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Optoma UHZ65LV User Reviews

Optoma UHZ65LV Projector

Optoma UHZ65LV

4K HD (3840x2160), 5000 ANSI Lumens,
22.0 lbs, $6,099 (MSRP)
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4.0 out of 5
5 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.2
Construction 3.6
Ease of Use 3.6
Reliability 3.6
Value for Money 4.0

User Reviews

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Night and Day
Review by Graham Higgins

First of all, the people who have said that this projector isn't bright must have seen a broken one or reviewed a different model by mistake. I watch on a 9 foot screen, with the curtains open, in cinema mode and it's comparable to watching telly. Literally day and night compared to my last projector which wasn't really cutting it during the day. The picture is very sharp, colourful and cinematic with good contrast and greys, and everyone who has seen it has been impressed, some unlike me, preferring the slightly dazzling presentation mode which might be better on a sunnier day or fantastic for a show or presentation. I'm not sure what the greenish 'light' mode is all about but I don't need it That's it for the good news. Here's the bad news! It's big, white, ugly, plasticky, noisy whale as I knew before I bought it. Only the picture is 'high end' The plain remote is illuminated but not intuitive or ergonomic. the picture is good straight from the box but, the settings menu is poor including the way it's presented on the screen and it isn't easy or satisfying to set up. I don't need any keystone adjustment where my projector is set up, but not including it is frankly a silly, tight fisted mistake on what I consider to be a workhorse of a projector that could get moved around and used in less than ideal conditions. In conclusion, a brilliant, very bright cinema like picture but everything else is a bit cheapo. If you're aspirational buy a Sony or keep your old projector and use the cash towards a better trim level on your next Audi

Worst projector i have ever seen.
Review by Chris K

I have bought this projector 6 months ago mostly due to its 5000 lumen brightness, to watch 3d movies on my 165" screen. I have seen that people have issues with it but hoped these problems will be fixed with software update or easy to skip. I was wrong. In the beginning projector was working quite good. Picture was super bright and its software problems weren't so bad. From what i noticed it had some overburn't white's in Dynamic Black mode and also had problems to properly sync 3d picture (needed to turn on/off couple of times). It didn't also turn off HDR, when non-hdr content was played so i needed to turn it off manually each time. With time it became only worse. The projector started to randomly dim picture to about 50% of the lamp power and i discovered how to fix it temporarily (put brightness 100%, then dynamic black again), however with time this even sopped working so projector was only putting 50% of lamp power which made picture comparable with 1KUSD projectors. Also the 3d mode started to be more and more hard to turn on properly - sometimes i neede even 10 MINUTES!!! of on/off to finally turn it on. I sent it to service but they only made factory reset which helped for 1-2 movies and issues came back again. Also the service was lying about lots of things (fixing, changing main board etc.). Very low-quality customer experience. In the end i have projector which does not work properly - Optoma is not anserwing my emails and don't care to update the faulty software from 2019 (now its december 2021). From my insights its only software problem as sometimes projector (for short time) put 100% of light and good HDR/3D picture. All in all it is the worst piece of equipment i have ever bought and i will never buy anything from Optoma again. I will also advice everybody to not buy any equipment from them.

Super Bright Projector - See Details Like Never Before
Review by Mike Trivisonno

When I first connected this projector, it was doing all kinds of crazy things like switching between bright and dim for no apparent reason. It was driving me crazy and I was about to send it back. I did a reset on the projector to no effect. But I procrastinated, not wanting to part with a projector everyone said was amazing. During this time, and I have no explanation as to why, the projector just seemed to settle down and start doing its job. It is tremendously bright, and I am seeing details in movies that just did not come through using my old Optoma UHD60. It's really quite an amazing projector. It's just so bright! And it has much better contrast. It's really bright. I am so glad I did not send it back. This is the best projector I have ever owned.

Killer picture
Review by Marcel

It comes in presentation mode which is a bit weird for a Home Theater Projector. When I first set it up, I had mixed emotions about it. The color didn’t look that great. It took about three weeks of off and on tweaking to get it right. It seems like I would change a setting then next time I turned it on, I would have to tweak it again. After two to three weeks of tweaking however, everything seemed to settle down. It was like the projector needed a “burn in” period. I have had this projector for several months now. The picture is amazing! I have not had to do any tweaking since the initial three week period. The brightness and contrast are fantastic which brings out detail in dark areas never seen before. Landscape in outdoor movies are so real it seems like I am literally there and seeing it with my own eyes. I looooove this projector. I am so glad I bought it. In brightness and picture quality, it rivals large flat screens. I built my own home theater in my house and have had many projectors over the years. The UHZ65LV is by far the best I have ever had. So, if you have a little patience and take the time to tweak it to get it right, you will be rewarded beyond expectations.

