Looking forward to "Rock the Flock" Services

Designing the Space

The First Baptist Church (FBC) of Eugene has always been cutting edge. Its previous new home, constructed 100 years ago, included one of the first indoor gymnasiums on the WestCoast, at a time when most churches were used for worship and little else. The 900-seat sanctuary, a premier venue in 1926, has an acoustical environment well suited for orchestral and choir performance.

As FBC Eugene's style of worship evolved, however, its needs changed. The original space had limited audiovisual capabilities and the space was too reverberant for contemporary worship."We had very rudimentary technology," says Jeff Weinkauf, FBC Eugene's new director of media arts and communications. "The lighting was dingy and projection was limited. A projection screen came out of the floor on dump truck hydraulics; it was our creative attempt to do projection during contemporary worship."

Prior to joining the church technical staff, Weinkauf was an A/V designer at Eugene, Oregon based Anderson Group International (AGI Inc.). The AGI team, including acoustical designer and owner/partner Steve Diamond and sound system designer and owner/partner Kyle Anderson,designed and installed the systems in the 1,800-seat fan-shaped sanctuary.One of the goals, according to Weinkauf, was to build another "100-year building."

The A/V contractor "future-proofed" the A/V and lighting system with a digital distribution network and the latest technology. "The planning stages for this project began right on the cusp of digital delivery. We were trying to hedge our bets on all these new technologies and ascertain what was going to stick," Weinkauf says.

Another focus was to create a sanctuary suitable for three different services: traditional worship,light contemporary, and what Diamond, an ordained minister as well as an A/V professional,calls "rock-the-flock."

The 120,000-square-foot facility is shaped like a cross with an octagon in the center. The building includes a 600-seat high school classroom, where FBC Eugene held Sunday services while the sanctuary was under construction. Eight large classrooms each hold between 100 and 800 students; approximately 40 smaller classrooms round out the education wings. The front of the octagon houses the lobby and atrium, which both double as meeting spaces. The sanctuary, located at the rear of the octagon, has 1,200 seats, but the under-balcony area, which now holds classroom space, can be modified to add another 600 seats. The building project cost a total of $22 million, with almost $3 million allocated for audio, video,and lighting. "These people were ready for excellence," Diamond says. "[they] really wanted tosee their ministry vision meet ... and [they were] willing to spend the money to make that happen."

Distributed Video Systems for Future Expansion The new video system provides expanded capabilities beyond what the church had in the old facility. Two 9 X 12 Polacoat DaPlex screens from Da-Lite flank the stage, with a 9 X 12 Da-Lite Millennium screen on the back wall as a confidence monitor. The DaPlex screens remainrigid when the HVAC system is turned on. AGI specified PLC-XF60 rear-projection systems from SANYO. "With the rear projection and the rigid screen," Weinkauf says, "it looks like a giant plasma screen. It really pops." A SANYO PLC-XT56 LCD projector is used for the confidence monitor. Weinkauf has been pleased with the performance and durability of the SANYO projectors. He also likes their network control capabilities. "At the time we were putting the systems together, SANYO was leading the way with their network control system," he says.

Control over IP was crucial, according to Weinkauf, with distribution systems in place for future expansion.Many churches and organizations that need to present to larger audiences use SANYO projectors like the PLC-XF60 (PLC-XF60A). Aside from a bright (6500 A.L.) and high contrast ratio(1300:1) image, this SANYO projector has full 10-bit video processing. This assures a true highresolution quality image fully utilizing the brightness and contrast. The PLC-XF60 has a wide range of image adjustment options which helps with various projector placements while still generating an exceptional image.In this way, too, FBC Eugene is "future-proofing" its church community for another 100 years of success.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Sanyo PLC-XF60 projector page.