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NEC VT650 User Reviews

NEC VT650 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
8.6 lbs, $3,995 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.3
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.8
Maxell MP-JW4001
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Mike Griffin (2)

It's 2014 now and my VT650 is still going strong. I still reckon that the picture is bright, vibrant and clear. The biggest downside is black level. My brother has a Panasonic AE8000 which is obviously much better and should be given technology advancement but it doesn't make me disappointed in my NEC. As for reliability it has operated flawlessly since 2003. The first globe exploded, I'd accidentally turned the lamp life warning off. Cleaned out the lamp housing and back itto service it went. It has outlasted several DVD/Blu ray players and I reckon in another 11 years time I'll be back to write my third review.

Any Problems: Menu system not as intuitive as it could be. Low contrast by today's standards, especially affecting black levels.

Review by olive

Very good experience with 3 years using VT650. No problem never, excellent product. I'm changing and buying a new NEC unit. I'm very happy, one of my best purchase

Any Problems: NEVER

Review by Mike Griffin

I've used the projector for several hundred hours now and I'm very, very happy with its performance. Projected images have a film like quality, which is why I chose this projector in the first place. It is ever so easy to pick the poor transfers to DVD, even some DVD reviewers can't do that but a quick check of the bitrate always confirms suspicions. Colours are terrific and ability to respond to rapid strobing is awesome. I often wish for a higher contrast ratio but screen masking helps. I love the native 4:3 ratio over widescreen. Marked features down, actual component video connectors rather than having to make/buy an adapter would be an improvement. Menu system is very intuitive.

Any Problems: A large dust particle in the light path was removed by an NEC technician at no charge. My remote also is vague when shutting the projector down. Fresh batteries help.

Review by John Hall

This projector is just excellent. I have had 5 projectors earlier, and now I bought this. This projector has 1500AnsiLumen, and a contrast ratio of 400:1 wich is pretty good (June2003). I have compared this projector to projectors with much more expensive projectors (2000AnsiLumen/600:1ContrastRatio) and it is just as good.. But the main advantage with this projector isn't just it's excellent and crystal sharp picture, It's the very low noise level.. I use this projector in my home-cinema environent, and it is perfect because of it's very low noise level.. After years with projector in my living environment, I know what is definately most important, LOW NOISE LEVEL !!! :) I payed about £3200 for my NEC VT-650, and it had been used for 1 year before I bought it.. The New-price for it (1 year ago) was approx. £5000... I think spending about £3200 on this projector is well spent money !! I would very much recommend this projector to anyone !!!

Any Problems: Jealous friends !! ;)

Review by Damon

I researched and auditioned a number of projectors before buying the VT650 for my home theatre. I was very impressed with the Infocus LS110 but could not justify the Australian pricetag for only SVGA resolution. While the Mitsubishi XD200 has excellent stats and reviews, on audition I found that I was sensitive to the "rainbow" effect which I found too annoying. This was odd as I have used an old Davis DLP projector from work on several occasions and never noticed the rainbow effect although that machine totally lacks any colour intensity in comparison. The Panasonic PT-LC75U was a little lacking in the contrast department. A local dealer showed me the NEC and it was impossible to argue with the value. I have now used the unit for around 100 hours. Picture is excellent, particularly with DVD on component video input. Remote control is easy to use. No extraneous light from the front of the unit. Very quiet, particularly in economy lamp mode. Good mix of features although DVI could be added. Contrast compares well with other machines spec'ed at 600:1. Definitely better than the VT540 which I also auditioned in the same shop.

Any Problems: A minor criticism is that the de-interlacing algorithm sometimes applies too much "blur" to smaller items such as text. Reds are a little unnaturally bright (though not orange as noted for many other projectors reviewed on this site). Jim - I also initially had problems turning the unit off with the remote but found that switching the unit off requires the off button to be held down for 3 seconds. Alternatively do as I have done and enable the menu option "confirm before switching off".

Review by Jim

I love this projeactor. The specs do not do it justice as far as the contrast ratio or the internal processor. This is my fourth projector, and I don't feel that you could do better with any other projector for up to $4,500 street price

Any Problems: it has been difficult to shut down with the remote control . NEC sent me another remote, it helped a little, but still difficult. It takes me several tries to shut it down.(maybe it is an issue with MY unit.