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Panasonic PT-AX200U User Reviews

Panasonic PT-AX200U Projector

Panasonic Home PT-AX200U

HD 720 (1280x720), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
10.8 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
49 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.9
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.2
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Fox

Used for about 2 years then its was stored for about 3 years after I moved to a new home. Finally got around to setting up my home theatre and noticed a yellow spot in the middle of the picture. After searching the web I found TONS of reviews "complaints" abut this issue. I called Panasonic and they said they don't know what the problem is and referred me to a repair center. The repair tech on the phone just laughed and said "yea those projectors all go bad, just toss it in the trash as you can buy a new one for less than the repair cost" This is very disappointing that there is a common problem that Panasonic wont acknowledge and stand behind. Just ordered a replacement but it wont have Panasonic anywhere on it. I moved onto a Epson 5030UB!

Any Problems: Yellow spot in center of screen.

Review by Mark Kristy

I have had my projector for four years and have been completely delighted with the performacne of this projector. I had a friend who has a 1080p television come over and look at the iomage being produced from my projector and he thought it was a 1080p image! The features in the menu are so exhaustive that I cannot think of any feature that was missed. This is a video gamer's dream. Video games are amazing! I have a Kinect, Playstation 3 and a 360 hooked up to the projector withy no issues. Virtually no lag when playing fast action combat style, Call of Duty, and fighting games, like Soul Caliber.

Any Problems: The only problem I can think of is that a few times the Playstation 3 audio would disconnect when I would start up the Playstation. But all you needed to do is go into the settings and assign the outputs to the RCA cables and you were good to go. 95% of the time the projector would interface with the right outputs with no problem.

Review by COLIN

I have had this projector for 3 years now, and it is by far the best I have owned. I started with the Optima 719 an ended up here..and I can't see a need for a new one until 4k comes around. Black could be a wee bit better, but it is crystal clear with 1080p at 120" throw. Solid, valued, and yet to let me down.

Review by Johnny B Good

I've had my projector for close to 3 years and used the 1st and 2nd bulbs for about 2,200 hours each. I just ordered a 3rd bulb. I am extremely pleased with the performance. I try to not to keep it on for more than 6 hours in one sitting and let it be off for minumum 30 minutes before you restart it. I use it on a 96 inch grey Goo painted wall/screen with 3 inch matte black pine border. People are amazed at the picture quality. I hope to get full use of the 3rd bulb before any problems crop up but until now none whatsoever. I highly recommend the AX200U.

Any Problems: None

Review by Vonic

just made my 4000th hour on the same bulb ... output is still very good. 3 years old, any service, any problems, every day in use, still working on ceilings mounting. Great stuff !

Review by Joel C

When I first installed this projector I loved it. The image quality and brightness were great. It was easy to set up, good selection of inputs, lens shift was great, good zoom capabilities, etc. It was quiet and really worked well. I cleaned the filter regularly even though the area it is located has good ventilation and low dust. After about 1,000 hours I began to notice a yellowish tinge in a square in the middle. The edges were fine. Over the next 50 hours the yellow became more pronounced and unacceptable. After checking around on the Internet it seems there is a problem with the blue polarizing filter. I called Panasonic and they acted like they had never heard of the problem. They said I could pay $150 non-refundable and send it to a sub-contractor in Kansas. I called them to find out how much it was likely to cost. They had to call me back (again, acting like they have never heard of this issue). If it was the suspected part it would require the replacement of the optical block. The cost of a new optical block is almost $1,000 without labor. I said no thank you as a new one would cost less. I read on a forum that it has to do with the organic coating on the polarizing filter. Other projectors I have owned would shut down before they overheated (if that is the problem). Some provide a warning message for filter change. The PT-AX200U did none of that. I would never recommend this projector and I will be very skeptical of any Panasonic projector in the future

Any Problems: Failed optical block.

