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NEC VT540 User Reviews

NEC VT540 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
8.6 lbs, $3,495 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
14 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.2
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by david vickers

This projector is truly amazing quality I was expecting a lot less because I got it for £300 with A new lamp off ebay, but the picture quality really is Hi definition, I play dvds on It through my xbox 360 I use vga which carries an HD signal. I would highly recommend this model to any one wanting an affordable HD home cinema, The NEC VT440k is a very similar projector to the VT540 and is also HD ready.

Any Problems: NOTHIHG AT ALL 100% RELIABLE...

Review by jdawg

Been using this projector for a year and a half, very satisfied w/ results. Movies and games look great, and to the below poster, my gamecube is hooked up via digital component output and looks great in progressive scan. Got a great deal on it - great value for the money.

Any Problems: -Black levels could be much better -slight screendoor effect -component input thru vga, requires hard-to-find adaptor -occasional flicker after about 500 hrs of use, remedied by tweaking brightness output -one dead pixel, small greenish smudge in upper corner, not very noticeable

Review by CuBiCo

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO Those Who Have Set These Projectors Up For Home Theatre Use! I Too Had A Similar Problem As Mentioned By The Reviewer Below! It Is A Misdiagnosis By The NEC's "Clever" Health Management System. The Reason Why Your Projector Is Switching Off Is Caused By Residual Current Returning To Your Projector Via An Input Source. By This, I Mean That Power Is Somehow Looping Back To Your Projector. A Common Scenario For Example Would Be That You Have A DVD Player Connected To An Audio System, That Same DVD Player Is Connected To Your TV, And It Is Also Connected To Your Projecter. Although Your TV Is In Standby Mode, It Is Still Physically Connected To Your Audio System And DVD Player, Therefore It Is Still Connected In A Loop To Your Projector! The Simple Solution To Remedy This Would Be To Physically Disconnect The TV From The DVD Player When Not Is Use. Although This Is Only A Simple Home Theatre Set Up, It Should Serve As A Simple Guide As To Why/Where Your Projector Is Receiving Residual Current From. To The Reviewer Below I Would Suggest Isolating The Projector From Any Other Source Other Than A Single Input Source, ie: A DVD Player Not Connected To Anything Else Other Than Your Projector. If This Does NOT Work, I Honestly Can't Help You, But To The Rest Of You People Out There Be Warned That Some Home Theatre Set Up's Can Cause Permanent Damage To Your Projector. Hope This Helps Someone, Bye!

Review by shitty

Any Problems: Gets dirty and sticks in standby mode, can't get it to turn on. Manual says this means that bulb and or filters need replaced. Did that and still stuck in standby mode, is there a way to reset?

Review by CuBiCo

I've Owned The VT540 For Almost A Year Now And Have Found It To Be An Excellent Home Theatre Projector And An Even Better Multimedia Projector. I'm Currently Running An S-Video Lead To A Generic DVD Player (NINTAUS) Only Until I Finish My Media Centre Box, And Find The Picture Tolerable. In The Past I Have Connected My PC Directly To The Projector Thru The RGB Input And Can Modestly Boast That The Picture Quality Is Second To None! The RGB Input Is Currently Occupied By My Gamecube's Component Cables Via An Adaptor. Composite Is Reserved For My Laziness . . . .

Any Problems: I Have 1 Burnt Pixel Too Many Which Is Not Noticeable To Most People Stuck In The CRT Era, But Being A Fussy %^&%$* My Eye Sometimes Wonders To That Forbidden Place On The Wall. My Girlfriend Suggested Painting That Pixel On The Wall Another Colour!! Now I Have A Dent In My Wall With The Shape Of A Females Head! I Can Also Report That The Gamecube's Image Quality Thru RGB In This Projector As Absolutely Horrible, Apparantly There Is A Digital Cable Available, So I Won't Blame The Projector Or Gamecube Just Yet!

Review by coldfact

I had the "K" version for a month, it was a brilliant projector with amazing picture qaulity in XGA mode, bright with an Eco mode that makes it a bit dimmer. I used it mainly to connect to a Home Theatre PC, or HTPC with is highly recommended as a source for projectors of any kind. DivX was good, DVDs great and the Composite provided an input for my Digital TV Box. All in all a great LCD projector!

