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Optoma HD72 User Reviews

Optoma HD72 Projector

Optoma HD72

WXGA (1280x768), 1300 ANSI Lumens,
7.0 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
34 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.3
Construction 4.1
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 3.9
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by Robert G.

Run for your life. Notoriously bad bulb life. You will be disappointed.

Any Problems: Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs. Optoma is clueless and unwilling to fix. Buy another brand.

Review by DMH

I have had my projector for 3/4 of a year now and it is amazing to hook up to my 360 great picture light weight goes anywhere with me. 1 thing about it it needs a dark room like even some sun makes it hard to c alittle is not to bad. I love this projector.

Any Problems: i havnt had any

Review by AndrewinTO

Great picture, good blacks.

Any Problems: Eats bulbs for breakfast. Two haven't made it pas 800 hours on econo-mode. I would hope that most bulbs would make it at LEAST to the halfway point to 3000. Should have stuck with my trusty EP739

Review by Dean_HD72

Wow, now at one year of pretty heavy use and I still love this projector. I matched with an OPPO upconverting DVD player and the movies just look great. I paid $1800 last year, now at $999, this is an utter steal.

Any Problems: The HDMI socket broke, not very sturdy especially with a stiff HDMI cable. But the overall repair experience with Optoma was great.

Review by Rickramjet

When the Optoma HD72 projector worked it was a dream come true. great price and a great picture. It was very easy to set up using HDMI cables. I used the reviews on this sight to make my final decision to buy the HD72

Any Problems: After just one year of use and about 1000 hours on the HD72 the light would go out about two minutes after turning the unit on. For that two minutes the picture was fine. Turn the unit off and than back on after cool down, the light goes back on but again goes out after aprox 2 minutes with a good picture. I have a four year protection plan. The folks at the repair facility say that the Optoma HD series Projectors have a un-repairable problem with the color wheel. I am now awaiting circuit citys responce for a replacement. I am really sad about this, I really liked that projector.

Review by desertpanda

When it works, it rocks! But no way a light bulb runs for 3K hours. Be happy with half that.

Any Problems: Oh, yeah, many. In 18 mo. it has eaten through 4 light bulbs -- or at least it appears it is the light bulbs. At 350/bulb, it has cost me as much to buy the actual projector as it has maintaining the bulbs. I've had one bulb go out with 300 hours hour, the rest went out at around 500 to 700 hours.

Review by btodd

Beware. Unfortunately, any good experiences with this projector have been wiped out by its failure after just a couple hundred hours of use. I wish I had known when I bought it that so many other Optoma HD72 buyers had experienced the same frustrating product failure, one that is obviously due to a manufacturing flaw.

Any Problems: This infamous Optoma HD72 product failure is one of the worst kinds -- it tricks you into believing the lamp is the problem, so you can end up replacing the lamp several times before you realize it is not the lamp at fault. Optoma is no help at all -- they won't even admit the manufacturing flaw exists, and their response to customer inquiries is a joke (unanswered emails and phone calls are the rule, not the exception). See the "HD72 Screen Goes Black" thread on Projector Central to hear directly from the many Optoma HD72 users hit by this problem.

Review by Jack

This is an update now that I have the projector more than 18 months. I am still very pleased with this unit and wanted to post that my bulb life experience seems to be better than others who have posted. I am at about 1,400 hours now and still going strong. It is true that the bulb is not as bright as when it was new, but it is still more than adequate for my 110" Carada Bright White screen.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by wgzn

i had been debating between the 720p optoma hd72 and its 1080p big brother the hd80. the hd80 is right at twice the price of the hd72. i kept asking myself "is the quality jump going to be so good as to justify 2x the price?" i couldnt find any shops who stocked these set up in a side by side scenario. so i just had to go with my gut. i finally (after doing research here) went with the 720p hd72 - for the money spent $1627 (after sales tax) add in the $200 rebate. at $1427 im THRILLED! at about 22 feet from wall to projector, im getting roughly 160" diagonal and can count strands of hair! GRANTED i am in a HUGE nearly pitch black room. and the fixed lens angle is crazy. the projector is on a stool 18" from the ground and the top of the projected image is right below the bottom of the 10' rafters. i see a good deal of keystoning once i mount it on a drop-platfrom from the rafters... havent put it through its paces yet. but just out of the box watching timewarner/comcast cable HD programming. MOJO, USA, A&E, FOODNETWORK, ESPN, etc... - AMAZING! im sure that when i add a 1080p blueray/hddvd player i may see a difference between this and the 1080p version (hd80) - but it would have to be CRAZY-WILD better to justify a 2x price.

Any Problems: the fixed lens angle might prove problematic for anyone with installation restraints. and i have heard of issues with bulb life... but if you have a big dark room. and if an extra $400 every year or so for a new bulb wont bother you - you'll be happy!

Review by depth charge

I had onwned of these projectors for a year.the picture quality was stunning ..great blacks and colors even great depth with HD content.

Any Problems: the only problem and this is a big one is that my bulb only lasted a little over 500 hrs and the projector itself was installed propely.So to the other post hes lucky he got 1000 hrs out of his bulb.. and yes the bulbs arnt cheap .. so be warned .