Review by DisappointedDude

When I first got this projector I was happy with it. Beautiful Picture and quiet operation. But after about 1000 of use it started to shut off on me. (the infamous iris problem) sent it in twice to have it fixed and that cost me about $300. After the repairs it worked about 2000 hours with no problems. Then 1 got my second bulb which lasted only about 1200 hours before getting so dim it was unusable, but the worse thing was that a yellow/greenish bright spot showed up right in the middle of the image after about 400 or so hours on the 2nd bulb. I tested a friends used but working bulb and the spot is not going away. I would never recommend this projector to anyone, and will not buy a panasonic projector again. At first I loved this projector, but now I'm regretting even buying a projector in the first place.

Any Problems: Iris Shutter problem, fixed twice! ($300+/- to fix) Greenish/Yellow spot (probably lots $$$ to fix) 2nd lamp only lasted about 1200 hours before failing.

Review by Dr ESDLs

The picture developed a yellow spot after (2 1/2 years of use). I discovered that this is common for this model and that it would cost $1,100.00 to fix it. Very disappointed that this projector didn't last longer, and very disappointed with Panosonic Service regarding a known defect in the product they manufactured and sold to the public !

Any Problems: The picture developed a yellow spot after (2 1/2 years of use). I discovered that this is common for this model and that it would cost $1,100.00 to fix it. Very disappointed that this projector didn't last longer, and very disappointed with Panosonic Warranty Service regarding a known defect in the product they manufactured and sold to the public !

Review by Katherine

This projector had all the features we needed for viewing movies in a sunny living room during the day, theater experience at night & gaming. I was very pleased with this projector

Any Problems: The picture developed a yellow spot after (2 1/2 years of use). I discovered that this is common for this model and that it would cost $1,100.00 to fix it. Very disappointed that this projector didn't last longer.

Review by projectordude

super almost 3D like video gaming machine , not an easy projector to tame for a novice . U will need to store many different settings and use the remote to change em as u even bounch around HD cable to SD sources . what is excellent setting wise on one channel is way off on the next , have had and or installed like 20 of em still the bench mark as far as im concerned for 720p lcds nothing is close as far as LCD , the pic isnt as sharp becuase of the smooth screen system but it truly film like and can reveal hidden detail missing in dark scenes that other projectors miss , plenty bright for 120 inch screen in eco mode in subdued light , i even put a couple in a churches and pushed the contrast color brightness to the extreme and they put out video like a 4k lumen DLP . i ended up with like 2 million free blockbuster rentals as i applied for the free rentals during the promontion a couple yrs back when i got a bunch of ax200s to use as rentals . the all held up well over the 2 plus yrs til i sold all for almost what i paid for em !!! !!!

Any Problems: the iris can get confused under certain extreme adjustments push it to far and it weirds out, glowing blue haze on whites and or weird lines that appear . I have never encountered any banding though on any of em even at extreme brightness sharpness , they all got almost all the rated life on lamps except one that had a problem blowing lamps every 500 hrs , pansonic fixed it on the second try good service

Review by Tom Ohio

Mine worked fine for 18 months, then started with a heavy yellow tint in the middle. Panasonic "support" is useless, it is either a bad LCD or bad filters - either way almost as expensive as buying a new one.$1200 for 18 months is for sure not worth the experience and I would not recommend ths projector, looking at the poor customer "support", maybe not even a Panasonic product at all.

Any Problems: Unusable after 18 months due to cheap components (LCD, filters) being used. 2600 hours and the money is gone, Panasonic does not see this as a design flaw.

Review by corey Dingman

I laugh @ people with their so called Big Screen HD TV's, there is no comparison between them and this projector. My friends are in aw at the quality and it is projected on the wall with some texture and it is unbelievable. I would recommend this Beast to anyone!!!

Any Problems: only problem i have had with this projector is some noticeable flickering while on Economy mode, so i did some research and found out that you should do a burn in period with in the 1st 500 hours on Normal mode, which i did not know at the time but will do with the next bulb. Oh ya also the bulbs cost about $400, the bulbs are rated for 2000hrs (5.5hrsx365days=2000hrs, $15x26payperiods/year=$400) so you decide, i did and never will have a regular TV again for Home Theater!!!

