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SIM2 SIRIO 2 M2 Projector

1080P Home Theater Projector
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From SIM2 Multimedia — Engineered for the most demanding installations, the SIRIO 2 brings a balanced approach to high brightness projection, with a quality of picture that rivals that of the best projectors in its category. Designed to be used with large screen sizes or in brightly-lit light room conditions, where high light output is a necessity, SIRIO 2's optical elements maximize light output (7,000 Ansi Lumens) from its dual high power UHP lamps (2x 350W).

  • Reliable and built to work around the clock
  • 3D technology
  • Perfect fit lens feature
  • Razor-sharp images with an amazingly high contrast ratio
  • High Brightness
  • Superb color accuracy and reliability for a stunning picture that lasts

SIM2 SIRIO 2 M2 Projector Specifications

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December 2015
3 Years
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7,000 ANSI Lumens
Aspect Ratio
16:9 (HD)
Display Type
1.00" DLP x 1
Color Processing
Video Modes
720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50, 576p, 480p
Data Modes
MAX 1920x1080

Lamp Type
350W UHP bulb x 2
Lamp Life
2,000 hours  / 2,500 hours

Included Lens
1.3x Powered zoom , Powered focus
Optional Lenses

Sim2 M0 Fixed 0.77:1
Sim2 M1 Zoom 1.21:1-1.45:1
Sim2 M3 Zoom 1.93:1-3.67:1
Lens Shift
Horizontal +/-10% & Vertical +60% / -20%
Throw Distance
7.0' - 52.7'  Calculate Throw Distance
Image Size
49.94" - 500.40"
Throw Ratio
1.45:1 - 1.93:1
Digital Keystone
Vertical only

Projector Size
13.40" x 22.20" x 26.10"
70.6 lbs
Internal Speakers
900 Watts 100V - 240V
Connection Panel
12-Volt Trigger x 3
Component: RCA
Composite: RCA
HDMI 1.4a x 2
Network: RJ-45
RS232: DB-9pin
VGA In: Dsub-15pin

Lens Memory

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ANSI LUMENS  is the most commonly accepted industry standard brightness measurement. The ANSI lumen rating measures the brightest white that a projector can produce by averaging nine light meter measurements taken across the projected image.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness:

BUYER BEWARE   Either this projector's brightness specification does not cite an industry-accepted unit of measurement, or according to our calculations it seems unlikely that this projector is capable of producing the manufacturer's cited brightness specification.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness: