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PLUS Home Piano HE3100 User Reviews

PLUS Home Piano HE3100 Projector

PLUS Home Piano HE3100

SVGA (848x600), 450 ANSI Lumens,
4.4 lbs, $1,299 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.3
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by ding chavez

I've had the HE-3100 for almost three years now. Overall, I have to say that I've enjoyed it. It is a very reliable and easy to use device. Service and support has been excellent from PLUS. The current cost of a refurbished HE-3100 is really low compare to the 3K that I paid for it 3 years ago ($999). There are a few things that I would caution you about wrt this projector. First of all brightness and screen size. Going bigger that 80" diagonal, you will suffer. Darker movies really don't show good black levels, (my screen is 120"). I have a completely dark room I can tell you that I really wish I had a brighter projector sometimes. Second things is DVI resolution. Although the project is 848x600, the specs say that DVI only supports 800x600 (without compression). I'm am getting a Bravo D1 and I'm skeptical if I will see any picture improvement because of this. I might given the elimintated D/A A/D conversion, but there will be scaling, compression, and/or clipping issues to deal with.

Any Problems: Only one minor peave. Lamp life. The picture quality was noticeably poorer at 700 hours, while the lamp is rate at 1000. I had to replace it (a $259 item). It is possible that my set-up contributed to this. Since the first lamp, I've setup the project with better ventilation. I'll post another review if the lamp life gets better.

Review by Uncle Ed

Great projector (HE3100), I use it in my home theater on a 8'x5' screen and move it outside for the drive-in effect on a 10'x 8'stretched bed sheet. All the neighbors come over and we make a night of watching movies under the stars..

Any Problems: None yet and have had it for 7 months.

Review by Dutch Delite

I bought this projector 4 months ago. It beats every LCD projector (even if the LCD projector has a progressive input signal). The Piano, with it's internal progressive scan module, is the best DLP projector you can get for that price. If you want a good projector and have a limited budget, I strongly advice you to purchase the Piano PLUS. It's absolute value for money !

Any Problems: None

Review by Lyndon Lim

I bought this from B&H in Melbourne for AUD6k. The quality which most impressed me was this little fella's ability to do blacks. Dark scenes in movies could be followed very clearly and whilst blacks weren't perfect, they were better than more expensive projectors like the Infocus LS110, Mitsubishi XD200u, Benq 480HT. I upgraded from my LCD NEC VT540 to the Piano because I felt that I could not follow details in darker movies like Dark City or the dark scenes in The Gladiator. The Piano played all these dark scenes amazingly well. What I discovered that the Piano did not do too well was handle motion artifacts that is, when the camera pans in a dark scene, you'll get a image tearing effect. Using the DVI input via my HTPC (Home Theatre Computer) eliminated motion artifacts to a large degree. Using the DVI input and HTPC provided me with picture quality which I believe exceed many of the best cinemas' within Australia. It still cannot be beaten at this price point.

Any Problems: Do not exceed 85 inch WIDE screen as this projector has not got the brightness to do it. If you project an image less than 85 inches wide, you'll get beautifully smooth as silk images. The built quality is not solid. It looks rather cheap like a tupperware. (but image quality is what counts) Motion artifacts without HTPC.

Review by Arthur

At first I was not sure what to buy a plasma screen or a projector. I wanted a large screen, with reasonable quality and hopefully it would not cost too much. After looking at LCD projectors and plasma I was sure which would be better for viewing mainly DVD movies at home. Once I saw the Piano it satisfied my desire for a large screen and at a low cost. I have used the Piano for 3 months now and is very happy with it. I still compare it with plasma tv and its cost and definite I have no regrets at all.

Any Problems: No problems encountered

Review by John

I really enjoy this projector. I am primarily interested in watching DVDs so it really meets my needs. As far as brightness goes a reasonably dark room can easily make DVDs really enjoyable especially wide screen DVDs. Component input is excellent as is the DVI connected to my PC, which I use as a PVR.

Any Problems: RCA Composite Video input is very soft does not look very good and requires a longer viewing distance.