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Runco Reflection CL-410 User Reviews

Runco Reflection CL-410 Projector

Runco Reflection CL-410

WSVGA (1024x576), 800 ANSI Lumens,
25.0 lbs, $3,495 (MSRP)
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4.1 out of 5
3 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.0
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 3.3

User Reviews

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Review by John Shuman

Great image quality but I have had continuous problems with my Runco CL-410. I love the image when its working, but honestly the 410 lacks good dealer/manufacturer support in my area. Maybe some of these things are expected if you buy a high end projector but after spending nearly $7000 for a top end projector, installation, screen, and receiver, I expect top notch service, features, and reliability. I've had my projector nearly 2 years and its been out of service 4 months, partially because of parts availability, partially because of dealer and manufacturer service. Lacking Features: The owners manual lacks many of the needed details. For example, when the lamp goes out, and it will soon after the lamp warranty, the manual doesn't tell you how to determine this. I think Runco has failed to improve their product with features. Another example of this is, the projector needs a manual shutoff and power button. The blinking, continuous, or absent blue light on the projector is supposed to indicate whether or not the projector is on or not. This is another feature lacking in the Manual and after using the product for a few months the customer figures some of these things out. When a consumer has problems with his/her projector its difficult to determine what is wrong when your not even sure if the remote is working.

Any Problems: The main problem I just don't like how Runco wants you to rely on the dealer for so many things. With my experience, any Joe Blow can become a dealer. Also to order a lamp($700) you have to go through the dealer. My local dealer didn’t stock any lamps, so I get to wait nearly a month for the shipping. Buy a more commercialized brand and you can order your own lamp and eliminate that middle man. It makes it even worse when you don’t trust the middle man. Other problems: My projector started by not turning on the first time. After two or three tries it would be up and running. After a month or two of this the projector stopped turning on completely . The dealer sent the projector back to the Manufacturer and 2 months later I get a story that they gutted the entire thing so I basicly am getting a new projector right? Well the lamp goes out 2 months later which is of course out of warranty because I bought the original projector more than a year ago. Save your self some headaches and look for another manufacturer

Review by Bruce Desatnik

This is the third projector I have had.It's been in use for 4 months. I am extremely pleased with the picture quality. Build quality is the best I've seen. Very quiet operation. Picture color and black level is spot on.

Any Problems: No problems encountered

Review by NIGHTMAN

Amazing picture when compared to Hitachi pjtx-100 projector I previously owned. Black levels are almost double what the hitachi produced. Very quiet operation and stays cool to the touch. I was worried about the resolution at only 1024x576, since the hitachi was 1280x720, but because of it's scaler the picture is vastly superior to the hitachi. Price - well, it a little expensive compared to the other models sharing similar specs, but i got this for piece of mind. If i have a problem i feel like they will be their to support me. All the reviews I read stated that their customer service is outstanding. Frankly, build quality is just as important to me a resoultion. Pick up a panasonic, ben-q or mitsubishi projestor under 4 grand and see if you would feel comfortable spending your hard earned cash on a projector that feels like it should be in my kids playroom. My advise is go to a store that sells runco and other brands like hitachi, epson, infocus sharp... The Runco and the sharps are the best on the market. In the sub 4k market, Runco cl-410 looks amazing on dvd and hdtv. Regular cable is good, but hi res sources are amazing. Very satisfied and I did 3 month worth of research before making this purchase decision.

Any Problems: none