Review by blake

Excellent picture. Great connectivity. Quiet. No rainbow effect. No problems mounting the unit. Bulb life has been horrible. First went 1100 hours. Second has died at 900. Wow... painfully expensive proposition. I run exclusively in the "low brightness" mode to conserve bulb life.

Any Problems: Low bulb life

Review by L8apex

Great projector image and features, just like all the reviews. Super happy until... the bulb went out.

Any Problems: The bulbs do NOT last 3000 hours. They last about 1000 hours (which was 15 months for me) and are ridiculously expensive. Optoma does not consider this a defect and will only give a small discount on purchasing a new bulb (once). Consider this projector as requiring a $350 bulb every 15 months or so.

Review by doug

Great image. Great price. Poor Bulb Life. Like many others, mine bulb only lasted 900 hours. A far cry from the advertised 3000 hours. Overall a great machine, just plan on feeding bulbs.

Review by G Krispin

Overall, this is an excellent projector. The image quality and clarity, despite some ambient light very much commends this projector; in fact, the Costco Package makes this projector (HD6800) very affordable for anyone who desires a wide-screen experience.

Any Problems: Unhappily, the one issue I've had relates to the remote. It ceased to work after several months of minimal use. Having returned it at some cost, I was informed that it only carries a 30 day warranty and I'd need to purchase a new one. I find it disconcerting that Optoma would be so tentative in standing behind the various components of its product; I hope this does not reflect upon the other components, though perhaps it does. The Costco warranty (full refund for return of entire package in case of any defect) certainly outranks Optoma's confidence in its own products. I actually intend to return the whole package as a matter of principle and look for a manufacturer that is willing to stand for more than 30 days behind all components of its product. (I don't even fault them for only giving a 90 day bulb guarantee, as there are so many variables involved with bulbs; I expect more than 30 days from electronic components).

Review by zedman2003

Great image out the box was impressed with a bright and very sharp image. after a little tweaking it got even better am impressed with black levels even with some ambiant light. xbox360 looked amazing this projector really shines when using hd content. if your on the fence as to buy a projector for the first time this could be a great first choice yes its a pain to get the the projector where you want it but every thing else just works out the box.

Any Problems: early days but not so far

Review by FONZYSL


Any Problems: NO PROBLEM

Review by Jeff_Calgary

HI have the Costco HD6800 package - 92 inch screen. Everything works great and looks great. I have it in a seven foot ceiling basement room. I have a ceiling mount and have just tilted the projector up slightly - I did not need the keystone correction since the minor change in shape of projection is not at all noticable. I'm happy.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Marius

For the price, this is Excellent home .Picture quality on this projector is excellent, this is a must see product.Best DLP home cinema projector i have seen.

Review by Braveheart

The HD72 came right out of the box easy to set up and program with the remote. The tripod mount was a bonus, since my Optoma ceiling mount was on backorder. The operation manual left a little to be desired, like details about how the image shift was designed. Using component video and DVD source, the image was stable with good color balance and contrast right out of the box. Brightness in the cinema setting demands little or no ambient light. At a 92" diagonal, the sharpness left a little to be desired. It was likely secondary to the source and my level of expectation. I found myself constantly trying to focus. Follow the projection calculator carefully before selecting this projector, installation is somewhat limited. Overall, very excellent bang for the buck. See problems below.

Any Problems: On initial setup, new hum/noise in the audio circuit of my AVR3805 Denon Receiver was a major hurdle. The projector also emits an audible high-freq whine when on which reminds me of a CRT. The component video is connected to the monitor out of my receiver as normal--all wires tested OK. Even bringing the projector AC to the same distribution center as the receiver did not rectify the problem. I floated the ground using a 3-to-2 prong adaptor on the projector and 50 percent of the hum went away, but put your ear close to the tweets, and it's still there. The chassis now has a common ground with the receiver through the component connection. I tried multiple hook up scenarios and ground locations, and no matter what I tried, there was irregular noise in the audio system directly related to the projector either being "on" OR on "standby". This might be complicated by the fact that I don't use the Receiver to amplify all channels. My next solution is to disconnect the AC ground on all secondary amplifiers, but I really don't want to do that. Bottom-line is that the projector was the only variable when the hum presented, and it goes away when the AC rocker is off on the projector. I am preparing to use it connected directly to the source to eliminate the headache all together, but then why do I have a receiver? Awaiting Optoma's response on the issue via web.

Review by TCroly

This is my fifth home theater projector and I am very inpressed with the picture quality on HDTV. It is simply stunning! This is by far the brightest projector I have very owned and has the most vibrant, saturated colrs I have ever seen. It is a grat choise and an exceptional value for HDTV or HD-DVD. However, when viewing non HDTV sources, the same atributes that make this projector so good (high contrast, high resolution ultra sharp image) hurt its performance. Ehen I watch SDTV or average quality DVDs, this projector looks too noisy for my taste. My NEC HT1100 is a better choice for these types of image sources. the HT1100 is able to smooth out the video noise. While the HD72 passes it all through and reproduces it with harsh contrast. Since 60% of my projector use is for SDTV, I have decided to keep my HT1100 and sell this new HD72. You will find my listing on this site under "used projectors"

Any Problems: Great projector for HDTV, not as good as my old projector for SDTV.