ProjectionExpo2020 Best Of Show Award, host of the Projection Expo 2020 virtual trade show, has identified 20 products honored with its Projection Expo 2020 Best of Show Awards.

Through July 15, Projection Expo is showcasing more than 130 new products and services from 23 of the best known projector and screen manufacturers and resellers, covering the latest cutting-edge technology for professional installations and residential home theater.

Projection Expo Best of Show honorees were selected by ProjectorCentral's editorial staff after analyzing show entries for criteria that included:

  • Notable achievement in performance specs
  • Innovative or unusual technical design features that benefit usability, flexibility or efficiency of set-up, or ongoing maintenance needs
  • Advantages in size, form factor, or visual design
  • Unusual value at the product's assigned introductory street price

Projection Expo 2020 Best of Show Award winners are listed below. You can see the winning products and learn why each was selected by visiting its linked booth award. For an interactive virtual booth map for all Projection Expo 2020 exhibitors, visit

BenQ GS2 Portable Outdoor Smart Wireless Projector
BenQ EH600 Android Smart Projector
Christie Griffyn 4K32-RGB 3DLP Laser Projector
Digital Projection Satellite Modular Laser System
Draper Acumen Surface-Mount Retractable Screens
Elite ProAV TTP110UHD5-D Tripod Tab-Tension CLR/ALR Portable Screen
Epson Pro L12000QNL 4K LCD Laser Projector
Epson BrightLink 735Fi Ultra-Wide UST Interactive Laser Projector
Maxell MP-JW4001 3LCD Laser Projector
NEC PX2000UL DLP Laser Installation Projector
Optoma CinemaX Pro 4K UST Laser Projector
Optoma UHD50X 4K DLP Gaming Projector
Panasonic PT-RQ35KU 3DLP Laser Projector
Panasonic PT-LRZ35 Series DLP LED Projector
Sony VPL-CWZ10 LCD Laser Projector
Sony VPL-PHZ12 LCD Laser Projector
VAVA 4K UST Laser Smart TV Projector
ViewSonic LS600W DLP LED Business Projector
ViewSonic X100-4K DLP LED Home Theater Projector

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Dan Posted Jun 20, 2020 12:10 AM PST
I'm interested in the ViewSonic x100-4k it has some good specs, and pleased to see it on your list. Does this mean that you have seen it running it that it comes close to what it promises or is the award purely based on the spec sheet. Any news on a release date?
Julian Denney Posted Sep 13, 2020 8:32 PM PST
Would you recommend me a projector to go with an Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series CineGrey 5D 120" 16:9 4K Ultra HD screen? I am looking at the Optima UHD50X and GT1090HDR. If there’s better suggested one under 2k I am open to suggestion. The room it will be in has a lot of windows so day viewing football hockey or movies is obviously a concern also the clarity since we really enjoy bringing people over for movie nights. Any help is appreciated, this will be my first projector.
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted Sep 14, 2020 7:31 AM PST
Julian, the UHD50X is a UHD resolution projector while the GT1090HDR is only 1080p, but with some capability of accepting UHD HDR signals. We have a review pending of the 1090, which is laser driven. It'll be brighter than just about any other $2K projector, but its contrast performance remains to be seen. Your CineGrey 5D should help with that, however. Still, unless you have an aversion to a lamp-based projector, I'd opt for a full UHD projector with HDR capability. The UHD50X is a good choice (please read our review of it to understand its strengths and weaknesses better). Other high-brigtness options include BenQ's TK850 and TK810, and Epson HC3800.
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted Sep 14, 2020 7:38 AM PST
Dan, our award here is based on its innovation as an LED-based projector and not its performance. We've seen it in action in early prototype form at trade shows but not in any manner that would allow us to assess its performance. We've requested a sample of it and hope to review it as soon as one becomes available.

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