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ProjectorCentral is excited to announce an update to our popular ProjectorCentral Throw Calculator that incorporates an easier-to-use visual design as well as additional features. Here's a rundown of what's new:

  • An auto-populating projector search field has been added at the top to our usual complement of Manufacturer and Model Number drop-down menus to allow you to more quickly find a specific projector.


  • An attractive and more intuitive visual interface allows you to easily lock the calculator, with prominent padlock icons, for either a fixed throw distance or fixed image size.


  • Slider knobs used to alter the throw distance or screen size have been enlarged to make them easier to grab. Also, when altering throw distance from the screen with either a fixed or variable screen size, you can now grab either of the dedicated throw distance or zoom knobs, or grab the projector itself with your mouse or pointer.

  • Vertical offset information has been added. The fixed vertical offset of the lens is reflected for any given screen size by a distance given at the bottom of the screen (in inches or meters) that shows how far from the projector's shown location (either centered or below the screen) the bottom edge of the screen would be.

  • Lens shift information has been added at the bottom of the calculator for projectors with lens shift capabilities. For a given screen size, we tell you how much additional distance you can raise or lower the image, or move it left and right, from a centered image.

  • There are now two distinct options for calculating estimated brightness at your selected screen size and throw distance. You may base the estimate on the manufacturer's maximum lumen rating (which assumes you'll be using the brightest mode with the projector set to acheive maximum light output), or a ProjectorCentral estimate, which incorporates a reduction in lumens to account for a video optimized image in a dark theater. For projectors we've tested and have confirmed ANSI lumen measurements, we base our ProjectorCentral estimate on our measurements rather than applying a fixed reduction to the manufacturer's spec based on our experience with the brand or projector type.
    You can now base the brightness estimate on the manufacturer's rated max lumen spec or a ProjectorCentral estimate for an optimized image. Lens shift information has also been added.
  • A new Ceiling Mount checkbox alters the graphic representation of the projector to reflect a ceiling mount and flips the vertical offset distance to the top of the screen.


We encourage you to check out our new calculator and welcome your feedback. You can expect to see even more refinements and added capabilities in the coming months!


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