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Panasonic PT-LC75U User Reviews

Panasonic PT-LC75U Projector

Panasonic PT-LC75U

XGA (1024x768), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
6.6 lbs, $2,999 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
24 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.5
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 4.9

User Reviews

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Review by safaa

i purchased this projector 2002 i still use it , no issue. i used it in basement with humidity control 40%. only have 750 hours on lamp. great picture.

Any Problems: nothing

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1080P Conference Room Projector
Review by JG

I bought this projector in November 2002 and I am still using it. Replaced the first bulb this year it lasted for almost 3900 hrs, in eco mode. I am starting to see some issues on the edge of the picture, I do think the lcd's are just about finished. But for ten years of great viewing pleasure, when I thought it would only last maybe five, this is a great product. I will be looking for a new Panasonic to replace this one.

Any Problems: No major issues.

Review by ASH

The Projector is great I have had it since 2002 its been great so far.

Any Problems: Minor if the lamp could be turned off at no signal/power save mode that feature would have been nice other than that its great.

Review by Dan B.

A great projector for home theater! 1200 lumens is plenty bright, even in semi lit rooms. I was also impressed with the blacks. They were not nearly as bad as I was expecting given the 400:1 contrast ratio. Lastly, this thing is VERY quiet. In the standard lamp mode you have to be less than 2 ft from it and in a completely quiet room to hear it. I also liked the ease of set up and the ability to tweak the image via the menus.

Any Problems: The only thing missing on this unit is a component video input, DVI, or HDMI input. However, you can buy a VGA-to-Component video cable to solve that problem easily enough.

Review by BJ

This has been a VERY nice projector for me for the last 2.5 years. Great picture and great value for home theater. HiDef looks great.

Any Problems: None at all.

Review by tapper

I've had this projector for 2 years, the picture has a greenish hue most of the time. I can't adj. it out but I love the pic with a good hd signal It works well in daylight. remote is very small and not user friendly. I've had no problems at all with this unit.

Any Problems: none at all

Review by TCroly

I have been using this projector for Home Theater for about 7 months and it is awesome! DVD movies and HDTV images projected on my 92"X69" DaLite Hi-Power screen look fantastic. Regular TV looks flat and lacking in defination, but that is not a fault of the projector. As long as you feed this projector a quality signal you get a very high quality image. For the price I cannot imagine anything better. I highly recommend this projector.

Any Problems: one stuck green pixel. I just live with it.

Review by Lance

I have had my LC75U for a couple of months and am very happy with it. I chose it over the L300 based on being able to play my satellite at 4:3. I was also considering the X1 which I passed on due to the reported rainbow effect. I have since watched a movie on a X1 and must say it is also a fine projector and would not have been unhappy with that choice. I was got my panny as a demo unit with 200 hrs and paid less than $1500. I am using a DIY screen using blackout cloth. I ran RG6 cable through the wall and ceiling to a DIY mount made of PVC and plexiglass. Overall I have a very nice complete projector system for under $2000 (not counting surround sound). This is a great buy for what you get.

Any Problems: As with most people I would like a little more contrast. However not being a videofile, it looks plenty good for my wife and I.

Review by Stéphane

Color & Image quality impressive. easy to use for everyone ! the little remote is great

Any Problems: To maximise the utilisation, use the dymamic mode for top defination of the picture.

Review by Dado

This is a great value for the $1,600 that I paid for it. I am using it for home theatre and it has great features like long lamp life (in quiet mode), low noise, and good image quality. Contrast could be better... but I can't complain!

Any Problems: The only BIG problem I have with this unit is DEAD PIXELS!!! The first unit I've got had (right off the box) three stucked-blue pixels. The dealer replaced this unit for me, but also the replacement unit has two stucked-green pixels. I've tried to contact Panasonic to get their "dead-pixel" policy for warranty repair/replacement and, after hours calling one phone number after another, they could not give it to me!!! I am now trying to get it from one of their repair service centers. Panasonic customer service really SUCKS!!!

Review by boon

Paid US$1800 (Australian $3050) and can't complain about value for money. Considered the PT-AE300 which was about AUS$700 more but settled for this model. Auto setup is extremely useful. Alhough the manual does not say that it supports PAL progressive (576p), it does! So it does the whole lot, 1080i,480i,480p,576i & 576p. Pixels, contrast, lamp life, my wife and kids could not care less. To them, big screen at home is sensational viewing. For me, The PT-LC75 is bloody good.

Review by Rob

Please help me!! I think i am about to buy this projector and need to know how i can hook component video to it. Also, do i really need to upgrade to another model that has DVI conector? What is DVI?

Review by Todd

This has been a bullet-proof and fool-proof projector, that was incredibly easy to setup. I was literally blown away by the picture quality and the ease of use. The dealer was also great to work with. I had it completely set up and mounted in 45 minutes and have had zero issues. It is also extremely quiet and has a great warranty. I cannot be happier with my experience.

Any Problems: None

Review by Mike

I cannot say enough great things about this unit. It was basically ready to roll out of the box. Setup, brightness, sharpness, auto-keystone, and the quality of the industrial commercial division of Panasonic. With an animated movie such as Monster's Inc, a progressive scan DVD and a good sound system, it is unbelievable. Add digital HDTV cable, and it is beyond words.

Any Problems: None

Review by Bergroup

First of all, let me say that I am not a trained videofile. However, for most non-videofiles, this projector is a GREAT low budget home theater projector. The picture is sharp, the contrast is very acceptable and the fan noise is minimal. Set-up is a no brainer and so far I have nothing to complain about. I don't yet have a dedicated screen and have been watching movies on a cream colored wall. Given this limitation, the results are stunning! Bought mine for $2,050 and am thrilled!

Review by Rob

Just got my unit, It works great, the picture was very good to begin with, but really improved once I used the component video input to the RGB. It took a little time to find the right cables. I have a regular screen, and the colors are wonderful. Although the contrast is only 400-1 the blacks looked fine. The screen door effect is not noticable if you are back far enough. For the price I think it is a great bargain.

Review by Warr

Well speced office projector that can take a beating. I use them for hire projectors and they never give up. Correct brightness rating and lamp operate beyond their rated life span

Review by Scott Koprowski

Wow! I've have used this for about a week and am extrmely impressed with the picture. I'm using it with a Panasonic Progressive RP56 dvd player. The colors are stunning and the black level and contrast are very good for LCD. I watched Jackie Brown last night and blacks were very black to me. I also am using a 55mm Hoya FLD filter and this combination presents a very film like image. If you are sensitive to DLP (like I am) and are looking for a moderatlet priced LCD, this projector can't be beat!

Any Problems: The only problem is that red, blue, green, and white level is not available to adjust if using the component in. However, the picture is so good out of the box, not much tweaking is needed.

Review by DIV PATEL

Excellent quality picture. Each colour can be adjusted seprately. Contrast is ok. Set is very easy.Excellent value considering price. Need to have component input and longer power cable.

Any Problems: none

Review by mac

On screen menu awkward,very very small remote. Easy to misplace. But I love the sharpness of the picture at distance of 2 1/2 times the screen size

Any Problems: Slight green hue on flesh tones. I plan to use corrective filters soon