Projection Expo 2020, the world's first dedicated online projector and screen trade show, officially went live today, marking the launch of an exciting new venue where manufacturers and resellers can display the latest cutting-edge technologies, and where A/V industry professionals and home theater enthusiasts can quickly and efficiently collect new product information without ever taking a step.


Hosted at, Projection Expo features virtual booths from 23 exhibitors including the best known projector and screen brands, online retailers, and service providers. Together, their booths use a combinationProjectionExpo2020 Best Of Show Award of videos, photos, and text to showcase more than 130 new and current products and services. Twenty particularly innovative products were honored with Projection Expo Best of Show Awards and are highlighted in the manufacturers' booths as attendees tour the show.

Unlike most trade shows, Projection Expo requires no registration and is open to all visitors. An interactive booth map at allows attendees to wander randomly through the show as they might a live event. Those who volunteer an email address can activate a virtual show badge that may be "scanned" at each booth to request further information. Attendees representing 62 different countries requested advance badges prior to the show, making Projection Expo a truly international event.

Projection Expo 2020 was created by, the World's Largest Projector Resource™, in response to trade show cancellations brought on by COVID-19. The show organizers quickly realized that an online solution can achieve the goals of most trade show attendees and exhibitors while providing unique benefits that don't accrue to live shows. Attendees can move among booths to collect product information and a broad industry perspective in a matter of hours or minutes rather than days—with none of the usual show fatigue. Additionally, Projection Expo will run for a full month through July 15th, then remain permanently accessible at And exhibitors at Projection Expo who market to both A/V professionals and consumers will benefit from wide exposure to both segments.

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Mike Posted Jun 15, 2020 2:25 PM PST
Next best thing to being there! Loving the show! Thanks for all the effort to make it happen!

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