Review by Bohnzy

I have had the AX-100U installed in my cinema for 18 months now. The screen is 72 x 128 and the projector throws from 16.5 feet (the room is 30x30. The image quality of this unit is EXCEPTIONAL! I have seen 1080 systems in use but all in smaller setups and they don't have a huge advantage over the AX-100U. Sure not double the pic for double the price! In my experienced opinion this is the best value on the market. I do plan to upgrade to the 3000 when a have a extra couple grand laying around but I’m SOLD on Panasonic for projectors.

Any Problems: No problems. The guys at Apex set me up with the best value ceiling mount and with the lens shift features this unit set up in about 30 minutes after the mount was ready. The unit is so quite that even with it right over my head (5' up when seated)I only hear it when there is no other sound. The Klipsch's make it disappear.

Review by I.T. guy

I needed a projector for movies/games. So I looked into this on, WOW, is all I can say. The setup was a breeze. The aspect button on the remote is a life saver! I am very pleased.

Any Problems: none

Review by Jenkins425

I have upgraded from the Benq PB6100 to the PT-AX200U. There is absolutely no comparison. The PT-AX200U is incredibly sharp and performs flawlessly for me. 1080P Blu Ray is outstanding through HDMI. Through comparison though I have opted to use component for hi-def cable (might just be my interpretation by comparison).The price also makes this a no brainer - This unit has been stated to be the poor mans 1080p projector and it certainly lives up to the credentials.

Review by Travis

I hooked the projector up in about an hour with it just sitting on a table. It worked right out of the box. I watched DVDs, Hi-def & standard def cable, and Guitar Hero on the Wii. The DVDs and hi-def cable looked really good even with some light in the room. The standard cable looks kinda grainy and on some channels it has some lines at the very top, but that is probably from the cable company. My real test was playing Guitar Hero, and it looked and worked awesome. I didn't sense any lag whatsoever and the animations were smooth. I even had one of my friends come over a play to verify my results.

Any Problems: None, easy setup, the joystick on the front for moving the lens around worked flawlessly.

Review by Chris MacDonald

This is my second projector, and a real step up from my old Optoma DV-10. I set it up in about 2 hours and hooked up a blu ray player. UNREAL! what a picture. If you looking for the best bang for the buck, this is the projector. I watch HD TV, BLU RAY and std def movies - and the pciture if fantastic for all.

Any Problems: none so far

Review by Don J

I've had this ceiling mounted, roughly 12' from a 110" diagonal DIY HCCV Da-Lite screen, for 6 months. No screendoor, vivid picture, using a Toshiba HDDVD player, a Samsung OTA HD tuner and a PS3 for BluRay and gaming. Compared movies and MGS4 (PS3) on both the projector and a 42" 1080P Sharp Aquos with no loss in perceived resolution. The high lumens makes it possible to use without total blackout. Very easy to adjust diagonal and vertical. I couldn't be happier.

Review by Rich Buckman

This is my first projector and I am simply astounded by the picture quality this unit displays. I only have about 10 hours on it, but I am amazed at the quality for a 106" image that I'm using for preliminary setup in my basement project. I also just got a 32" toshiba lcd tv and the projector even has a better pq (at least on ps3/bluray). No screen door effect or pixelization is visible at all even from 4-5' away. It's a keeper!

Any Problems: None

Review by Ryan Clermont

I am absolutely floored by the performance of the Panasonic PT-AX200U. I was debating purchasing last year's AX100U model, but found that there were some problems reported concerning that model's iris function after 500 hours of use. Instead of taking chances, I opted for the new model PT-AX200U because it addressed this issue and provided some additional functionality with respect to gaming modes. I currently have the projector hooked up via my Pioneer Elite receiver and PS3 via HDMI and the results are simply stunning. Even at 720, this projector produces an image far superior to that of my 1080i Samsung LCD panel. Zero visible pixels and no screen door effect! No need to go with a 1080i projector such as the PT-AE2000U because the PT-AX200U shows a comparable picture with added lumens output. What more could you want, especially at a lower price? The icing on the cake was the easy setup. I had a fixed shelf behind a wall with a fixed screen, to further complicate matters my projecter could only be mounted offset by 25% from the middle of the screen. The Panny had no problem putting a perfect 16:9 edge to edge image onto my fixed screens. The projector is simply untouchable in this price category.

Any Problems: None so far.