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Optoma EzPro 737 User Reviews

Optoma EzPro 737 Projector

Optoma EzPro 737

XGA (1024x768), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
3.5 lbs, $2,795 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
11 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.3
Construction 3.8
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by D00dm4n

Okay, so I've had this projector for 2 years now and looking back at most of the reviews, I can see why you complain. Leveling the screen is kind of a problem... IF YOU AREN'T USING A FLAT SURFACE. As for rainbows and poor image quality you should look at your other equipment (DVD player, computer, VCR, etc.) first before bashing the projector. Using a low quality DVD player like a PS2 outputs a bad signal, and you will get rainbows and other crap like that. After purchasing a NAD DVD player, the picture was PERFECT!!! Please consider your other devices, because this projector really is a fine piece of equiment.

Any Problems: -Lens cap is annoying -Can be a bit noisy sometimes(loudspeakers can cancel this out) :) -I wish you could use the remote to turn it on -Some ambient light while in use

Review by Mike

Nice machine for the money. I've had it for two years and use it in the office conference room when clients come in and at home as a home theater on nights/weekends. Office application is great, bright, clear. Home theater is good, but not excellent. For the money it's a nice unit. Flawless reliability, easy to use.

Any Problems: Leveling mechanism is sub par. Need magazines or books to level display. Lens cap goes on and comes off poorly.

Review by Jay

I found this projector to be just as bad as the Optoma EZ-750. But actually worst. The projector boast about a high contrast ratio. But I didn't notice it. I found myself comparing the EZ-750 side by side with the 737. I shouldn't have to do this with a projector boasting a 2000:1 ratio. The EZ 750 boast a 600:1 ratio. To be honest with you the Optoma 750 I had at the time was brighter and clearer. I purchased this projector with high hopes of a better picture, but nada. I ended up selling this to a friend and I took a $700 loss. The menu was better than the 750. It was much easier to use. But I didn't pay $1700 for the menu. So this was a loss to me. And Optoma needs to do something about the construction of thier projectors. You have to use books and blocks to get the damn projector to line up straight with the screen. And like the 750 you only get a 79 inch picture at 13 to 14 feet away from the screen. You have to knock down walls just to fill up a 100 inch screen. The remote infered sensor also died on me within 3 days. I was pressing the button playing with my cat and it just died. One thing I can say is the customer service is good at Optoma. When my 750 died on me, they sent me a new one right away.

Any Problems: Cheap Remote. Bad construction. Image mediocore. Don't notice the claim of 2000:1 ratio at all. Not the best for the money.

Review by Jason Bourcier

I bought the Unit for 2900.00 Canadian in August 2003 and have had it running for awhile now and am therefore qualified to make a well rounded review. It is best fed by DVI/M1-DA from my Radeon 9800Pro in my HTPC for DVD's and ripped movies playing directly from my hardrive. As for my Bell EVU 6000 satellite reciever, I use component/M1-DA from my for HDTV/SD feeds. Composite and S-Video is absolutely attrocious!The difference between DVI or component is almost nill in picture quality but I do notice less rainbows with this unit when fed from the HTPC via the DVI. All in all there are rainbows from any feed but only are they a nuisance from the DVI / component feeds when one has the most contrasting backgrounds..(i.e....a candle buring against a dark wall....the flame will leave rainbow streaks in your eyes if you dart them side to side.) Otherwise in bright situations rainbows are non existent. THe unit is good for long rooms, my unit is on a 100" screen at about 15 feet back. Long throw lenses subject the image to much less factory keystone adjustment than short throw because the image does not have to travel with such a steep decline to the bottom of the sceen as on a short throw lens. So I will always prefer long throw where possible.

Review by Dan

I received my projector yesterday and had very high expectations that it would provide a better viewing experience than my Toshiba 51" rear-projection TV. Although I haven't had the unit for very long, it has been long enough that I know I won't be keeping it. The construction tolerances seem fine (except for the lens cap), but the "feel" of the unit is dissappointing considering the $2300 price. I expected MUCH better. I also expected the picture to be brighter. This is supposed to be a 1500 lumens unit, but I think this sites professional review tells the real story, measuring closer to 1000 lumens. The remote works flawlessly as far as the signal transmission is concerned, most likely due to the dual IR sensors on the main unit. The biggest complaint I have is that it is NOISY! Again, the specs say 32dbA but is is really about 36dbA. That means it is more than twice as loud as it is supposed to be. Definitely not suitable for watching TV/movies at a moderate volume. I think a large portion of the noise comes from the spinning color wheel. I wonder if an LCD projector would be quieter? Another major problem is that you need to put the projector at least 15 feet from the screen to get a decent sized image. Not good for a lot of homes. This projector might be good for presentation/computer use in very large rooms (although I can't confirm this since I haven't tried it), but I certainly wouldn't recommend it for home use of any kind.

Any Problems: The lens cap does not seat firmly into the lens. The mouse/menu controller works fine in mouse mode, but is difficult to use in the menu system, due to a lack of clearly defined left/right/up/down positions. This was frustrating, and unacceptable for a $2300 piece of equipment.

