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Optoma ML750 User Reviews

Optoma ML750 Projector

Optoma ML750

WXGA (1280x800), 700 ANSI Lumens,
0.9 lbs, $1,049 (MSRP)
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3.3 out of 5
3 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.3
Features 2.7
Construction 3.3
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 3.0

User Reviews

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Review by Jye Satti

Terrible projector: Unreliable, no customer service

Any Problems: It broke down after 3 years (using it once per fortnight) due to a manufacturing defect that was assessed by a projector repair company - $900 repair bill I have been writing to Optoma USA and Optoma Australasia via email and facebook for weeks - no replies at all! Will never buy Optoma ever again.

Review by Rob

Great size and weight. Works reasonably well in situations with ambient light. Certainly usable for presentations etc. For movies or games it gets a little awkward. The image quality is great but you need to work out how you are going to do the sound. From a laptop it isn't such a big problem because you output the sound to the laptop speakers or out to speakers from the laptop. From a xbox however it isn't so easy. No bluetooth or audio out from the xbox so you have to use the cable out from the ML750 to speakers. It works but is a bit of a hassle and messy with all the cables.

Review by rchinnery

This series Optoma projectors are a clone of the Acer K-series... it is a K135 in black clothing instead of white... look at pictures online. That being said, I like mine... it's amazing what picture quality you can get in these little things, and only consuming around 50-60 watts. It makes for a great "substitute" projector when I don't want to keep racking-up lamp hours on my main HT projector. I made a retractable mount for it, so that it lifts-up and out of the way from being in front of my main projector. Great for kids to use for gaming, TV watching, etc.