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Philips bCool XG1 User Reviews

Philips bCool XG1 Projector

Philips bCool XG1

XGA (1024x768), 1700 ANSI Lumens,
3.5 lbs, $3,150 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.2
Construction 4.2
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 3.6
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by Peter2411

The quality if good. But is use it up side down and opend the lamp hood so the heat can get away. You need to overrule a switch with checks if the lamp hood is closed. Also you need to clean it from dust. on the hole it is a good beamer but their are beamers witch give more value for your money with the sam e specs.

Review by John

Any Problems: Bulb burst after 100 hours. New bulb not working after about 50 hours! Is there a defect on this model - it seems really senstive to temp fluctuations?

Review by maarten

this projector has a very good image quality. it's a pleasure to watch movies on this projector. but i got one big problem(and i realy need some help): i got a new pc with a club3d geforce 7800 GTX in it and i connected the bcool XG1 with a digital cable(from dvi to M1) to the graphics card. but now i got no picture at all on the projector!!! i got the latest drivers and tried all the configurations but i just can't get picture on the projector.

Any Problems: problems with the digital signal to the projector

Review by Peter2411

Earlier i wrote a review on this projector. after 4 months the bulb exploded. only 250 hours of service instead of the 1500 hours. last thing i hearded was that the bcool is out of production. Is their somthing wrong with this projector????

Any Problems: Bulb has a short life 250 hours instead of the 1500 hours

Review by Mark

Purchased 4 months ago as closeout for US$1500. Used for training (excellent) and home HDTV/DVD use (good.) Fan a little noise but not bad for price.

Any Problems: I bought the component video cable, but the image has no green. Suspect the cable is defective since component video via an axternal video processor (Viewsonic N6), then into the XG1, is clear. Sadly, Phillips discontinued the replacement cable.

Review by Peter van Dijk

My first projector. Use: TV and DVD. Quick setup. Very compact machine. Some rainbow in the white parts on the screen and only when my eyes become fatigued. Great light output. Only when blue sky the picture is hazy. No pixalation on 0,25 mtr or more.

Any Problems: If i use it more then 6 hours the temperature protection kicks in. Signal of Cablecompany is bad.

Review by El Hefe

Well built (reminds me of a mac powerbook) and rather small. Includes a nice case. Easy to set up. Picture is very bright, great contrast, no scaling/deinterlacing artifacts noted. Good colors especially considering the brightness. We will use it for biz presentations and nonpermanent install movie viewing. For these purposes it's about perfect.

Any Problems: Some noticable rainbow effect, the wife is more sensitive than I, worst in high contrast scenes (think car headlights at night). Cable for component video is not included. Remote could be better. Cables are in a totally separate case for some reason.

Review by Philip

Started watching The lion king and was impressed with the good blacks and detail. The only thing to watch out for is that this projector needs a longer throw than for example an Infocus x1. In comparison to an x1 the scaler seemed beter when viewing satelite tv in South Africa. But it could also be atributed to the xga versus svga. Watched LOTR twin towers and afterwards I could not understand that people are not yet satisfied with the current crop of 2000/1 cr projectors. The philips produced a fine picture. I was impressed with the quality of the optics. The case can get very hot.

Any Problems: Can't find and dvi/usb cables in South Africa and the projector does not have vga connector only a dvi to vga/usb cable

Review by Bob

This has to be Philips best projector yet. With these specs I couldn't belioeve the price was under $ 1300.00. Does computer, HDTV and DVD great. The high contrast ratio allows 16:9 format to look reallt good. The black bars are black not grey like some lower speced projectors

Review by expert

Same counts for this one (even better!!! because smaller, more crisp, more high-tech!) Real cool projector. I like it's style and the way how elements are placed... There were I want them (connectors at the back and buttons on the top). Cool one ! Nice when on the move !

Any Problems: not yet