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NEC VT46 User Reviews

NEC VT46 Projector


SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
6.6 lbs, $995 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
9 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.3
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.7
Optoma UHZ65
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by dan

this is a excellent projector always starts up, i had from new and it has 2255hrs on the projector and lamp and what can i say this had a excellent image till about 1000 hrs and then i got yellow screenburn on the sides and some purple on the top corners even though the filters where cleaned when the message comes on. the filter message comes on every 100 hours what is a good time as the filter clogs around 250 hrs where i am. the amount of ports on the back are limited and it has no monitor out and audio loop through. but overall this is a good unit but needs maintenance.

Any Problems: screenburn after 1000hrs filter message is too soon

Maxell MP-JW4001
WXGA Conference Room Projector
Review by Syed

I bought this projector from Projector Central n Jan 2004, and I have had a great experience for the past six years. It worked like a champ every time. This realibility will push me to purchase another NEC projector if I have to replace this for some reason.

Any Problems: The only minor problem I have had is that the clean filter message stays on, even after cleaning the filter.

Review by cem

vt 46 super projectors for hometheatre systems at the same time this value ,if you compare of infocus x1 ,infocus dlp bed soo poor and unsuficient for projectors , you musnt that optical electronics number one japans.

Any Problems: none

Review by Rick

I have bought this beamer to view dvd's. The beamer is perfect for viewing dvd's. The quality is great and i use not a projection screen, just on the wall. So, if you search a beamer for viewing movies, this one you like! When i see the reviews of the Infocus, maybe you must take that beamer. But when you can buy the VT46 for a nice price and you would like to see some dvd's, you will not be disappointed...

Any Problems: Till now none.

Review by Bishamon

I was looking for a projector in the sub-$1000 category to use primarily for DVD movies. I originally considered the InFocus X1, since it is highly rated and probably 'the' most recommended projector in this price range. However, I am sensitive to the 'rainbow' effect' that DLP projectors are prone to, so I had to turn to LCD. The NEC VT46 has some favorable reviews out there, and it has a shorter throw than the X1, so I decided to pick one up. Wow! The picture is much better than I expected! Despite being a 4:3 projector, it produces an amazing picture with widescreen DVDs. The colors look very natural and the contrast is excellent. The short throw lens and manual zoom allow me to create a huge image from the coffee table, and it's also very quiet so it doesn't intrude on quiet scenes. I don't hesitate to recommend this projector; It has exceeded my expectations.

Any Problems: None, unless you count not wanting to watch my 32" LCD panel anymore. ;)

Review by BG

I compared the VT46 to the InFocus X1 for home theater and decided to purchase the VT46. In my comparison, I found the VT46 displayed more accurate colors and had a brighter image. Brightness is important since I use the projector with a 100" screen and sometimes I have a reading light on in the room. The X1 required all lights off or the image appeared washed out. For best performance use the VT46 with a DVD player using an S-Video cable or connect it to your HD receiver using the component input (via 15-pin computer input).

Any Problems: Great poor man's home theater. If you can afford the HT1000 go for it!

Review by Bruce

I used the VT46 for about two weeks after using the Infocus X1. There was absolutely no comparison. The VT46's image quality was very poor for viewing movies. If you're looking for a home theater unit, this is not the one. As for a presentation unit. It has a fair picture. It was not as clear as I would like. The X1 was great for presentations and great for viewing movies. I am sensitive to DLP rainbow artifacts but they're practically non-existant during presentations. Even though I found the X1's rainbow artifacts very annoying while watching movies, it was still better than the grainy low contrast VT46 picture. If you want an LCD unit over a DLP I recommend the Mitsubishi HC2. Good color and contrast for movies and good enough for presentation use.

Any Problems: Poor image quality when used for viewing movies.

Review by Heyward

From the moment I took this projector out of the box, I was very impressed. But I say that with a caveat. This projector is a suberb machine for presentations but is just "OK" for watching videos. For a conference room projector, or for use in a classroom where video may be used, it is perfect. The presentation image is just overwhelming in quality and brightness. However, compared to my Infocus X1 for watching movies, it's not even close. But this projector blows my X1 away for presentations. I absolutely love the shorter focal length of the NEC VT46 lens. I mounted this projector on a "multimedia cart" that I use from the from front of the classroom. Due to the short focal length, I am able to keep the cart close to the front. For showing videos as part of the presentation, the quality is adequate. But as a home thearter projector you would be disappointed. The image lacks in contrast and has some grain in it. However the Powerpoint presentations are great. With my Infocus X1, I would have to really adjust the room lights to have a great dramatic image in my presentations. With this NEC NT46, I don't have to touch a single light switch. But when I watch movies at home... well, I will keep that Infocus X1.

Any Problems: None, seems to be a well built unit.

Review by shugs

I have been delighted with the VT46 projector. Image quality and brightness are both superb. I have used it at home for both watching DVDs and for displaying photos. The projector produces a crisp, even image. Manual keystone correction is easy to use either via remote control or using buttons on the projector.

Any Problems: None