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Panasonic PT-AE3000U User Reviews

Panasonic PT-AE3000U Projector

Panasonic Home PT-AE3000U

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 1600 ANSI Lumens,
16.1 lbs, $3,499 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
15 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 5.0
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by Pixel Eagle

I've had this projector for about 6 months now and it's awesome! I used to have a Sony VPL-HS10 which was a great projector, but this new Panasonic takes it to another level! The black levels are stunning! The colors are perfect! I honestly can't find anything wrong with this projector. There are so many features, actually so many I haven't even needed to use. I have this puppy ceiling mounted connected to 1 HDMI cable that runs into the wall and use my receiver to do all the switching. Works like a charm. I checked out and demoed every PJ in this price catergory and this Panasonic was by far the best!

Review by rhais

I love this projector! Easy to install (ceiling mount), awesome image, just about every bell and whistle known to man and at a very affordable price. I have owned six different projectors since 1977 and this one represents the greatest "jump" in performance and technology thus far. This one is a "must have."

Any Problems: None

Review by egbet

This projector is awesome. The only issue I have is that the bulbs only last for 2000 hrs. I've gone through two in six months. Buy this one if you can!!!

Review by Pinballfan

Great projector. I love the lens memory feature. For movies I go really large/wide and shift up to clear my low shelf where some of the AV gear lives. For HDTV I fill exactly what space I have above the AV equip and between my speakers. For SDTV I shrink it down a bit to minimize the impact of the SD resolution and to brighten it up a bit so more lights can be on. I just wish it supported IR codes for selecting each input. Discrete on/off codes would be nice, as would codes for lens memory settings.

Review by Ann Albin

Wonderful projector right out of the box.

Any Problems: We have only had it for about 3 weeks and so far so good. The picture is amazing right out of the box. We are very pleased. I don't know what to say about "black" levels. I am not a videophile. But I will say that sitting about 10 ft away from a 92" diagonal 16:9 screen, I feel like I am in the picture it so real.

Review by John

I absolutely love this projector. The combination of incredible image quality and feature rich projector make this one hard to pass up on. My only gripe, and not a huge one at all, is I would love to have had a specific button to switch between my lens memory presets. Going through the menu isn't really a problem, but when you set up a system, get a universal remote and still have to go through a couple different menu screens to switch between 1.78:1 and 2.35:1, it slightly takes away from ease of use. All in all phenomenal projector and if your budget allows it, pick one up. You will not be dissappointed.

Any Problems: No problems yet, fingers crossed. Have about 300 hours on it.

Review by Sid Halstead

This is an unbelievable projector for the money. I have a 16 x 9 screen that is @150" diagonal and it is bright enough even with ambient light. Blu-ray picture and picture interpolation at option 2 is ridiculous in a good way. It's like looking through a window. At first, the "soap opera" effect on this setting can be a little distracting, but it's an awesome picture. Sometimes can get that "jagged" LCD look on lower quality signals such as 420p, but is still a lot clearer than my old Optoma H79 which is a DLP projector. The Panasonic is half the price and twice the quality as the older DLP technology. If you have high quality signal (blu-ray and HDTV), then I definitely recommend this projector.

Any Problems: Having trouble getting it to save my settings. Seems like I have to re-enter it every time I turn off projector. I am sure this is operator error. Sometimes has the jagged look to lower quality signals.

Review by Kevin Downunder

I own an AE2000 also. I have been very happy with this projector for over 12 months, however the 2000 was never mounted in the roof as I hadn't built my cinema. I started building late last year and although the AE2000 is still functioning and only half way thru it's 2nd lamp, I decided to upgrade to the AE3000 for one main reason. The Memory facility. It is a must have option if you've installed a constant height, 2:35 screen setup and want to roof mount your projector. I am also pushing this unit to the limit as well. My projector is mounted on a ledge above the top of the screen (I now have a vaulted ceiling)in normal table mount configuration. I use the Lens Shift to lower the picture almost a full screen down. This works perfectly, no distortions, no keystone problems. The AE3000 is also much brighter then the AE2000 and you can see a significant increase in contrast. A real winner and a must have for those who need to push just one button to switch between 16:9 and 2:35 ratios!

Any Problems: None:

Review by mrchuck999

I've had my AE3000 for about 2 weeks now. I was impressed by how great it looked right out of the box. I am very picky when it comes to color. I expect whites to be white and skin tones to be natural. I love a sharp image but I don't want to see digital artifacts. My last PJ was a CRT so you can imagine my bar is set very high. As the Ae3000 lit up the screen for the 1st time showing a Bluray copy of Independence Day, I was amazed. The sharpness was fantastic. The image was so smooth with no digital artifacts such as screen door or pixel structure, I could not tell it was an LCD projector. The image was just as smooth as my CRT running at 1280x1024. The AE3000 is a total winner and I could be happier!

