again more research and I got myself a new screen with a higher gain than my previous one-(matt white 1:1 gain ratio). In the end after getting hold of various sample patches of screen material ranging from 1:1.1 - 1:3.2, I settled on a 1.8gain material costing me £67 for the material which I then made my screen out of. This, in my opinion made the greatest difference of all. The boosted brightness really helped contrast levels and once the projectors white & RGB balance was suitably adjusted, the blacks became more than acceptable - this is the tradeoff you make with higher gain screens, black levels suffer slightly but the image is brighter. Luckily the blacks can be made good again by judicial use of the RGB levels etc. The only thing left was the screen door and a Hoya HMC FL-Day Filter(£20) lens came to save the day here. Really does knock the screendoor effect on the head and I can now only see it when I'm close to the screen. The Hoya also somehow makes the images look more cinematic, its very subtle but apparent when you remove the lens, its probably because the screendoor has been reduced actually. As a bonus you don't have to de-focus the image now so it looks sharper. So in all I've spent another £87 on the projector and I can say that I'm thrilled with the outlay now. I recently demoed a Panasonic PT-200AE and I walked away smiling, thinking just how much money I'd saved myself whilst getting a comparable picture. In another 12-18 months I will upgrade to one of the newer native 16:9 machines. But for now I'm extremely pleased with the results of a £485 machine.

Any Problems: Intially very dissapointed with the projector but some tweaks made it a force to be reckoned with for the price I paid.

Review by GarryS.

Application:Home Theatre. I am truly amazed at the picture quality you get from the VT45. Vivid colors and dark blacks. I'm using a panasonic rp62 progressive scan DVD player input to the VT45's RGB component adaptor. I have a 120" diagonal dalite screen and sit 17' away. Cannot see screendoor. I compared the VT45 with a NEC LT154 we have at our office and found that video was as good or better than the LT154. The LT154 is a native xga projector. I recommend using the eco2 bulb setting. It doubles the bulb life from 1000 to 2000 hours. I can barely tell a brightness difference between the two settings. I paid $1423 online. Also, now through september there is a $150 mail in rebate from NEC. I did alot of research before I purchased the VT45. My feeling is that for quality, features, and the price it is the best projector deal out there right now. I highly recommend the VT45.

Any Problems: none so far

Review by Lyndon Lim

I think I was a little bit too harsh on the VT45. I have settled for an NEC VT540 after 3 weeks of intensive researching and testing. The guys at Tasman AV in Collingwood, Melbourne were the most unbiased and helpful sales professionals. I will share with you some of the pitfalls I had gone through so that you may hopefully avoid them,considering the high level of involvement of a projector purchase. The VT45 is pretty good compared to many of the unwatchable DLPs out there. Many retailers will tell you that DLP is the latest technology and that you should get it. Do not listen to them as you have to let your eyes be the judge. Take the projector home for a trial and watch out for potentially distracting elements such fan noise, rainbow effect, acute screen door effect or anything that could distract you from enjoying the movie. DLPs still have a long..long..long way to go as even the most advance ones like the Sharp XV-Z9000 are prone to some rainbow effect. There are some pretty good LCDs out there which do not have the screen door effect and can render fantastically natural skin tones. Make sure you check out the VT540 before looking at the VT45. It cost AUS$2000 more but it is worth it. And don't worry abt DLP catching up as they still have a lot of work to do. Retailers are still crying out that the emperor has new clothes for the time being. Do not listen to the retailers !!! as they have fat margins to make of projectors are facing generous supplier support to promote their product so they will tell you things like " we have tested so many and present these best models for you..." ALWAYS SHOP AROUND...TAKE THE PROJECTORS HOME FOR A TRIAL !!!!!!!!!! Approach most retailers with extreme sceptism as it really does pay off in the end !

Any Problems: Lots of dodgy retailers in the Melbourne market which do not know their facts or make stories up so that they can earn a decent margin.

Review by JEFatBWI

Excellent starter projector for those interested in getting into home theatre at minimum cost. When I first hooked it up I used a standard S-VHS output from a non-progressive DVD player. I was less than thrilled with the picture quality and thought I would end up returning it. Then I decided to purchase the compnent video breakout adapter ($25 online) as well as a progressive-scan DVD player (Sony DVP-700P). WOW! The picture quality improved immensely!

Any Problems: It is still an LCD - SVGA projector and subject to those limitations but you can't beat the quality and features for the price paid.

Review by Lyndon

Don't purchase this as you will regret it. Its bargain basement price is also bargain basement quality. Spend a little bit more 1k US$ and get something that is actually tolerable. Projectors like these should not be sold even at $500 bucks !

Any Problems: Contrast is quite bad and pixelizations is also quite acute. Fan audible. Bottom line is too many compromises. Entry level DLPs are also absolutely shockingly bad in quality = rainbow effect, cartoon like rendition of white and extreme not touch BenQ, Optoma 730..go for good quality LCDs or more expensive DLPs.