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Panasonic Europe PT-AX200E User Reviews

Panasonic Europe PT-AX200E Projector

Panasonic Europe PT-AX200E

HD 720 (1280x720), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
10.8 lbs,
View Specs
4.3 out of 5
5 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.4
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 3.6
Value for Money 4.0

User Reviews

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Review by Touche

I have had this projector for about 3 years now and have been very pleased with it. This projector has a great quality image with no screen door visible at normal viewing distances, and the physical lens-shift gives great flexibility to placement (I have mine sat on a high shelf behind the viewers). It also has a good range of screen sizes set by it's adjustable lens. I have mine set to 110" over about 6-7 yards. Although this projector is a native 720P, it takes a 1080P input. On static picture tests, I noticed a very slight (tiny) picture quality improvement when used with a 1080P source, but the 720P is so good I would recommend people use either mode (I couldn't see the difference on moving images). The only thing I can really fault the picture on is movies that don't fully fill a 16:9 ration aspect ratio show a slightly grey border instead of a true black. If you have an adjustable screen, or are prepared to zoom/stretch the picture, then this won't matter. The projector is quiet too. In quiet parts of movies I cannot hear the fan (although I have rigged up a ventilation pipe to take the extracted hot air out of the room, as the room can get hot after a few hours viewing). There is no perceptible lag as I regularly game on the 'normal' picture setting (even though it has a 'game' mode). The remote works well, as I don't have to point it at the unit - it seems to work anywhere in the room, and has a backlght key).

Any Problems: I initially had the projector set to economy mode to extend the life of the bulb, however after a couple of hundred hours of use, an annoying flicker would happen every few minutes (for a fraction of a second). I understand this is a know problem with projector bulbs, and setting the output to full power has cured this.

Review by SunnySky

Very good image indeed. Easy set up.

Any Problems: Very expansive replacement lamp. Tried 3rd party lamp... My advise: don't. They don't last very long. So this is a good projector not so expansive at beginning but expansive to operate.

Review by Vonic

Great projector, im watchning tv and PS3 every day, day or night, doesnt matter, great product for good money.Already 2200 hours without any changes of picture quality, brightnes still the same, ratio too.

Any Problems: Any problems at all !

Review by projectordude

without a doubt the best game projector there is! . 3D like pic forget the blacks and contrast specs forget the 2k 1080ps that make u think u getting something ur not ! this Pana will deliver film like images and bring out detail missing in most other projectors , infact it excels in bringing color contrast and missing detail to dark movies that lack contrast and color .theres more than just stupid extreme contrast levels to a great projector and this pana is the bomb . i sell em and have seen em all! nothing is close still the best 720p if u know how to tame it !

Any Problems: where to start? the ax100 had iris problems ! ax200 cured the sticky iris but it will still go wacky in extreme adjustments, pushing super high contrast and brightness will produce the blue haze outline on whites or even worse weird distortion that will make u back off the contrast a little then every thing is good , also its one of those projectors that need much different video settings from one source to the next but the differnt settings can b stored and are easy to use with buttons on remote .

Review by Psimondo

Initially pleased after upgrading from a Optoma739. Good throw, nice and bright and lots of placement options.

Any Problems: Focus was never right. The entire image was never in focus, you could only get one quadrant at a time. Pretty shameful for an HD projector. The color was also not uniform, left was green and right was red. Noticable on any black and white content. Finally, the auto-iris was slow, but broke and the whole image flickered constantly. Returned to Panasonic and replaced with no improvement. Avoid.