Review by Kevin

I was interested in the 737 and was a little scared at purchasing one from reading the online website/mag reviews. (The ones I'm sure you all have read as well) These review indicated things like "poor image quality", out of focus areas, etc. Let me say that I took the plung and purchased one of these projectors. "fingers crossed". Well I'm GLAD I DID. I turn on the system and started looking for these "problems". Let me report that I have yet to see ANY of these things to show up. I powered up the system and what a GREAT PICTURE right out of the box, and that's with composite and svideo signals. It was sharp all over, great contrast, great brightness (with all lights on) and when I looked at the settings they were only at half way up. Plenty of room to adjust. I then ran the "THX Video Screens" (from one of the dvds" to adjust the screen and the picture only got BETTER. I would HIGHLY recommend this projector and don't worry about those "online" reviews. They must have gotten a "bad one" or an early model. NO PROBLEMS and I'm VERY HAPPY with my purchase. Oh, also NO RAINBOWS either. Very Nice unit. Cann't wait to setup DVI and component video.

Any Problems: Would like to have had a longer power cord. Although it's normal length at 5-6 ft. Everything else is great.

Review by bwpowell

i have had this projector for a few months now, in a dedicated HT room. projecting on to a da-lite high contrast da mat screen, amazing picture quality for the price, no pixels noted, and no rainbows! now that it is on an actual screen made for dlp. HDTV is unreral!

Any Problems: only gripe again, is no true DVI or component in, you have to run the component to USB/m1-a cable but it still works fine.

Review by bwpowell

Straight out of the box, the image quality was amazing. projecting on a white wall, i was thrilled at the image quality just using the s-video out. i will run component soon. THis projector is very bright, everyone talks about the dreaded rainbow artifacts, but i rarely see them and only if i am looking for them (mostly in dark scenes if you take your eye of the screen) it is completely worth the price, it is like seeing these movies in theaters again. i would recommend this projector, i was looking at the sharpvision z90u and could see pixels at 10 ft! the optoma I cant see pixels at 4 feet with an 80 inch widescreen screen!! love the high resolution.

Any Problems: occasional rainbow as with all dlp. projector could be a little bit quieter, but once running the movie, not noticeable. no direct component in was my only gripe, have to do the component to DVI

Review by Raymond

The Optoma EZ PRO737 is the very first projector I have purchased/owned or even viewed, so I may not be the "cats' meow" when it comes to analyzing and critiquing projectors, however I do know whether a picture looks good or not. I wanted something to watch movies on in my family room and didnt have alot of money to spend so I did some research on the web and opted for this model based on its price, resolution & contrast ratio, and DLP technology. I must say that when I watched my first movie I was entirely satisfied with the picture quality and depth it achieved. So to me, a regular guy, looking for a good picture would definetely recommend this projector as a "good buy". If someone is able to lead me to believe that another projector is SO much better in the SAME price range please post something here under the reviews section. Otherwise it seems like most of the people that critque are very "techy" and down right PICKY when it comes to their take on a certain unit. As far as my take on this unit; it has a great picture, so why buy a 65" rear projector when this bad boy, which is portable, gives an impressive image and up to 4 times the size around the same cost?

Any Problems: None as of yet.

Review by DubSport

I bought two EZpro737's as soon as they came out. They have an awesome image, the best contrast I have ever seen in a projector, and it is very bright. I brought them to a tradeshow, projecting about 15 feet away from 2, 60" wide screens. I did not have to provide any shade over the screens, even with the ultra bright halogen lights in the Las Vegas Convention Centre glaring down on my booth. The superior contrast is blatantly apparent when watching the intro credits of Spiderman on DVD, with the white of the webs against the black background. It looked WAY better than any other projector I brought in for review. The mouse control feature is just plain stupid. It is infra-red, meaning line of sight, making it difficult and ineffective. Nowadays, you can buy Radio-Frequency wireless handheld mice that connect to your computer via a USB dongle, it is good for up to 30 feet, and it is not line of sight, so that is a way better option.

Any Problems: If you place the projector on a table, you would expect the bottom of the image to be at the same height as the bottom of the lens right? Well this projector projects way up at a strange angle, so I often have to wedge a book underneath the back of the projector to get it to project straight. The little feet were a horrible design, they do not compensate for that, and also are horrible for any sort of left-right alignment. Also, during projector boot up, it seeks a signal for you, making it easy. But if you do not have your computer connected while it is seeking, you are doomed, you have to power off the projector, wait like 2 or more minutes for it to cool down, then power it back up and let it seek again. I have yet to find a workaround for this and am trying to get in contact with Optoma for a fix.

Review by Peter

I wanted to buy a projector that wasnt dedicated only to home cinema, but also would be good at the office. But my primarily concern was how it would show dvd movies. I wasnt very impressed at the dealer's showroom, but i bought it due to the high contrast ratio 1:1600 and because its DLP. And I must say that when i tweaked the brightness, color etc. I was VERY impressed. Im using my PC with an nvidia mx440 graphics card and powerdvd, and it gives a really beautiful vibrant picture. Absolutely no complains here. So i can only recommend it. Also its relative small size is a great plus i think. ps. Projectors are generally too expensive so i can 'only' give good for value for money. pps. No economy or standby mode either.

Any Problems: No problems. Only the minor annoyance that sadly is related to DLP concerning the dreaded rainbow effect, which i was aware of before i chose DLP. I found out that my glasses had a great influence on the effect, cause when i use contact lenses they are all gone. But its not all people using glasses that can see them though, so i guess the optics in your glasses have something to do with it.