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Optoma ML750ST User Reviews

Optoma ML750ST Projector

Optoma ML750ST

WXGA (1280x800), 700 ANSI Lumens,
0.8 lbs, $1,149 (MSRP)
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3.9 out of 5
4 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.5
Features 3.8
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 3.8
Value for Money 3.8

User Reviews

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Review by Jye Satti

Terrible projector, fell apart so quickly.

Any Problems: It broke down after 3 years (using it once per fortnight!) due to a manufacturing defect that was assessed by a projector repair company - $900 repair bill I have been writing to Optoma USA and Optoma Australasia via email and facebook for weeks - no replies at all! Will never buy Optoma ever again.

Review by ertpro

On a 78-inch Elite CineGrey screen, with minimal light, I find the 750ST's performance quite impressive, whether watching mlbtv, or dvds, or blu rays, or laserdiscs! I was worried about encountering dreaded 'DLP rainbows' but I noticed the phenomenon only twice - very briefly and before I'd finished calibrating the unit. A month later, nothing.

Any Problems: Nothing so far; everything I've tried works as it should.

Review by Allez

Purchased this for tabletop role-playing game map projection. We don't use it in a dark room, though the blinds usually need to be drawn, and direct sunlight will completely wash out the image. It works well due to the LED lamp which supports any projector position (specifically pointing directly down. It comes with a threaded mount on the bottom that I have attached to a boom mic stand, and its lightweight construction keeps it balanced. Overall, it exactly matches our needs with two exceptions: I would prefer a 1080p (or larger), and more illumination, but for the price and size (did I mention that it fits in the palm of your hand?), there is nothing like it. It is also quite portable which is good since we play at four different locations.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Joe

I have the GT750 model variant, but other than being optimized for gaming lag, they are the same. Weird part is the non gaming model here has the same low lag. Anyhow, I have a 107" screen setup at about 6 ft away. Works great for my needs. Starts and stops quickly and is so tiny to take anywhere. Yeah, you will need very little light in the room for that size picture. Bottom line, while it couldn't hold a candle to today's new TVs with so called HDR color or whatever, who cares? It's a freakin 107" screen in my man cave room. Got mine for $460 used at amazon warehouse deals.

Any Problems: The fan is quiet yet annoying on anything but eco. It has 3 fans in it. No lamp counter either, oddly enough. No HDMI audio return. Remote triggers my LED lights color options when using the menu :)