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NEC VT670 User Reviews

NEC VT670 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 2100 ANSI Lumens,
6.8 lbs, $1,995 (MSRP)
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4.1 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.9
Features 4.1
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 3.9
Value for Money 3.8

User Reviews

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Review by cesarinho

I have many years with this projector and am very pleased, excellent color images, very good durability of the lamp, more than 3000 hours and still runs great, maybe need a little more lighting, but is well

Review by nav

I have been using that projector for a while now at my school, and think that it is great. It is small, bright, and easy to maintain. It has all the features I would want. Thumbs up NEC!

Any Problems: It does have a fairly noticeable contrast issue, and annoying warnings for say when the filter is dirty.

Review by Rob

I would have to disagree with Carol. Use these projectors in 12 classrooms. Have tested s-video and VGA. Hooked up to Dell and Toshiba pc's and have had excellent results. Powerpoint, JPEG, DVD, and Webcasts.

Any Problems: Projectors out of stock.

Review by Carol

I bought this projector mostly for presentation and after careful research. For movies it is fine, but projecting photography from my laptop it is terrible. The color is off...mostly yellow and it is too bright, it blows out the highlights, blacks are gray. Focus is not good. Technical support says it is my laptop that is the problem. I don't believe that as have hooked up to a friend's laptop and it is no better.

Any Problems: The entire projector is a problem.

Review by COZ'N'EFX

This is the 4th projector I've lived with (former room mate owned 2 of the 4) and by far the best overall. I bought this almost a year ago and couldn't be happier. HDTV looks great on it, it's quick to set up, and very portable. I use it at home and take it out almost every weekend to clubs for VJing, to friends houses, on vacation, and once at work for a presentation. I think the best feature is the short throw lens. From a little over 14 1/2 feet it can project a 150" image. This has been great for clubs with small stages. In my opinion, at the time of purchase, this projector was the best value for native XGA, 2000+ lumen, LCD, with short throw lens on the market for under $2k (I think this is closer to $1k now, almost a year later). Highly recomended.

Any Problems: Screen door effect is noticable @ 150" if you look for it, but I don't notice it, so it doesn't bother me. This is not good for projecting outside on a sunny day (I think you'd need a projector with about twice the lumens for daytime projections outdoors). I don't think either of these small issues take anything away from it's great value.

Review by ravi

when i first bought the projector i thought it looks bulky but after comparing it in an exhbition with the other projectors i found out that there cant be a better buy than this one.

Review by nizam

not too bright and color is out of range

Any Problems: 2100 better u put 1600 ansi lumens be'cos 2000 n 2100 have any diffrence or not.

Review by Brad

I was at a trade show this past week (July 2004) and had the oppertunity to see many projectors on demo. The clarity and color saturation of the VT670 really were outstanding. For people on the go the quick setup and automatic keystone are a huge plus. I picked up the VT760 and noticed the image went all wierd for a second or so and suddenly the image was perfectly aligned...most other automatic keystone projectors I saw required you to push a button to engage the correction, with the VT760 you just tilted the projector and it corrected the image for you. No buttons to push and no menus to dig through, except to turn the feature on the first time. As far as image quality is concerned, I will just rank the VT760 among the other units that I saw. The show room was lit with florencent lights. This is just my impression from walking arround the show room, because there was no way to compare the units side by side in perfect lighting conditions. Samsung--both the 63" plasma (PPM63H3Q) an 40" LCD (403T) were amazing and seemed to have better color saturation and clearer image than the VT760 Benq --- the PE8700 was not as bright nor did the colors seem as saturated as the VT760, but the PE8700 did seem clearer. The colors on the PB2220 seems a little washed out, but that could have been the signal souce as Benq was using a DVD and NEC was using a slide show of pictures from a laptop. Casio --- was showing both the XJ-350 and XJ-450. They only had powerpoint and excel, but the images were very bright and clear when compared to the VT760. Hitachi --- the CP-X1200/X1250 and CP-S235 were good quality projectors, but for some reason they just didn't standout to me as much as the VT760 did. However the CP-S235 was exceptionally quiet. Sony -- I saw the VPL-PX15 and a few other models. the colors seemed a bit washed out and the both person was more excited about the network capabilities of the projector EIKI -- had the unfortunate location of having the florencent light right above the screen; however the EIP-10V all-in-one (built in DVD player, TV Tuner, Media Card Readers) still had an exceptional image and good colors. If you are looking for a grab-n-go projector, then take a look at this one. I also saw the LC-XG210, but don't remember anything that impressed me more than the VT760. Smart --- was showing some very impressive front and rear projector interactive white boards. There were all sorts of features for using a special pen or your finger for writing on the display, circling things and such. The writing was added and savable with the original powerpoint document. The rear projection seemed better, because the front screen had a huge hot spot and the image was blocked by the person trying to write on the screen. Proxima / InFocus --- these are same but proxima has a longer warrently than Infocus. For portable use the M1 and M2+ are amazing. Itty bitty things under 2.5 pounds, but not as bright or color saturated as the VT760. Mitsubishi --- demoed both the XL8U and XL5950U. The XL8U seemed to be about the same as the VT760, but was sitting next to the XL5950U which had an absolutely beautiful image. It was bright, crisp, clear...just beautiful. It was the best image I saw at the show if you don't mind the $9k price and 20 lbs wieght. The both person seemed to think that the 3900/4700 ANSI Lumens would be too bright for home use. NEC also had an LT10 on display, but sitting next to the VT760 made the poor thing look sick. I guess in the brighter lighting conditions the 1100 lumens of the LT10 couldn't compete with the 2100 lumens of the VT760. Even if the LT10 had 2000:1 contrast while the VT760 has only 400:1 contrast. I really wanted to see an LT240K on demo but it just didn't happen. the LT240K and VT760 are about the same street price and it would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of the two units. LCD vs DLP --- contrast ratios, color saturation, rainbow effects, screen door effects.