Review by Mellini Fabio

I state immediately, the Projector is not to be placed in Hell, it must be placed in Heaven at the beginning of the podium! It is very bright exaggerated (Presentation mode), in my situation with small screen about 80 "(16: 9) I use in" Cinema "mode and brightness 50% and it is excellent excellent with" Dynamic Black 2o3 "even if sometimes the intervention of this is abrupt and not as sweet as it ideally should be ... (it looks and I think it is a mechanical diaphragm? ...). It is recommended to disable for 3D projections. The reproduced image is truthful (photos, personal videos) and above all with high light and contrast dynamics, the other day I saw the Blu Ray HD Film "The Spirit" reproduced in a spectacular way with incredible blacks / whites and without the slightest video noise throughout the film and was in Full HD up scaled to UHD (Panasonic UB-9004 player and Marantz SR6014 + Rotel HT Ampli, 8K fiber optic HDMI cables). I recommend Test Screens with (Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K "Screen Test" application) Contrast / Brightness, Sharpness, Color Gamut, Monoscope bars, are right, HDR 10 and HLG are handled correctly and highlighted, for some seconds, with a small black box at the top right, and permanently in the very important “Info” Screen x 2, where the identification parameters * of the projector and the type of HDMI video signal managed at that moment are written. Please be informed that HDR played at 2160p 24Hz is 12 bit 4: 4: 4 BT.2020 HDR and for 2160p 60Hz it is 12 bit 4: 2: 2 BT.2020 HDR (this last from the BD UHD Gemini Man movie), however it keeps for non-HDR sources, 12 bit 4: 4: 4 BT709 SDR. The black and white and shades of gray are wonderful and dynamic !!! Laser light is ideal strong white! although it always passes through the Color Wheel in this case RGBY segments. The projected dark screen, room without light, has a small lighter frame all around the edge that should be covered with the use of a screen with black borders, personally I can't do it ...

Any Problems: Problems, which I have almost completely solved! (this part is Important!) We all know about the HDMI connections dialogue protocol, the bizarre, stupid HDMI security paranoia, especially with cascaded connections of our beloved Home Theater, because the Disc interrogates the Player, the Amplifier Audio Video Processor, cables and finally the Projector, when the control dialogue from OK starts after ... the show ...? With the previous OPTOMA HD50 projector I always had HDMI interfacing problems, and you have to give the time to lock the signal ... and even with this UHZ65 LV I had to suffer and swear, because it was slow to acquire the arrival signal, it was unstable when calling up the Information Menu Screen (s) causing the wrong projector serial number * to appear! and other information notices cut out of numbers and letters like the IP address, and sometimes the screen went all pink !? HDR !, for 3D instead, which remains to be entered manually, was always to be reversed because the 3D went inside was not correct. I solved it by inserting a "Chromecast" device that is always active and powered in the HDMI 1 v1.4 input, any HDMI device is fine but a signal must be present, in the second HDMI 2 input the v2.0 4K / MHL certified one connects our Home Theater, I don't understand OPTOMA only two inputs one of which with lower characteristics? Anyway I solved the Projector is stable, it is faster to acquire the HDMI signal, the Info Menu has no more problems, no strange colors, the 3D is immediately right not to be inverted. So it seems the HDMI device in input N.1 keeps it synchronized helping the Projector for the management of input 2 UHD 4K HDR. The remote control is beautifully backlit without exaggerating, with a nice fade, has a laser pointer, some buttons can be programmed, many not used, very interesting and surprisingly the "Freeze" button to freeze a video image! So possibly to photograph ... As a constructive substance it is made of untrimmed white plastic, there were plastic hairs to be cleaned at the edges, the big lid ("Zoom-Lens Shift" commands) is not open by itself? It is not influential when mounted upside down on the ceiling, the whole optical group seems suspended in a cushioned, professional way. Quiet on average when the Visual Show is running, noisy in "Presentation" mode at full power 100%. Satisfied OK a lot, Spectacular Viewing (but it takes excellent movies, the Blu Ray of current movies start to be printed badly !!!), we hope that the operating characteristics, (307 hours passed), continue to remain in time !? Don't you get the dust inside? As for HD50! I forgot for 3D viewing you have to use DLP LINK glasses (excellent are Hi-SHOCK DLP Pro "Black Diamond") I conclude by urging OPTOMA to eventually update the Firmware to eliminate the bugs present. The Menu set in Italy, the HDMI signal screens are in German! And also, the model identification * Projector on the body is not present? there is a small paper tag stuck crooked with DAZKUZT serial number and bar code, only by going to the OPTOMA website by typing the serial number you get UHZ65 LV, here I don't like this ... it looks too much like another ZK507 W. .. I apologize for any incorrect translation. Fabio Italy