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SIM2 DOMINO DTVs Projector

4K Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector
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From SIM2 Multimedia — A new Ultra Short Throw 3-RGB laser projection display is the new addition to the SIM2 DOMINO line. With 98% coverage of the BT.2020 gamut, the SIM2 DOMINO DTVs tri-color laser TV reproduces 90% of nature's colors, enabling users to see more vivid colors. Throughout the film and other color designs in high gamut displays can reflect high saturation of solid colors and strong contrasting colors. The DOMINO DTVs that arrives at BT.2020 in the ultra-wide gamut is able to give users the visual preference they love and create a better visual experience.

  • 88.3 million pixel support Ultra High Definition image quality
  • Independent tricolor RGB pure laser system
  • Automatic HDR screen adaptation
  • MEMC Dynamic compensation technology
  • Reach 98% color gamut: BT.2020
  • Very quiet: noise as low as 27dB
  • Designed in Italy
  • Advanced dynamic contrast
  • Powered focus

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SIM2 DOMINO DTVs Projector Specifications

Best Used For
July 2022
User Reviews
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2,400 ANSI Lumens
Aspect Ratio
16:9 (4K HD)
Display Type
DLP x 1
Video Modes
720p, 1080i, 1080p/60

Lamp Type
RGB Laser
Lamp Life
25,000 hours

Included Lens
Fixed focal length , Powered focus
Optional Lenses
Lens Shift
Throw Distance
1.6' - 2.2'  Calculate Throw Distance
Image Size
89.77" - 120.06"
Throw Ratio
Projector Placement
For a
diagonal screen, place the projector lens 1'-10" from the screen.

Projector Size
6.34" x 20.47" x 12.60"
19.8 lbs
Audible Noise
27 dB
Internal Speakers
10.0 Watts × 2
Connection Panel
HDMI 2.0 x 2
Network: RJ-45
USB x 2
Wireless Networking

Geometric Correction
Android OS

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ANSI LUMENS  is the most commonly accepted industry standard brightness measurement. The ANSI lumen rating measures the brightest white that a projector can produce by averaging nine light meter measurements taken across the projected image.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness:

BUYER BEWARE   Either this projector's brightness specification does not cite an industry-accepted unit of measurement, or according to our calculations it seems unlikely that this projector is capable of producing the manufacturer's cited brightness specification.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness: