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Optoma H30 User Reviews

Optoma H30 Projector

Optoma H30

SVGA (800x600), 800 ANSI Lumens,
4.6 lbs, $1,499 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
43 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.2
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 3.5
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by Justin

Been using it for 1 month and absolutely amazed! The colors are brilliant and contrast is excelent. No rainbow effects noticed, so you don't get headaches if you are sensitive to the DLP color wheel. Very easy to navigate through the menu and settings. Very pleased with the purchase to use for my home theater.

Any Problems: The unit gets quite warm from the lamp, so I placed a fan next to it to keep it cool.

Review by Ed McCreight

Except for lamp failures, we were very pleased with the projector.

Any Problems: We have experienced two lamp failures, each with under 50 operating hours. We suspect a problem in the electronics of the projector is causing the lamps to fail, but Optoma's repair station in Germany just wants to replace lamps. Optoma paid for the first replacement, but is refusing to pay for the second, even though we notified them of the second failure less than 90 days after the first replacement.

Review by moxxie

Image is more than acceptable taking in to account the size of the screen and image projected. Was very happy until (unbenounced by retailer) that the bulbs we're $500.00 (canadian dollars) about 80% valuation of the american dollar.

Any Problems: Lamp gave failure warnings at about 1500 hrs. Did not know that lamp can fail this early...........retailer not helping!!! Did not know that this was possible. Had heard 5000 hrs but now know this is not correct. Lamp very expensive!!!!

Review by

I started out with a 4805 for about 3 days. Besides the headaches, the color seemed off even after calibration with Avia, and the image looked, well, digital. When I exchanged it for an H31, I knew I had done the right thing. The image is ALOT more filmlike, the colors just pop off the screen and add depth to the scenes. I was even able to watch the H31 on a bare wall with no distraction or poor picture. The finish on the H31 is alot more "serious". It's throw distance is shorter than the 4805 which makes it ideal for smaller rooms or closer seating distances. It has more aspect ratio options than the 4805, and is whisper quiet. I mean QUIET! But the biggest reason I highly reccommend the H31 is because of the SDE (screen door effect) is probably cut by half over the 4805! This is key, along with color, to enjoying a movie and having it feel like film. So, are you the type that buys the "home theater in the box" packages? Or are you the type that picks the best components (in their budget) and builds their own theater? Ford Escort (4805) or Toyota Prius (H31)? For DVD movies, the H31 is the clear winner. As a toy for the kids or outdoors, the 4805's big rugged plastic housing is the best choice.

Any Problems: Wish it had a built in speaker in the unit to take outdoors. Long DVI cable runs (20ft. or more) have trbl with the H31.

Review by mliff

I absolutely love this projector. My blacks are extremely black. Very excellent. The quality is amazing. It's quiet as well. I initially had a problem setting up the projector with the throw distance. I might have done something wrong but I couldn't get a focused picture unless i did the exact setting as described. I thought it was supposed to be a range. Oh well. The only problem I have is the Rainbow Effects. Ever movie I've seen I can see the rainbow effects. My wife doesn't see it either do my kids. But my brother came over and he noticed it as well. I'm guessing for a low end projector you're not going to get that to go away. The first time I noticed the effect is when I looked away from the screen than looked back at it. Now, most anytime I turn my head away and back I notice. Anybody have any clues on if there's an adjustment I can make to the unit. Overall I'm very pleased for $1200.

Any Problems: Just the rainbow effects!

Review by Sokar

This is my second review after i go returnet my h30 in store to get my maney back that has so poor image shop owner say what dvd movie u use when try yours home i say 5 difrend dvd name high-end home theatter shop owner give to me tune up dvd disc and SUPERBIT DVD movie fast and furius movie that tune up disc is best adjust the contrast,brightness,sharpness,RGB color, after 2h adjustment i insert SUPERBIT dvd in my pioneer 939a dvd player and i amazed how good picture my optoma h30 has very next day i buy this h30 DLP projector i returnet shop owner his tuneup dvd disc and superbit dvd hi say dvd disc quality or bit rate is low and make very poor image some dvd disc so u must buy SUPERBIT dvd if u want to see very best and superior picture in yours 100" screen so i am satisfied for my optoma h30 DLP projector PS: there is zero rainbow effect and black is pitch black

Any Problems: need 2h adjustment fan is 30db ( not bad ) see pixellation if u sit closer that 3m for sceen

Review by Sokar

I live in finland here norhtpole ice bear walking in the street in here YES OPTOMA H30 is very good foor money value this is my 5 Projector i have sceleco 350 crt[expencive to use],sanyo DLP xga reso[fan is 43 db],HP 6121 DLP xga reso[very bad color image very expencive lamp],XD200u DLP xga reso very good pj but lamp run 1500h and cost 410e expencive to use and now i have optoma H30 price go down when h31 gome market and i get THIS OPTOMA H30 800e is good and cheap pj best pj what i yet have every thing are beter but resoluutio some times in hdtv satilite image are poor but not bad i dont change h30 for that reson this beter pj i have seen in europe market\hig-end home cinema shop in germany,sweden or england for 7000e and i like play burn out 3 for x-box 100" sceen in h30 very good picture for DVD,X-box,PS2,VCR and avrage image for HDTV satelite HDTV some times hapen pixellation 800*600 can not give good 1280*720 image but price what h30 cost picture are out stanting ps: dont hate my englis i have readig Confusion

Any Problems: HDTV some times hapen pixellation fan lower volume missing DVI inbut i use DVI->VGA adapter

Review by Bogey76

I loved this projector when I first got it. Picture is fantastic, DVD movies look amazing. Then the bulb died after only 300 hours (about four months of use). The warranty on the lamp is only 90 days, so Optoma won't replace it. The whole situation is infuriating.

Any Problems: Lamp is poorly made, didn't come close to lasting the 2000 hours promised, and is not covered by manufacturers warranty.

Review by J.E Park

I have been using this since last June. DVD screen is amazing and HD screen is good at the price. I can not see any rainbow effect up to now.

Any Problems: Sometimes it lose signal.

Review by Dave

I purchased this projector in November 04 and just now getting the chance to really experience it. I've read several peoples problems with bulb failures but I think when you purchase a projector that is part of the game you accept bulbs do die and they will die with any brand projector you get. Look up forums for different manufacturers and you will see they all complain. I also believe alot of the problems from some people could have alot to do with their environments, (irregular voltage, EMI, and other interference) use a line conditioner to play it safe. I have not had a problem with my H30 in any way shape or form. I am projecting on a Stewart 100" diag Firehawk Electriscreen beautiful and stunning. I read lots of reviews and threads on different projectors and finally saw one in person at a local theater shop and my jaw dropped. I compared it with a Marantz projector that was $14,000 and call me crazy but I honestly thought the picture on the H30 looked better. I have never had to call support but from pleny of others posts it seems Optoma really does take care of their customers. Needless to say this is the best projector for the money hands down. I will defintely buy from Optoma again. The price has even come down again on this projector since they realeased the H31.

Any Problems: None

Review by William Chen

I had been use H30 for almost 1 year so far so good, It had been watch more then 200 DVD's. Regarding LAMP PROBLEMS try to use UPS system from APC(BE-350U,$39) or Triple Lite that may help to prevent LAMP damage. The other way to prevent LAMP damage is "Don't try to turn on/off immediately" wait for 30 min until LAMP cool down. GOOD LUCK!

Any Problems: None

Review by Leo

I am from Toronto, Canada. This is my first PJ. I extensively researched the subject and obtained few demos at dealers. The selection was not as wide as one would hope, especially in the economy segment. My primary program source is SD satellite TV besides the odd DVD. Based on 480i compatibility, native 4:3 format, DLP technology, advanced color wheel application and several good reviews from various sources I was ready to buy the H30. However I need to see and touch what I buy. To obtain a demo was not easy. The presentation was very convincing, so I bought off the demo unit (40 hours on the clock) for a reasonable price, about two and a half months ago. The initial setup was a breeze, using SVHS connection, a little end table 11 feet from a well used Dalite Classic glassbead screen. The picture quality was incredibly good depending on the given TV channel/show/movie. I could not leave my chair for hours. There are lots of different adjustments possible but hard to do it on a constantly changing picture, but you will find what is most pleasing to your eyes. Ambient light is not an issue unless it is a very bright morning since my dedicated home theater is in a basement. Some residual light from the next room or thru window shades are tolerable. The projectable formats are flexible enough, to meet the formats of most sources. Family and friends were impressed. After a couple of weeks I moved the unit out of the way to its final location under the ceiling. The honeymoon was over after 260 hours on the clock, by end of December. The unit refused to turn on, from one day to the other. The blinking indicator LEDs never matched the patterns described in the Owner’s Manual, leaving me in darkness about the reason of the breakdown. To obtain a fast and courteous service was not a problem as its location is about 20 miles from my residence. Therefore luckily the mailing of the unit back and forth was not involved. The service operator assured me, that they replaced the lamp and that was the only problem. When I asked if he used a new lamp, his answer was not convincing. When I checked at home the clock was set back to 190 hours. This replacement lamp was free because the original broke down within 90 days from the purchase. Now I wonder what is the warranty on the replaced lamp. So we are back in business for now. The entertainment is just as good as before. But I think Optoma needs to work on the quality aspects. Long term reliability is a key issue in home electronics. Regards, Leo.