Any Problems: Slight "Screen Door" effect but this is unavoidable at this spec. Blacks could be better, detail from dark scenes is lacking. It is not the quitest projector but certainly within reason and not offputting in a lounge.

Review by Etha

Image quality is pretty. I had nec pg9 plus crt projector. changed to VT540 due to space, weight problem plus crt is too dark for my eye. Contrast is of course disapointing, but brightness is kickxs. Excellent for Tv or video gaming,animation(this one wins over CRT in this catagory) and computer presentation. For movie , it still has long long way behind CRT. Hungry for contrast,,, other than that Excellent.

Any Problems: Computer input. When VGA out is connected to computer monitor, the vga monitor turns off when projector is turned off. Lack of inputs. Should also have a component input.

Review by Lyndon Lim

After two months of enjoying this excellent projector I have decided to up-grade to a CRT. O am intending to sell this for AUD$3800. I have the original box, receipts, warranty etc. Perfect condition and hardly used. If you live in Australia and are interested, please e-mail me at

Any Problems: None

Review by Lyndon Lim

I had a look at abt 9 projectors before I settled for this felle (vt540). I was blown away went I saw it in May 2002. Skin tones were natural and picture sharpness and contrast beat Sony CS10, EIKI, Optoma DLP 730 and of course the dog of all projectors NEC VT45. I paid only US2600.00 for a brand new one so I believe it was of good value. Every tom, dick and harry sales man is trying to push DLPs harder but I did not see many benefits of DLP besides the less prominent pixelisation. Most of the DLPs I saw had very bad rainbow effect problems, whites were shimmering badly, and plenty of artifacts...DLP still has a long way to my opinion..unless you are willing to spend over US5k for one.

Any Problems: Component cable made the world of difference producing more natural skin tones and real world colors. However, you have to set this appropriately by playing around with the "advance features" image menu and selecting the correct color selections until skin tones look natural.

Review by Gary

I have been using this unit for 9 months and something over 750 hours - maybe 300 DVD movies, the rest primarily TV watching, with a few hours of PC games. I calibrated it once using the AVIA DVD and it stuck. Taking it down for periodic filter cleaning is mildly annoying. Overall I'm very pleased - it's a very good unit for home theater use.

Any Problems: There is one cyan-colored pixel "stuck" on - not bad for a remanufactured unit I got $1000 off on.

Review by Gretam

Very happy with image quality. Have had it for one year now, consider it a good value for home theater. This web site proved valuable in educating me on what was out there for my needs. The VT 540 fit the bill perfectly. I am sure there are some new models out there from one ago to choose from, but for one who is on a budget you wont be disappointed with this projector for home theater use.

Any Problems: Went through 3 projectors before got one without dead pixels. Apparently the manufacturer had a bad batch of LCD that were recalled. Anyways the 4th one worked well and besides a little hassle it was worth the wait.

Review by Bierfuizl

Nice picture, good colours, easy to use, rather quiet (but still quite audible in low-volume scenes). Setup is simple, on-screen menu easy to navigate. Excellent bang for the buck. My device didn't have any dead pixels to start with and none have appeared after 500 hours of use.

Any Problems: None yet. Maybe one minor thing: It's quite easy to touch the lens while zooming the picture (I do that quite often to switch from 4:3 computer picture to 16:9 home cinema mode) to get the best fit on my wall. Features missing: Motor zoom (see above ;-).

Review by James Hart

This is an awesome projector. it produces great video even in economy mode. HDTV looks excellent on this projector

Any Problems: Lack of video inputs. I use it for home theater, and use a switchbox to switch the VGA connector between my computer, HD DirecTV reciever, Progressive Scan DVD Player, and Xbox video game console. I use the S-Video for my TiVo and the composite for my VCR.

Review by ram

I tried 5 projectors before deciding on this. It is a excellent unit for the price.

Any Problems: None yet. I had to change 3 units to find a dead pixel free one.