Earlier this month, Panasonic partnered with projection-mapping pioneer Bart Kresa to execute a permanent installation of the now iconic Shogyo Mujo skull as the visual centerpiece of Area 15, a new experiential retail, dining and entertainment complex in Las Vegas. During the course of the several day project, which was live-streamed by BARTKRESSA Studio, Joe Conover, manager of Panasonic Live Events, interviewed Kresa about his history prior to his ground-breaking projection work, what drew him to this unique art form, and the role technology plays in bringing projection-mapped installations to life. The 45-minute discussion is now available on YouTube.

Shogyo Mujo is a 12-foot tall sculpture created by digital artist Joshua Harker that functions as the canvas for Bart Kresa's animated projection designs. It first appeared at Burning Man in 2014 and has been presented as a temporary installation at various trade shows and conferences since then. Kresa, a projection-mapping pioneer, and his team at BARTKRESSA Studio are responsible for many of the world's largest and most elaborate projection-mapped projects to date. Visit the BKS website to view the studio's reel of accomplishments.

To learn more about Area 15, click here.


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