Any Problems: None so far. I am thrilled with this PJ and I'm pretty tough to please.

Review by Gary S.

My wife and I have just spent our first full week using the AE3000. Upgrading from a Sanyo Z-2, of course we are blown away with the new unit. The AE3000 is packed with features that make it very easy to use. We especially like the power zoom and focus, it is great to adjust these without touching the lens. The picture is very sharp in all the preset modes, we are partial to the normal setting with a few slight tweaks. I read in one of the reviews that the unit didn't do well with standard def. dvd…It must have been that persons dvd player not doing a good job with up-conversion…our experience with standard def. dvd on the AE3000 is excellent. Hi-def content from the cable box is also excellent. The Cardinals vs. the Eagles game on Jan 18th was awesome, everyone was very impressed with the picture, even with quite a bit of ambient light coming in through the windows.(It's gona be a great Super Bowl this year). Blue-ray is just outstanding!! We weren't expecting a picture this size (80" diag.) to be so sharp, clear and 3-D looking!!, and as bright as you can stand it. Contrast and blacks are very good, almost as good as our Samsung gen.6 LCD TV The unit is virtually silent. I wish my laptop was this quiet. Very happy with this PJ.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by TimGraf

I was very impressed with this projector. After installing it in place of my previous projector, a Panasonic PT-AE900U, a few minor configuration setting, We have it ceiling mounted, screen size, position, etc. The brightness, image quality, contrast, were all exceptional as compared to our last projector. My wife and I watched HD cable programming and Blue-Ray discs as well as DVDs and every format was noticeably better.

Any Problems: The dust issues with this projector are serious and real. After less than a month, proximately 2weeks of use we now have dust blobs that are very noticeable in dark scenes. Mind you we used our previous projector extensively in the same location and same place where we installed this new projector for over 2 years with absolutely no issues what so ever. I am currently contacting Panasonic for any advice on cleaning the projector. However given that it is ceiling mounted, taking it down and cleaning this projector every month or more will be a huge hassle. I am extremely disappointed and angry. I read many reviews before purchasing this projector and I did see a few complaints about the dust blob issues. I should have taken those complaints more seriously.

Review by spacedude

This projector is very bright (nice!) and throws a great image when using HDTV and Blu-ray disks. Anything lower in quality as a source tends to degrade quickly. Hence I give this a "good" (not excellent) on image quality. However, if you watch mainly HDTV from good sources (1080i or 1080p) or hi-def DVD's, then this projector will amaze you. Also, this projector is MUCH larger than the images on the internet seem to indicate. Both the box and the lens are massive. It weighs about 15 pounds and was tricky to ceiling mount. I really like the brightness and the image quality when using a good source.

Any Problems: For some reason, regular DVD's don't look as good as I would expect on a 1080P projector. Certainly not as good as my older DLP projector. I suspect the upconversion is not as good as it could be or possibly my projector just needs to be calibrated. No other complaints.

Review by Curt

A very good projecor for the $$$ Fantastic picture & Color The best bang for the $$$ The cinemascope feature is spot on Brillent! very bright for my screen @ 140'' wide! You will not go wrong with this projector for the $$ you will spend.

Any Problems: no problems now!

Review by DanB.

Finally, a projector that can produce true blacks! I also own the PTAE2000, and while the contrast is good on that unit, the PTAE3000 is far superior. Hands down. The 3000 is also able to put up a much brighter image, as well, allowing for more visual impact. Also, the frame creation feature really does improve motion on 1080p /24 fps materal without sacrificing picture quality. Some people are bothered by a slight lip synch delay with these modes, due to extra frame insertion and image processing delays, but I feel the overall delay is minimum. This is an amazing projector, especially given its very reasonable price.

Any Problems: One potential negative, depending on your point of view. Compared to the 2000, the 3000's image has significantly more grain. While it is true that you can give the picture a sharper focus on this unit, at times, I prefered the slight softness of the 2000's image... depending on the source material (i.e. When We Left The Earth Blu-Ray). But, for me, the improved contrast is certainly worth this small trade off.

Review by Visvania

This is my first impressions review of the PT-AE3000! Stunning Now that ive recovered from the initial shock let me try to put into words how much better this projector is compared to the AE2000 which ive also had the pleasure of owning. The picture created by the AE3000 has a depth and life which is simply not found in the AE2000. Its that good.

Any Problems: Cannot stop watching movies and the wife is getting jealous of my new infatuation