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Proxima DP6155 User Reviews

Proxima DP6155 Projector

Proxima DP6155

XGA (1024x768), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
7.5 lbs, $4,499 (MSRP)
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3.4 out of 5
15 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.9
Features 4.2
Construction 3.1
Ease of Use 3.9
Reliability 2.3
Value for Money 2.7

User Reviews

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Review by mincio

I had two of them. Both disappointed me. The known fault, that it has to be disconnected, otherwise (even turned off completely) you damage the panel or at least get divergence of the coloures - this is a real crazy thing! How do you disconnect in case of ceiling-mount? Real crazy, Not worth the money.

Any Problems: any? Many!

Review by Mike

the LP690/DP6155 is a nice projector, when it works. as a servicer, i thought i have seen it all with epson LCD panels, but apparently i havent.

Any Problems: it seems the LCD panels fail rather quickly in these units, as i changed the optical block and fixed one. then it failed again 300 hours later. POOR design by epson, isnt infocuses fault, its epsons. they even had poor panels in the PT-L592U, i would have thought they would learn thier mistakes once, but apparently not.

Review by Nyle

Proxima used to be a great manufacturer until inFocus acquired them. These units all died shortly after the warranty was up. The one that died under warranty took 5 months to repair and died 2 months after return and then it was off warranty. Support is terrible.

Any Problems: Each of the 11 of these units we acquired died very shortly after warranty. The LCD panels go out of alignment and must have a firmware update and software alignment. If that works and holds you are golden if not the unit is dead. This is a known defect and should have warranted a recall.

Review by DG

Honestly in love with these projectors. Purchased 8 of them, all of which have broken... Image quality is amazing when they run. Bulb life is good only when they run right. Got over 3400 hours on one bulb, and under 500 on another. Just keep it cool and it'll be ok!

Any Problems: Overheating issued result in many other problems. If you can keep it cool you can keep your own cool.

Review by Bill

Must be unplugged or similarly powered down each day (turning off is not enough). enough power continues to go through projector to cause overheating and eventually warp LCD panels.

Any Problems: See comment above. Proxima now includes a warning to this effect with their replacement bulbs.

Review by madinstr

I've been very pleased with this projector. I have owned two and both have performed as expected. They are very bright and have good picture quality. I use one for home theater and the other for work. They work well in both settings.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by Michael McLennan Service Code

Service Code The service code to enter the service menu is as follows: ` Press menu, then service, enters the following: Magnify Volume up, Volume down, Power, Menu, Source and enter.

Any Problems: heaps mainly colour allignment. This may be due to the fact that I wasn't aware I was supposed to clean the filter. As I never did this until I started to have problems.

Review by Sir Lancelot

Great projector for the limited use we got out of it.

Any Problems: There is a known issue with this projector developing a ghost image if you leave it plugged in when it is turned off.

Review by Mr. Mr. Hand

I bout one of these from an office boardroom that upgratded for 300 bucks. It had 700 hours on it but was still verry bright. I use it to watch tv and dvds on. DVDs come in has clear as day. Tv sometimes has a grain in it but I have crappy tv signals where I live any way. Video game come in nice too if you up the ajustable contrast and color. I Have a 120 inch screen with a 1.0 grain and the projector is 20 feet away. SO far no problems. Like I said good picture.

Any Problems: The power input was a bit loose when I got it. It turned itself off once, then I jiggled the cord and it turned back on. I fixed this problem tightening a screw and it hasnt bothered me since.

Review by Jogs

Any Problems: unabled to view vedio files using the HP Laptop Unable to see the movie on laptop. Able to view all the contents of the Laptop except the Video files.

Review by AV Services

The Proxima DP 6155 is the reason we will not purchase any more Proxima or Infocus products. We purchased 24 Proxima DP 6155's

Any Problems: Overheating problems, Very short lamp life. Require five times more service than DP 6150 models

Review by Hallvard Vinje

A normal projector, except for what I will call a construction fault. At work I have 16 Ask c105 or Proxima DP6155 (another name for the same projector). 5 of them have broken down between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 half year after we bought them. because of the design of the projector almost all electronics have to be changed, something that is more costy then buying a new one. I do not recomend anyone to by one of these in used condition

Any Problems: I have never had projectors that have had a so frequent total breakdown.

Review by Kenny

Was bright for a few days, then started to play up.

Any Problems: A real dog, don't bother. Turns off all the time. Power supplys are shot and have been repaired 3 times. The repair centre said 'AVOID AT ALL COSTS'

Review by Larry Rubrich

Nice machine when it runs.

Any Problems: Many bulb problems almost from day one, and the availability of new bulbs is limited. Last time I waited 8 weeks. A real dog!

Review by Jack Koetsier

Easy to set up. Very bright image viewable even in daylight.(I use a 2.2 Lumen screen measuring 3.00m x2.40m).

Any Problems: Projector turned off by itself a few times (for no reason at all).