Any Problems: VERY early lamp breakdown.

Review by be

This is my first projector , I bought it because of the many good reviews it recieved. Its performance has been great until now, 3 1/2 months later. The bulb has blown and optoma canada replaced the bulb seeing it had only 200 hours. Their techs did not reset the lamp timer and the bulb has blown again. Only two weeks later. Over all i still think it is a good projector and hope they can repair this problem. I would definately recomend this projector if it did not have this problem.

Any Problems: lamps failed twice, once 3 1\2 months after i bought it, then again two weeks later. Still trying to contact optoma to resolve problem.

Review by CB

Optoma Warranty service is pitiful. Sent unit in after 6 months and they replaced the "engine". when I got it back the "lamp" indicator came on and I got the "you have to buy a new bulb" line. I am battling with the execs now. BTW this is the second H30 to fail on me.

Any Problems: NO customer Service. Poor Warranty you will be buing replacement bulbs before a year.

Review by Ed

Bought this and the 4805 and did a side by side comparison using both svga and component video. I liked them both but the Optoma has the ability to play in native 4x3 which is a huge difference in image size when watching 4x3 material. It seemed to me that the the optoma has less SD effect at any distance. I was veiwing a 96" wide image at 17ft away and was very impressed with the color and blacks of both units. The 4805 had slightly better dark details but the optoma has more vivid colors. I did not calibrate either unit and only played with the brightness, contrast and gamma to try and match the two images to each other, meaning that both units could be improved beyond the quality i was seeing. I chose the optoma due to the vivid colors and less sd at my viewing distance, and $380 dollars less price. My only drawback is that i already built the 50"x96" screen which is now too small since I get a beautiful 72"x96" image with the h30 when using native 4x3 material.

Any Problems: over head mounting screw threads look marginal but i have not had any problems with them.

Review by TalonOne

I love this projector! I have it set up in my basement set up on a grey painted wall. It looks fantastic! HDTV looks great too. I haven't had any problems with the unit loosing sync. I chose this unit after a month of debate between DLP EDTV and LCD HDTV, this looks better.

Any Problems: The power supply DOES BUZZ a lot if not on a line conditioner (Depends where you live, I live in New England). Monster Clean Power stuff DOES NOT WORK! I needed to get a real line conditioner (20 bucks on e-bay). No more buzz and I'm estatic!

Review by Fabricio

My unit has just 10 hours - so far so good. It has a beautiful image, nice color saturation, but the lower resolution is bothering me. I chose Optoma over the Infocus 4805 mostly for price reasons (both produces same quality image level but the U$ 300 made the difference) DVD is my only use, and even then I'm considering a upper resolution unit such as some Mattehorn chip or LCD Panasonic AE 700.

Any Problems: It's losing signal when using composite video, in S video and Component/VGA it's OK.

Review by masa

I´ve used my optoma h30 for 200 hours. The first and only problem has been the noise of the colour wheel(after 100 hours). It can be a really annoying and loud sound and can really disturb your movie watching. Otherwise it has been working without any major problems. Now i'm trying to get it fixed under warranty, that seems to be a difficult thing because I bought it from New York and i'm living in Finland. I'm looking for after-sales service in Europe to get the projector repaired under warranty(No one of the finnish importers want to take care of the problem!!!). Seems to be poor services...

Any Problems: The noisy colour wheel Warranty Services

Review by Erik

I have 100 hours on the counter of my H30 and I'm still impressed by the image quality. DVD's played via my laptop with a 800x600 resolution are stunning !. How is it possible that images that are made to been seen on 80 cm TV screens are still magnificent when they are enlarged to a screen of 240 cm ? Congratulations for the build in scaler. The only disadvantage of the H30 is a little lack of brightness. I'm projecting at a distance of 4 m. During each movie I have the feeling that is was recorded at twilight.

Any Problems: The documentation did not explained what kind of SCART/Composite adapter I had to use. I even did not know there different kind. It toke me several weeks before I could connect my videorecorder.

Review by neil

can't belive what i got for $1100 after months shopping and retured 2 projectors ( benq pb6200 and infocus screenplay 4800) i could say optoma h30 is the best home theater projector which priced around $1800. I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE.